Hillary Clinton Wins Super Tuesday Treasure Trove: Texas

Clinton's nonwhite support helped her pull ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Lone Star State.
Hillary Clinton Wins Super Tuesday Treasure Trove: Texas

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has won the Texas primary. 

The win isn't really a surprise. Clinton has been leading in the state by double digits for months. But it does provide even more proof that Clinton's support from minorities, otherwise known as her "Southern firewall," is alive and well. 

And that support helped her win big in Texas. According to CNN exit polls, 52 percent of nonwhites voted in the Democratic primary, and 68 percent of them preferred Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

For Democrats, Texas has 222 pledged delegates: The most of any other state that voted on Super Tuesday. 

This video includes images from Getty Images and a clip from Hillary for America

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