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This Supernova Is 570 Billion Times Brighter Than The Sun

A supernova discovered last year turned out to be the brightest ever recorded — twice as bright as the previous record-holder.

Supernovas are already the brightest lights in the sky, but then there's ASASSN-15lh — the brightest ever. (Video via NASA)

It's 570 billion times brighter than our sun, and 20 times brighter than our entire galaxy combined — although it's way too far to see with the naked eye. (Video via NASA)

ASASSN-15lh is one of a new class of supernova. They're called "hypernovas," and scientists still aren't sure what makes them so bright. 

ASASSN-15lh was found by the All Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae

This video includes images from Wayne RosingNASA and Krzysztof Ulaczyk / CC BY SA 2.0

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