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Google Sets Goal To Be 100 Percent Green By 2017

The company plans to buy enough green energy to cover 100 percent of its global operations.


In this photo illustration, a girl browses the Facebook social networking site.
Getty Images

These Tech Giants Have Joined Forces To Fight Terrorism

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
Getty Images

Amazon Go: A Store With No Lines And No Registers

A gamer focuses while participating in an esports tournament in Atlanta.
Getty Images

Will E-sports Be The Next Big Olympic Competition?

Nintendo executive Shigeru Miyamoto

Universal Theme Parks' Next Big Addition: Nintendo

Cars in "Grand Theft Auto V"
Rockstar / "Grand Theft Auto V"

An 11-Year-Old 'Borrowed' Parents' Car To Play 'Grand Theft Auto' IRL

DirecTV Now logo

DirecTV Now Will Give Cord-Cutters Another Option

Donald Trump at a election event
Getty Images

Trump Says Recount Bid Will Change Nothing — He Might Be Right

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

63 Ugandan Schools Funded By Zuckerberg, Gates To Close Permanently

Sailors walk past USS Zumwalt
Getty Images

Personal Information Of Over 130,000 US Sailors Has Been Leaked

Donald Trump and Tim Cook
Getty Images

Bringing Back Manufacturing Jobs Might Be Harder Than Just A Tax Cut

Facebook is shown on a computer screen.
Getty Images

Facebook May Be Experimenting With Software That Censors Posts

People on computers.
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Google's Search Results May Have A Liberal Bias

A racing drone and a pilot
Drone Racing League

Drone Racing: The Best Sport You Didn't Know Existed

Mark Zuckerberg speaking
Getty Images

Facebook Is Trying To Curb The Spread Of Fake News

A screenshot from the new Pokémon game
The Pokémon Company / "Pokémon Sun And Moon"

Nintendo Might Bring The New Pokémon Game Over To The Switch

House with Tesla's solar roof
Tesla Motors

Tesla's Solar Roofs Might Be Even Cheaper Than Expected

This undated photo provided by the National Security Agency (NSA) shows its headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland.
Getty Images

How To Protect Your Data From The NSA

Getty Images

This Beloved App Is Going Public

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Getty Images

Google, Facebook Respond To Claims Of Fake News Influencing Election

A screenshot from a Tinder video

Tinder Just Became A Whole Lot More Inclusive

A robot solving a Rubik's cube
Infineon Technologies

This Robot Solved A Rubik's Cube So Fast The Human Eye Can't See It

Mark Zuckerberg gives a speech
Getty Images

Zuckerberg Says It's 'Crazy' To Blame Facebook For Election Results

Women crowd around an iPhone 7.
Getty Images

Apple's App Store Has A Counterfeit Problem

A man points to a presentation of tweets.
Getty Images

Twitter Bots Have Had A Lot To Say This Election

Cows look at a camera
Getty Images

Cows Eat This Device, And It Lets Them Text Their Farmer — Sort Of

Earth's Moon from Apollo 10

That One Time The Moon Nearly Sparked Nuclear War

People voting at electronic voting booths.
Getty Images

More Americans Than Ever Are Registered To Vote — Thanks, Social Media

A Donald Trump rally and a Hillary Clinton rally.
Getty Images

Social Media Deepens The Political Divide. Unfriending Makes It Worse

A view of an ad that looks like a newspaper article. The headline says, "Dear Microsoft."
The New York Times

This Group Chat App Let Microsoft Know It's Not Going Anywhere

Pedestrians in New York City
Getty Images

How Self-Driving Cars Could Make Pedestrians More Annoying