Jose Barbosa gets out the vote in ArizonaWATCHLIST

Undocumented Immigrants Are Getting Out The Vote In Arizona

A coalition of groups is working to get Latino voters to the polls as a response to what they say are harsh anti-immigration laws.

Chicago artist Ervin A. Johnson in front of his portraits

Art As Protest: How One Artist Uses Portraits To Confront Injustice

Richardson Library at DePaul University

DePaul Deems Pro-Life Signs Too Racially Provocative

Police officers salute

Despite Recent Protests, Respect For Police Is On The Rise

A cross by the side of the road

Fewer Migrants Are Crossing The US Border. So Why Are More Dying?

The U.S. put more walls and officers at sections of the border with Mexico. But regions with difficult terrain are leading to more migrant deaths.

Michael Grab balancing stones.

Meet The Artist Who Defies Gravity — One Rock At A Time

Michael Grab says he started balancing stones "on a whim." Now, he's made it an art.