Officers salute at a memorial for a fallen Dallas police officer.WATCHLIST

Despite Spike In Officer Shootings, Officer Deaths On Downward Trend

Officer deaths due to gunfire have jumped recently, but overall, law enforcement deaths have been declining for decades.

A photo collage of Sugarfina wine-infused gummy bears, a burger with an avocado bun and gallons of milk at a store.

Top 3 Viral Food Stories That Are Just Straight-Up Bizarre

The courtyard at the new school in a photo taken in May 2016 shows a path with brightly colored designs on the windows.

A New Sandy Hook School Will Open More Than 3 Years After The Massacre

Hot air balloon burners

16 People Die In Hot Air Balloon Crash In Texas

Cody LaGrow alongside Stephanie Mansour.

Asking For A Friend: How Do I Fix 'Skinny Fat'?

Newsy's Cody LaGrow takes on the battle of the bulge by asking a lifestyle and weight loss coach how to transform his "skinny fat" physique.

An illustration of a workout supplement.

The Strange, Dangerous Truth About Dietary And Workout Supplements

These supplements don't need government approval to be sold. If there's an issue, it might take months or years before they're pulled from stores.

Collage of older people

We Might Stop Growing As We Age, But Our Ears Don't

Our ears really do grow as we age, but it's mostly because of gravity.