Pope Francis Calls Vatican Document Leak 'Deplorable'

Speaking to a crowd Sunday, Francis called the recent leaking of confidential Vatican documents a crime and said he'll continue to push for reform.
Pope Francis Calls Vatican Document Leak 'Deplorable'

Pope Francis called the recent leaking of sensitive and confidential Vatican documents "deplorable" on Sunday. (Video via Vatican)

Francis called the leak a crime, but said "this sad event certainly does not deter me from the reform project that we are carrying out."

Of the two members of a Vatican-appointed committee arrested for allegedly leaking the documents, one has been released in return for cooperation in the investigation. 

Two books have been published since the leak, depicting  the Vatican as corrupt and mismanaged, and alleging the pope is facing resistance on his reforms. 

Francis has been pushing several controversial reforms since becoming pope in 2013, included reforms on gay marriage, abortion, and sexual abuse scandals. 

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