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Hillary Clinton's youngest delegate turns 17 just one month before she can vote for her candidate.WATCHLIST
Newsy Staff / Kevin Clancy

The DNC's Youngest Delegate Waited Half Her Life For This

A Turkish journalist reports for TV.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Oli Scarff

Turkey Targets The Media In Latest Post-Coup Attempt Crackdown

People from migrant shelter La 72 in Tenosique, Mexico, protest the Southern Border Program.WATCHLIST
La 72

Mexico's Other Border Problem Might Be Its Biggest One

Republican presidential nominee Donald TrumpWATCHLIST
Getty Images / Drew Angerer

Trump Says Churches Can't Get Political, But He's Only Partially Right

Nasir Bin Zakaria, one of nearly 1,000 Rohingya refugees resettled in Chicago in the past few years, holds the US flag.WATCHLIST
Rohingya Culture Center

For Rohingya Refugees, The US Feels Like Being Born Again

The Washington Post's front page featuring photo of Bill Clinton with headline "Historic nomination for Hillary Clinton."WATCHLIST
The Washington Post

Clinton Broke The Glass Ceiling, But All We've Seen Is Her Husband

A view looking up at Donald Trump as he stands at a podium. He's wearing a navy suit with red, white and purple stripped tie.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Sarah D. Davis

Did Donald Trump Just Ask Russia To Hack Hillary Clinton's Emails?

Protesters are all over Philly this week.WATCHLIST
Newsy Staff / Kevin Clancy

Protests At The DNC Are Getting More Intense Every Day

A patient gets a nasal swab from a doctor.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Mario Villafuerte

An Antibiotic Found In Our Noses Fights MRSA

A small and peacful group of demonstrators gather to protest on September 2, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges In The Freddie Gray Case

Bill Clinton speaks at the DNC.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Bill Clinton's DNC Speech: A Love Story And A Resume Reading

A picture of the chaos outside the Washington Hilton Hotel after the assassination attempt on President Reagan in 1981.WATCHLIST
National Archives and Records Administration

Ronald Reagan's Would-be Killer Will Be Freed

Jupiter's Great Red SpotWATCHLIST

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is So Loud It Heats Up The Planet

Television host Bill O'Reilly attends the Hollywood Reporter's 2016 35 Most Powerful People in Media.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Ilya S. Savenok

Bill O'Reilly Slammed For Slavery Comments, But He Did Get This Right

Singer and actor Johnny Ruffo does the ice bucket challenge during Sydney Racing at Royal Randwick Racecourse.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Anthony Johnson

The Ice Bucket Challenge Funded A Major ALS Gene Breakthrough

President Obama wearing a navy suit with blue and navy tie looks ahead.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Mark Wilson

Did Russians Hack The DNC? Obama Says, 'Anything's Possible'

Side-by-side of Kim Ledger, bald, sitting and wearing black square glasses with a gray suit, and Heath Ledger with a buzz cutWATCHLIST
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Heath Ledger's Father Reveals The Last Thing His Son Told The Family

An image of a "garage house."WATCHLIST
Mark Hogan / CC BY SA 2.0

San Francisco's Housing Crisis Just Got Interesting

Sanders supporters are alleging there was election fraud.WATCHLIST
Newsy Staff / Kevin Clancy

Bernie Sanders Supporters Storm Out Of Democratic Convention

Cloned sheep Daisy, Debbie, Denise and Diana stand in a fieldWATCHLIST
University of Nottingham

Why It Matters That Dolly The Sheep's Cloned 'Sisters' Are Healthier


'USA Freedom Kids' Manager Is Having Second Thoughts About Trump

Bernie Sanders speaks at the DNC.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Watch The Moment Bernie Sanders Officially Bows Out

Collage of older peopleWATCHLIST

We Might Stop Growing As We Age, But Our Ears Don't

Larry Sanders votes for his younger brother, Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention.WATCHLIST

The DNC's Roll Call Had Plenty Of Politics And Heart

Miss Cleo featured in a TV advertisementWATCHLIST
Psychic Readers Network, Inc.

Call-In Psychic Miss Cleo Dies At 53

A Bernie or Bust protesterWATCHLIST
Newsy / Kevin Clancy

When Protesters Say 'Bernie Or Bust,' They Mean It

An abandoned car repair business is behind a fence in East Cleveland.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Melissa Prax

Can Merging With Cleveland Save This Forgotten City?

A cruise ship coasts along the water.WATCHLIST
Titanic Belfast / CC BY 2.0

The Olympic Village Has A Challenger: Luxury Cruise Ships

A white French police car with red and blue stripes is parked on a street.WATCHLIST
Mic V. / CC BY 2.0

The Attackers Who Killed A French Priest Claimed Allegiance To ISIS

Michelle Obama speaks at the DNC.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Aaron P. Bernstein

Michelle Obama's DNC Speech Had 2 Major Themes: Sasha And Malia