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This Burger Is Eco-Friendly — But With The Taste You Know

They even "bleed."
This Burger Is Eco-Friendly — But With The Taste You Know

These vegetarian burgers taste, feel and even bleed like your typical beef patty. 

Creators use heme — which is the same molecule in your blood — to make the patties "bleed." As NPR explains, "By taking the soybean gene that encodes the heme protein and transferring it to yeast, the company has been able to produce vast quantities of the blood-like compound."

Compared with their animal counterparts, these burgers require 95 percent less land and 74 percent less water. And they emit 87 percent less greenhouse gas.

When people cut back on meat, it can help the environment. But studies have shown only about 6 percent of Americans realize this.  

And while some people will likely have concerns over their food being made in a lab, the burgers are free of hormones, antibiotics and artificial ingredients.

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