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100 Retro Atari Games Will Return In 'Atari Vault,' A PC Game Bundle

Atari is bringing back your favorite classic games in a bundle for the PC. Retro titles like "Centipede" and "Missile Command" will be included.
100 Retro Atari Games Will Return In 'Atari Vault,' A PC Game Bundle

Remember "Asteroids"? (Video via William Hunter / CC BY 3.0)

How about "Centipede"? (Video via Video61AtariSales / CC BY 3.0)

Or perhaps "Missile Command"? (Video via De Paula / CC BY 3.0)

Still lost?

These are all classic Atari games. And they're all coming back.

The video game publisher is launching "Atari Vault," a game bundle that packs in 100 classic titles. (Video via Atari)

But the retro games won't come without a few updates:

- updated user interface

- online multiplayer

- local multiplayer

- new controller support

Code Mystics is developing "Atari Vault." The bundle is expected to launch this spring.

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