Europe's Far-Right Finds Inspiration In Trump's Win

Europe's far-right sees its own future in Donald Trump's election.
Europe's Far-Right Finds Inspiration In Trump's Win

Europe's far right is pretty pumped about Donald Trump's surprising presidential election win Wednesday. 

Far-right politicians from across Europe were some of the first to congratulate Trump on his victory.

And those politicians — and the political movements they represent — see Trump's victory as a sign of greater political shifts on the horizon. 

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"The lesson for the Europeans is look at America — what America can do, we can do, as well," said Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom.

Some of the far-right parties seem ready to imitate Trump to try and win over voters in their own countries. 

One Dutch politician said, "He has such a small campaign staff, so he relied very heavily on the ground on people in cities organizing things ... That's something I'm trying to copy."

And an anti-immigration party from Austria even sent members to the U.S. to study Trump's campaign. The party could win the Austrian presidency on Dec. 4. 

This is all part of a trend across Europe where far-right parties are gaining popularity — mostly through the use of anti-immigrant sentiment, economic fears and emotional appeals. 

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