The pope waves and looks up to the right.

Pope Francis Says Christians Owe Gay People An Apology

The pontiff added that other groups are also due for an apology.



Lionel Messi No. 10 of Argentina looks on before the game winning penalty kick is made.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Mike Stobe

Lionel Messi Retires From International Soccer After Copa America Loss

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon waving and smilingWATCHLIST
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Scottish First Minister Says Scotland Might Be Able To Stop Brexit

Iftar meal during RamadanWATCHLIST
Getty Images / Francois Nel

Religions Are Putting Aside Their Differences For Ramadan

A general view shows the headquarter of China Central Television amid the Beijing skyline at central business district.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Feng Li

Beijing's Consuming So Much Water The City's Sinking

British Prime Minister David Cameron waving.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Stefan Rousseau

The Big, Red Brexit Button: When Will The UK Invoke Article 50?

Al-Shabab fighters in a propaganda video for the terrorist group.WATCHLIST

Al-Shabab Claims Another Hotel Attack In Somalia

A young couple painted as EU flags and a man sitting with a sign that says "I'm not leaving"WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Mary Turner

Millions Signed A Petition For Another Brexit Referendum

Pope Francis holds his omelia as he attends a mass during the feast-day Mass of Corpus Domini in a small town in Serbia.WATCHLIST
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Unscripted, Pope Calls The Armenian Massacre A 'Genocide' ... Again

European Union flag and United Kingdom flagWATCHLIST
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Europe's Far-Right Saw The Brexit And Now Wants Out Of The EU, Too

U.K. demonstrators protest the EU referendum results.WATCHLIST
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Young UK Voters Got The Short End Of The Brexit Stick

Clinton and Trump give speeches.WATCHLIST
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Clinton And Trump Are Using The UK's Brexit Mess To Their Advantage

Britain's vote to leave the E.U. is triggering lots of geopolitical consequences.WATCHLIST

The Geopolitics Of The #Brexit

European Union flag with rip in itWATCHLIST
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World Leaders Sound Off About The Brexit

In this photo illustration, a man takes a 20-pound note from his wallet outside a bank in London, England.WATCHLIST
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What The Brexit Means For Tourists Exchanging Money

Giraffes at Buenos Aires Zoo in ArgentinaWATCHLIST
Juliana Lopes / CC BY 2.0

These Freed Zoo Animals Are On To Bigger, Better Things

Vote leave supporters attend the final 'We Want Our Country Back' public meeting of the EU Referendum campaign.WATCHLIST
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The UK Has Voted To Leave The EU. So What Happens Now?

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks outside Downing Street on June 24, 2016.WATCHLIST
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UK Vote To Leave The EU Pushes Prime Minister David Cameron To Resign

Vote Leave supporters wait for London Mayor Boris Johnson to address campaigners during a rally for the 'Vote Leave' campaignWATCHLIST
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Breaking Brexit: The UK Votes To Leave The EU

U.S. Capitol building.WATCHLIST
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Congress Has About A Week To Save Puerto Rico From Financial Collapse

A FARC guerrilla guards a road in Colombia.WATCHLIST
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Colombia's Half-Century Insurgency May Finally Be Coming To An End

Incendiary weapons in the skyWATCHLIST
Information Office of the City of Huraytan

Is Russia Dropping Incendiary Bombs On Syrian Civilians?

Heavily armed police stand outside a movie theatre where an armed man has reportedly opened fire June 23.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Alexander Scheuber

Gunman Killed After Storming German Movie Theater

Inmates take their seat during a behavior training session at Chongqing Prison on May 30 in China.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / ChinaPhotos

Is China Still Harvesting Organs From Prisoners?

Cuban coffeeWATCHLIST
Edgar Zuniga Jr. / CC BY 2.0

This Cuban Product Is Making Its Way Back To The US After 50 Years

The Sunway TaihuLight is the world's fastest supercomputer.WATCHLIST
Science China Press

The World's Fastest Supercomputer Was Homegrown In China

Syrian refugees perform at the "Refugees Got Talent" show.WATCHLIST
Voice of America

Hey, Did You Know 'Refugees Got Talent'?

Portugal soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo throws a CMTV reporter's microphone into a lake.WATCHLIST

Cristiano Ronaldo Sentences Reporter's Mic To A Watery Death

Detail shot of Olympic Torch during day 14 of the Olympic Flame torch relay.WATCHLIST
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A Jaguar Was Killed After An Olympic Torch Event In Brazil

Lightning streaks across the sky in India.WATCHLIST
Bharathram Pattabhiraman / CC BY 2.0

Lightning Strikes Leave Dozens Of People Dead Across India

What motivates people to join ISIS?WATCHLIST
Newsy Staff

The Anatomy Of An ISIS Supporter