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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...

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A self proclaimed news nerd, Eugene started his career in local TV news but was looking for something new and different and jumped ship to Newsy in June of 2015. He focuses a lot of his time on political or entertainment news so you can catch him analyzing a presidential race or debating why Shonda Rhimes is the savior television needed. Outside of work, you'll find Eugene with an actual book (gasp!) in his hands or binging on Netflix like it helps pay the bills.

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President Donald Trump at a rally in Iowa
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Trump Finally Says He Didn't Record Fired FBI Director

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson
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Obama Officials Worried Alarm Over Russian Interference Would Backfire

Karen Handel campaigns the day before winning her congressional seat.
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Republicans Hold On To Congressional Seat In Georgia Special Election

Former FBI Director James Comey
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Comey Gets Hammered On Why He Kept His Interactions With Trump Secret

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and NSA Director Mike Rogers.
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Intelligence Heads Won't Say If Trump Asked Them To Intervene

President Trump walks to the Rose Garden.
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How Trump Could Use Executive Privilege To Intervene In Russia Probes

President Donald Trump and Pope Francis.
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Why Trump And The Pope's First Meeting Really Matters

How the federal government should work.
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

A Constitutional Crisis May Not Be What You Think It Is

President Donald J. Trump at a rally.
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Why Was James Comey Fired? President Trump Contradicts His Team

Richard Ben-Veniste during an interview.
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The Best Way To Investigate A Political Scandal? We Asked An Expert.

President Trump on the White House grounds.
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Trump Might Soon Clear Up Confusion Over His Climate Agreement Stance

US Capitol building
Newsy Staff / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Hundreds Of Dems Lining Up To Ride Outrage Wave To Take Back Congress

President Trump at a press conference
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Has President Trump Delivered On His 100-Day Contract With Voters?

Exterior of the White House
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What's With The Obsession With The President's First 100 Days?

President Donald Trump makes remarks.
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Here's What Trump Can Do To Obamacare Even Without Congress

A person waves a pride flag.
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Lawmakers In North Carolina Want To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Exterior of Human Rights Campaign headquarters.
Newsy Staff / Kevin ClancyU.S.

The Future Of The Human Rights Campaign's Fight Is Interconnected

Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump
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What A Trump-China Trade War Could Mean

The Human Rights Campaign headquarters
Newsy Statff / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Human Rights Campaign: 'We Can Still Move Forward' Despite Trump

President Donald J. Trump.
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In Lower Courts, Trump Could Reshape The Judiciary From The Ground Up

Paul Manafort at the Republican National Convention.
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Former Trump Campaign Chief Promoted Russia's Interests, Report Says

Neil Gorsuch during his hearing
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Neil Gorsuch Tells Senators He Wouldn't Bend To Trump On Supreme Court

FBI Director James Comey at a hearing on Capitol Hill.
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FBI Director Shoots Down Trump's Unproven Wiretapping Claims

Congressman Scott Taylor in his office.
Newsy StaffU.S.

This Republican Congressman Wants To Protect LGBTQ+ Housing Rights

Presidents Trump and Obama.
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Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps (And Other Things To Know About FISA)

President Trump at his first congressional address.
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New Trump Policy Targets Immigrant Crime (Which Is Relatively Rare)

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There's No Good Way To Respond To A President's Congressional Address

People watch election returns
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The New Democratic Party Chair Has A Tall Task Ahead

DREAMers at a news conference.
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DREAMers Worry They're President Trump's Next Deportation Target

President Donald Trump.
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Trump's Sanctuary City Fight Could Hurt His Infrastructure Plans