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Meet Graham — He's Designed To Survive A Car Crash And Teach A Lesson

The sculpture was designed by a crash researcher, a trauma doctor and an artist.

Want to make sure you survive a car crash? Apparently you need to look very different. 

"The truth is that cars have evolved a lot faster than we have. Our bodies are just not equipped to handle the forces in common crash scenarios," a researcher said in a video from Australia's Transport Accident Commission.

Meet Graham. A crash researcher, a trauma doctor and an artist designed him to survive a car crash.

Hypothetically, that big head would give your brain extra protection. And his hoof-like legs could make it easier to jump out of the path of an oncoming car.

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Project Graham is definitely different from previous TAC car safety campaigns.

The Graham campaign stands out because it's a more lighthearted approach than the gruesome crash scenarios many have come to expect from the driving-PSA genre.

And, apparently, he has a uniquely Australian charm.

"While he's a mutant, he's a distinctly Australian one, with his laconic pose and no-nonsense stare," an anchor said in a 7 News report. "He's very Australian, I think," the artist who designed Graham told reporters. 

Graham will be on display in an augmented reality experience throughout Victoria, Australia, this year.

This video includes clips from the Transport Accident Commission. Music provided courtesy of APM Music.

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Meet Graham — He's Designed To Survive A Car Crash And Teach A Lesson
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