Puma BeatBot.

Can Puma's BeatBot Motivate You To Run Faster?

The self-driving robot can even keep pace with Olympian Usain Bolt.



Three steps to clean up a computer you're getting rid of.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Evan Thomas

How To Get Your Computer Ready To Sell Or Give Away

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an Apple special event at the Apple headquarters on March 21, 2016 in Cupertino, California.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Apple Is At Least Thinking About Fixing Autocorrect's Awkward Moments

The OceanOne has explored its first shipwreck.WATCHLIST
Twitter / @Stanford

This Robot Mermaid Is The New Way To Explore Oceans

A lawsuit claims 18-year-old Christal McGee was driving over 100 miles per hour to get a photo for Snapchat.WATCHLIST
Snapchat via The Law Offices of Michael Lawson Neff, P.C.

Lawsuit Blames Snapchat After Teen Wrecks While Taking A Selfie

Youtube logo.WATCHLIST
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'Video Haikus': Google's New 6-Second, Unskippable Ad Format

A person uses the Uber app.WATCHLIST
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If You Keep Your Uber Driver Waiting, It Could Cost You

A child plays on his Amazon tablet.WATCHLIST

In-App Purchases Are So Confusing, They Cost Amazon A Court Case

Nintendo logoWATCHLIST
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The Wii U Is Doomed. Can The Top-Secret 'NX' Console Save Nintendo?

A woman holds an iPhone 6.WATCHLIST
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Apple's Earnings Just Dropped For The First Time In 13 Years

A truck driver keeps his hand close to the semi's steering wheel while the truck does the driving.WATCHLIST
Peloton Technology

Driverless Trucks Won't Be Stealing Anyone's Jobs

EEG headsets like this one can interpret mental commands to control drones.WATCHLIST
Coöperatie SURF / CC BY 3.0

Think Mind Control Is Science Fiction? Think Again

Students gather in front of the Presidential Palace in New Delhi to protest against current rape laws.WATCHLIST
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Can Panic Buttons On Cellphones Protect Women In India?

In this handout image supplied by Jean Revillard, Solar powered plane 'Solar Impulse 2', piloted by Swiss adventurer BertrandWATCHLIST
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Solar Impulse 2 Completes 3-Day Flight Across Pacific Without Fuel

An Uber driver talks to a rider.WATCHLIST

You Might Have To Start Tipping Your Uber Driver

We explain the differences between the three most common consumer wireless standards.WATCHLIST
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What's The Difference Between B, G And N Routers?

Liam is Apple's disassembler robot for iPhones.WATCHLIST

These Robots Want Earth (And Space) To Be A Cleaner, Greener Place

The official seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seen on an iPhone's camera screen.WATCHLIST
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The FBI Paid Over $1M To Unlock San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

The insides of a smartphone are shown with the battery highlighted in blue.WATCHLIST

No Worthless Battery After 200,000 Charges? Sign Me Up

Police are using "GPS bullets" to track suspect's vehicles and avoid high speed chases.WATCHLIST
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'GPS Bullets' Are Helping Cops Avoid High-Speed Chases

A robot waiter delivers meals for customers at a robot-themed restaurant in China.WATCHLIST
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Turns Out Robots Aren't That Great At Waiting Tables

The Intel logo is seen on a desktop computer.WATCHLIST
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Intel Culls 12,000 Jobs As PC Sales Slide Even More

The Eelume robotic snake is being developed to protect and maintain underwater equipment.WATCHLIST
Kongsberg Maritime

Underwater Robot Snakes Are As Awesome And Scary As They Sound

Employees of Google stand at the company's booth at the Frankfurt book fair.WATCHLIST
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Google Books' Legal Beef Might Actually Be Over

The Pentagon building in Washington D.C.WATCHLIST
U.S. Air Force

If You Can Hack The Pentagon, The DOD Would Like To Give You Money

An ISIS flag featuring the Twitter logo.WATCHLIST
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ISIS' #BostonMarathon Tweets Show How Much Ground It's Lost On Twitter

A person points a remote control at a television.WATCHLIST
flash.pro / CC BY 2.0

Now You Don't Have To Make A Yearlong Commitment To Amazon Prime

Solar Impulse pilots talk near their solar-powered airplaneWATCHLIST
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The Solar Plane Flying Around The World Is Preparing For Takeoff Again

Sean Parker during the 2011 Web 2.0 Summit on October 17, 2011.WATCHLIST
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Napster's Sean Parker Is Now Trying To Disrupt How We Treat Cancer

Think of online encryption as a lock with a partner key.WATCHLIST
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What Is Encryption, And Why Is It Important?

The Ink Hunter app displays a flower tattoo on a hand.WATCHLIST
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Augmented Reality Tattoo App Helps You Think Before You Ink