A Turkish police officer

Muslim Policewomen In Turkey Can Now Wear Their Hijabs On Duty

The headscarf was previously banned because of the country's secular founding principles.



De-mining efforts in Nagorno-KarabakhWATCHLIST
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Land Mines Are Randomly Hidden All Over The Armenia-Azerbaijan Border

Citizens of Daraya evacuate, walking past the rubble of the badly damaged city.WATCHLIST
Local Council of Daraya City

'Tell The World We Want Freedom': The End Of The Daraya Siege

A photo of Pavlina Pižova and Ondrej PetrWATCHLIST
New Zealand Police

Czech Woman Survives One Month Stranded In The Mountains

Refugees during clashes with police at the Serbian-Hungarian border.WATCHLIST
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Refugees Heading To Hungary Will Soon Face Another Border Block

A girl wearing a fashionable burqini on the beach of Alexandria, EgyptWATCHLIST
Giorgio Montersino / CC BY SA 2.0

France's Highest Court Has Overturned At Least One Ban On Burqinis

After violence in Cizre, a town on the Turkey-Syrian border.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Cagdas Erdogan

This Border Town Is Again At The Center Of The Tension In Turkey

Ryan Lochte competes in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.WATCHLIST
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Brazil Charges Ryan Lochte But Probably Can't Extradite Him From US

A beach in Cannes, France.WATCHLIST
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Is France's Burqini Ban Here To Stay?

An image of part of the rescue effort by Sarnia's police department.WATCHLIST
Twitter / @SarniaPolice

Canadian City Might Have To Pay After Rescuing Stranded Americans

pregnant woman holds her stomachWATCHLIST
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India's Government Is Planning To Ban Commercial Surrogacy

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Peter Macdiarmid

Canada's Mounties Welcome The Hijab

People walk on the American University of Afghanistan's campusWATCHLIST
American University of Afghanistan

At Least 13 Dead After Attack On American University Of Afghanistan

A view of the earthquake damage in Italy.WATCHLIST
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Rescuers Cheer As Little Girl Pulled From Rubble Of Quake In Italy

FARC-EP International

The Longest War In Latin America Is Close To Being Over

The Doctors Without Borders logo.WATCHLIST
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Family Of ISIS Hostage Says Doctors Without Borders Refused To Help

Farage and Trump at a rally together in Mississippi.WATCHLIST
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Farage Imports Brexit Values To Trump Rally

Armed security patrol the Eiffel Tower on Jan. 9, 2015, in Paris, France.WATCHLIST
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Terrorism Is Draining The French Economy

A mother and her child in Kenya.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Chris Jackson

This Program May Reduce Childbirth Deaths In Areas That Need It Most

China's newest glass-bottom bridge spans nearly 1,400 feet and is 1,000 feet above the ground.WATCHLIST
Twitter / @VisitChinaNow

China's New Glass-Bottom Bridge Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Photo of the American University of Afghanistan.WATCHLIST
American University of Afghanistan

The American University Of Afghanistan Was Reportedly Attacked

An image of microplastics.WATCHLIST
Oregon State University / CC BY SA 2.0

British Officials Want A Worldwide Ban On Microbeads In Cosmetics

Man were rescued from the rubble after an earthquake hit central Italy.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Giuseppe Bellini

An Earthquake Has Rocked Central Italy; Dozens Dead, Many Missing

Pedestrians walk by the outside The New York Times building in 2016.WATCHLIST
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Authorities Believe Russian Hackers Targeted The New York Times

An EasyJet plane is on the tarmac at an airport.WATCHLIST
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Siblings Say ISIS Accusation And Interrogation Ruined Their Vacation

While its critics say it's not thorough enough, the U.S. Syrian refugee program has a lot of layers.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Andrew Lawler

Here's What Happens When A Syrian Refugee Wants To Come To The US

Business mogul Donald Trump gives a speech as he announces his candidacy for the U.S. presidency at Trump Tower.WATCHLIST
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Donald Trump Could Still Capitalize On Voters In Israel

Two people sit on a raft as a woman tries to get up on it. A man tries to get on another raft. A coast guard ship pulls them.WATCHLIST
Canadian Coast Guard

About 1,500 Americans Went On A Float Trip And Ended Up In Canada

The U.S.-Mexico border wallWATCHLIST
Getty Images / Sandy Huffaker

Are South American Smuggling Networks Bringing Extremists To The US?

North Korea just launched a dedicated video streaming device called "Manbang."WATCHLIST

North Korea Just Launched The Worst Netflix Clone Ever

Pallets of canned goods are stacked.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Germany Might Tell Its Citizens To Stockpile Food And Water