An aerial view of a massive crack in the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica

490-Square-Mile Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica

Experts say iceberg break is not related to global warming but part of a natural process where ice flowing on land meets the ocean.

 | By Newsy Staff

Sea ice in the Antarctic Peninsula region

Antarctica May Have Hit A Record High Temperature — Again

It could take up to nine months to verify whether the temperature broke a record.

 | By LeeAnne Lowry


Study Finds Steep Decline In Some Antarctic Penguin Colonies

As ocean temperatures rise and sea ice melts, researchers say penguins are losing their main food source, krill.

 | By Meg Hilling

Esperanza Station on the northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica May Have Just Hit An All-Time Record High Temperature

The verification process could take up to nine months.

 | By LeeAnne Lowry