Jill Stein Can't Win — US Judge Rejects Pennsylvania Recount Motion

U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond said he's rejecting the request on several grounds.
Jill Stein Can't Win — US Judge Rejects Pennsylvania Recount Motion

Jill Stein just can't win — a federal judge rejected her recount appeal in Pennsylvania. 

U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond wrote there are "six separate grounds" on which he's denying Stein and co.'s plea.

He says there is no credible or compelling evidence that a "hack" occurred or that Pennsylvania's system was in any way compromised.  

Beyond that, Diamond says if he were to grant the injunction at this last minute, it "could well ensure that no Pennsylvania vote counts." 

He also said the team's motion doesn't meet the requirements for immediate and emergency assistance.

Stein filed for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in late November. In Pennsylvania, Stein had to move the motion from state to federal court claiming the camp couldn't afford the $1 million bond required to start.

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Another federal judge pulled the plug on the Michigan recount last week. Wisconsin is the only state where Stein's recount efforts have gone through.

Diamond concluded that suspicion of widespread hacking "borders on the irrational."

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