A Chicago-style hot dog being prepared at the 2016 Chicago Hot Dog Fest.WATCHLIST

Drag It Through The Garden: The Chicago Hot Dog's Immigrant History

In this episode of "Americanize Me," we're in the Windy City to learn more about the immigrant history behind the Chicago-style hot dog.

A homeless woman in New York City.

Every Month, Homeless Women Face A Real Barrier — Their Periods

A oil drilling site

Here's Where Clinton And Trump Fall On Climate Change

Hillary Clinton has a messaging problem on Muslim Americans.

Clinton Has A Messaging Problem When It Comes To Muslim Americans

Paul Caulford examines Anushka. Anushka, 2, and her mother just arrived to Canada from India.

This Canadian Clinic Treats Uninsured Refugees And Immigrants For Free

A volunteer clinic in Ontario has treated more than 35,000 people from 122 different countries since it opened in 1999.

Fall leaves, which have lowered chlorophyll content

What Makes Leaves Change Color Every Fall?

The reds and oranges of fall leaves show up when there's less sunlight to take advantage of.