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Zach Toombs

Director of News

Zach leads Newsy's Washington, D.C. bureau and its Policy team. He also develops new projects for Newsy, including interactive features and documentaries. You can find him on Twitter at @zachtoombs or email him at

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Pentagon and Department of Defense sealsWATCHLIST
Getty ImagesPolitics

US Army Falsely Adjusted Its Spending By Trillions Of Dollars

Map of the United StatesWATCHLIST
U.S. Geological SurveyPolitics

An Honest Conversation About National Polls And Predicting Elections

Donald Trump says "Second Amendment people" could do something about Hillary Clinton and her Supreme Court judges.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Sarah D. DavisPolitics

Trump Says 'Second Amendment People' Could Do Something About Clinton

Newsy's Zach Toombs explains that much of Trump's campaign money goes to his own businesses.WATCHLIST

The Facts (And Fiction) About Donald Trump's Campaign Finances

Newsy's Zach Toombs talks about the Clinton Foundation.WATCHLIST

Fact-Checking The Wildest Things Said About The Clinton Foundation

A Democratic National Convention sign hangs from a pole in Philadelphia with Liberty Place in the backgroundWATCHLIST
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Corporations Brought Lobbyists And Lawmakers Together At Conventions

Donald Trump and George W. Bush responded very differently to criticism.WATCHLIST
ABC / C-SpanPolitics

How George W. Bush Responded To Criticism From A Gold Star Parent

Khizr Khan speaks about his son, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, at the Democratic convention.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Aaron P. BernsteinPolitics

Father Of Slain Muslim US Soldier Has A Question For Donald Trump

President Obama gave a farewell to his supporters.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Alex WongPolitics

Obama Tears Up During A Presidential Farewell At The DNC

Gabby Giffords gave a brief and emotion speech at the DNC.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Alex WongPolitics

Gabby Giffords: Come January, I Want To Say 'Madame President'

We've mapped Donald Trump's political and financial ties to Putin's Russia.WATCHLIST

Mapping Donald Trump's Many Ties To Vladimir Putin's Russia

Bernie Sanders supporters defied their own candidate's wishes Monday.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Jeff J. MitchellPolitics

Sanders Supporters Are Booing Everyone (Including Sanders) At The DNC

The Republican National Convention is over.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Connor HickoxPolitics

What Was Different About This Year's Republican National Convention?

Bryan Hambley, organizer for Stand Together Against Trump.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Where Are All The RNC Trump Protesters? We Asked An Organizer

Donald Trump tried to upstage Ted Cruz.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Connor HickoxPolitics

Ted Cruz's Trump Snub: On Twitter Vs. On The Convention Floor

People formed a "unity circle" in Cleveland's Public Square.WATCHLIST

Cleveland Police Chief Forms Unity Circle After RNC Protests

There have been no anti-Trump last stands and little protest drama.WATCHLIST

Was Republican Convention Drama Overhyped?

Opposing protest groups clashed in downtown Cleveland.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Cleveland Police Flood Park After Alex Jones And Protesters Clash

RNC delegates stage mini-revolt on convention floor.WATCHLIST

Here's What That (Brief) RNC Delegate Revolt Was All About

These are the outfits the Texas delegation wears to the RNC.WATCHLIST

Texas Is The Best-Dressed At The Republican Convention

Former Trump campaign manager CoryWATCHLIST

Trump's Former Campaign Manager Reacts To Convention Floor Chaos

Donald Trump supporters gather for a rally at Settlers Landing in downtown Cleveland.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Zach ToombsPolitics

Here's What You See At A Pro-Donald Trump Rally

A protester chants during an anti-Trump protest in Cleveland.WATCHLIST
Kevin ClancyPolitics

Anti-Trump Protests Are Ramping Up In Cleveland

These women posed nude to send a message to Republicans.WATCHLIST
Joshua Louis SimonPolitics

Women Pose Nude To Send A Message To The Republican Convention

A photographer makes images of nets filled with thousands of balloons before they are lifted into the ceiling of the arena.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Chip SomodevillaPolitics

What Happens At The Republican And Democratic Conventions, Day By Day

Bernie Sanders waves to supporters.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Win McNameePolitics

Bernie Sanders Rewrote The Rules Of Money In Politics

Dallas Police Chief David Brown addresses the press.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Stewart F. HousePolitics

Dallas PD Is A National Model On How To Avoid Lethal Force

A demonstrator in Washington, D.C.WATCHLIST
Zach Toombs / NewsyU.S.

Thousands March On Capitol Hill To Protest Police Brutality

The U.S. has more civilian-owned guns than any other nation.WATCHLIST

Do More Guns Mean More Protection? A Look At The Data

U.S. flags have taken on many forms.WATCHLIST

The Evolution Of US Flags (In 80 Seconds)