Students in London take part in protest on climate change

Students Around The World Protest Climate Change Inaction

Youth Climate Strike events were set to take place in more than 100 countries and territories, including almost every state in the U.S.

  Climate Change

1:48Global Environmental Outlook, satellite picture of Earth
United Nations / NASA

UN Report Spells Out Dangers Of Uncontrolled Climate Change

0:54President Donald Trump
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Report: White House Panel Will Study Climate Change, National Security

1:18A U.S. Border patrol agent sits in his vehicle near the U.S.-Mexico Border in Sunland Park, New Mexico
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Trump's National Emergency On Border Wall May Shift Debate On Climate

1:35Floating solar panels
Dennis Schroeder / National Renewable Energy Laboratory

A Net-Zero Carbon Future Will Need Better Energy Tech

1:41Inspectors look at the I-495 bridge over the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware.
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The US Needs To Rebuild Infrastructure With Climate Change In Mind

1:15Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
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Democrats Unveil Ambitious Green New Deal Plan

1:20A dog stands in floodwaters caused by Hurricane Florence
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Natural Disasters Cost US Nearly $100 Billion In 2018

1:19Mount Everest
Rupert Taylor-Price / CC BY 2.0

Report: One-Third Of Himalayan Glaciers Will Melt By End Of Century

1:39Bowen Steam Plant in Georgia
U.S. Department of Energy

Since The 2018 State Of The Union, Coal Has Continued To Crumble

1:24People walk along the Lake Michigan during a Polar Vortex
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Global Warming Can Lead To Extreme Cold, Too

10:19A man walks on ice near Lake Michigan
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'The Why' On The Polar Vortex

2:32A thermometer in Chicago in January 2019
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Cold And Heat: Which Is More Dangerous, And Why?

1:07Crowds on a beach
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2018 Was Earth's Fourth-Hottest Year On Record

2:03Wind turbines
Argonne National Laboratory

Renewable Energy Is Making More And More Sense

Pacific Ocean
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2018 Ocean Temperatures Were The Hottest On Record

4:30The Alliance: Sustainability for the 21st Century. Sponsored by Green Umbrella

The Alliance: Sustainability for the 21st Century

1:40President Jair Bolsonaro is recognized as commander-in-chief of Brazil's Armed Forces during his inauguration
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Brazil's New Forest Policies Could Cause Worldwide CO2 Impacts

1:09Sea water floods a church in Bulacan, Philippines
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Countries Agree On New Climate Rules, But They May Not Be Enough

1:14Floodwater after Hurricane Florence in South Carolina
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The Slow, Careful Rise Of Climate Change Attribution

1:02Coal plant
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EPA Plans To Roll Back Coal Plant Emissions Policy

1:40Steam and exhaust rise from a coking plant in Germany
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Who Should Pay To Fix The Climate: Developed or Developing Nations?

1:15View of Beijing, China
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Developed Countries Will Likely See Uptick In Carbon Emissions In 2018

2:14A protester in Paris
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Paris Protests Preview The Challenging Transition To A Green Economy

0:48Sir David Attenborough
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David Attenborough Speaks Out On Climate Change At UN Conference

Shell gas station sign
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Shell Plans To Link Executives' Pay To Hitting Emissions Targets

0:38Power plant cooling towers
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The European Union Wants To Go 'Climate Neutral' By 2050

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Brazil Takes Back Offer To Host 2019 UN Climate Talks

0:58Buildings shrouded in smog
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Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reached Record High In 2017

1:11A factory in China
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UN Climate Change Report Cites Concerns Over Illegal CFC Manufacturing

0:57An unauthorized factory in China.
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UN Report Warns Greenhouse Gases Hit Record Levels