Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during an event.WATCHLIST

Why Silicon Valley Is Taking A Rare Stand Against Donald Trump

Tech companies are already struggling to hire the best high-skilled foreign workers. The Republican nominee's policies would make that tougher.

Satellite image of Hurricane Madeline and Hurricane Lester.

Not One, But Two Hurricanes Are Barreling Toward Hawaii's Big Island

A still image from dash cam video shows Laquan McDonald walking down the middle of a street as two officers point their guns.

Chicago Police Seek Firing Of 5 Officers In Laquan McDonald Shooting

An image of a forest elephant.

This Species Of Elephants Will Need 90 Years To Recover From Poaching

A line cook prepares food at Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute, which employs former inmates.

Risk, Reward And Redemption At A Restaurant Staffed By Former Inmates

Edwins, an upscale French restaurant in Cleveland, offers former inmates culinary and hospitality education and housing.

Jessica Lynn Sanders at the Chicago Margarita Festival.

Woman Launches Into Racist Rant Against Couple — Would You Intervene?

Newsy's Cody LaGrow speaks with the people involved in a viral video that captured a racially charged incident in Chicago.