Lisbon, Portugal

By 2100, Lisbon, Portugal, Could Be A Desert

A new study looked at how various global temperature increases could affect the Mediterranean ecosystem.

  Climate Change

1:17A oil drilling site
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Here's Where Clinton And Trump Fall On Climate Change

1:00A child stands on cracked earth.
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This Climate Amendment May Have Helped Out Earth In A Big Way

1:18A tiger, a camel and a lobster - all species at risk from climate change.
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Climate Change Could Drive 1 In 6 Species To Extinction By 2100

1:33Flooding after Hurricane Sandy in New York City.
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Climate Change Could Put New York City Underwater More Often

1:15illustration of a power plant with words "now what?" on a textured background
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We Still Don't Know What Capturing CO2 From Power Plants Will Do

1:00U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks during the Climate Action 2016 Summit.
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The Paris Climate Agreement Is Good To Go

:54A photo of cracked Earth in Nevada.
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Southwestern US Is Headed For A Megadrought. Yeah, That's A Thing

6:13Mayor "Ooker" Eskridge says the bay that's given Tangier Island life is now destroying it.
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Climate Change Is Destroying This Virginia Island

1:00Steam rises from cooling towers at Germany's Jaenschwalde coal-fired power plant.
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Americans Are More Divided Than Ever On Climate Change

:55Women carry bundles in a village in India
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India's In — Now, The Paris Climate Agreement Is Almost A Done Deal

1:08A Caspian tern, which is a type of seabird
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Terns In Alaska Show The Effects Of Climate Change At Work

1:10Sea ice melts in the Arctic Ocean.
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Sea Ice Might Not Be At A Record Low Now, But It'll Get There

1:07Buses set on fire by protesters in India.

A Really, Really Old Water Dispute In India Just Caught Fire

1:28Barack Obama and Xi Jinping shaking hands in front of US and Chinese flags.
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There's A Lot Of Work Left To Ratify The Paris Climate Agreement

1:03A man drives down the street on an ATV on July 9, 2015, in Shishmaref, Alaska.
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An Alaskan Community Has Voted To Move Because Of Climate Change

1:40The carbon capture and storage facility for SaskPower, a Saskatchewan-based energy company.
SaskPower CCS

Is It Safe To Store Carbon Dioxide Deep Underground?

0:54Bertrand Piccard, welcoming Solar Impulse 2.
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This Solar-Powered Plane FINALLY Made It Around The World

1:07A NASA diagram of the hole in the ozone layer.
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Chill Out, The Hole In The Ozone Layer Is Actually Shrinking

1:17Smoke and steam rise from a power plant.

23 States Sue The EPA Over A CO2 Emissions Regulation

1:28Stephen Hawking speaks in New York City in April 2016.
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What Stephen Hawking Doesn't Know, And What He Knows All Too Well

1:06Firefighters monitor a California wildfire in 2015.
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If It Feels Like Wildfires Are Getting Bigger, It's Because They Are

0:56President Barack Obama meets with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the White House
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India Joining Paris Climate Agreement Could Stop It From Falling Apart

1:04The sun rises behind the skyline as temperatures hovered around -10 degrees January 28, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.
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Buildings Produce A Lot Of Carbon Dioxide — But They Don't Have To

1:22An octopus.
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Climate Change Might Be Helping Octopuses

:53A section of Lake Oroville was nearly dry on August 19, 2014 in Oroville, California
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NASA Data Shows Last Month Was The Hottest April On Record

1:10Commuters board a Metrorail train at Union Station, March 15, 2016 in Washington, D.C.
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Building Cities Around Public Transit Could Change Urban Life

1:06Cut steaks are seen at Wilson's Blue Ribbon Meats in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania.
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Denmark Might Tax Beef To Fight Climate Change

1:56Pedestrians cross the street at a busy intersection on the West Side of Manhattan on September 29, 2014 in New York City.
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City Streets Can Do More To Fight Climate Change

1:04U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at the signing of the Paris Agreement.
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United Nations Sets Record As 175 Countries Sign Paris Agreement

1:03Staghorn coral is in sharp decline thanks to increasing ocean temperatures and acidification.
XL Catlin Seaview Survey

We're Killing Coral Reefs Faster Than Ever