The DNC Audience Got Some Special Instructions Before Clinton's Speech

This instructional video got plenty of laughs from the audience.
The DNC Audience Got Some Special Instructions Before Clinton's Speech

We've seen lots of signs during the Democratic National Convention.

And some extra planning went into the signs for Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech. 

"You will see audience leaders holding cue cards at the base of each section," an instructional video said.

The DNC set out a red, white or blue card on each seat in the arena and decided the audience needed some advance instructions on what to do. 

"When you see the audience leaders hold up 'Go Card Stunt,' hold your card in front of your face, and look through the cutout," the video said.

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The special instructions prompted quite a few laughs. 

"Do not hold your card over your head," it said. "Thank you for being a big part of this historic event."

This video includes clips from C-SPAN. Music provided courtesy of APM Music. 

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