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Cloudflare Bleeds Sensitive Data All Over The Internet

A coding error led to chunks of potentially sensitive data ending up unsecured on different websites.


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Everything You Need To Watch On Netflix In March

Nikola Motor Company has been working on the Nikola One, a zero-emission 18-wheeler that gets a range of up to 1,200 miles.
Nikola Motor Company

Electric Is The Future For Semis, Garbage Trucks And Buses

illustration of Shirley Chisholm

Giphy Promotes Diversity With Colorful Black History Month Collection

Origami police shield
Brigham Young University

How Origami Helped Engineer A Lightweight, Bulletproof Shield

Cosmic rays hitting Earth's atmosphere.
U Chicago / NASA

Cosmic Rays May Be Why Your Phone Crashed

Bill Gates
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Bill Gates Thinks Robots Should Pay Taxes Like The Rest Of Us

Mark Zuckerberg
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Zuckerberg Wants Facebook To Stand Against Anti-Globalization Movement

Yahoo logo
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Yahoo Loses 'Only' $250 Million In Its Verizon Deal

magnetically controlled screws
J. Rahmer and B. Gleich, Philips Research, 2017

How To Control Our Tiniest Medical Machines

A drone that can carry a person
Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai

People In This City Could Be Flying In Autonomous Aerial Vehicles Soon

Video blogger Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie.
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World's Most Popular YouTuber Could Be Losing A Lot Of Money

Donald Trump
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Is President Trump Using An Unsecured Phone?

Tracking a web browser's "fingerprint"
Newsy staff

How Web Tracking Pieces Together Your Identity

Nokia 3310 phone
Ministerio TIC Colombia / CC by 2.0

Nokia Is Bringing Back This Indestructible Brick Of A Phone

Two animated pangolins in Google's doodle game.

Google's New Doodle Uses An Adorable Game To Send A Serious Message

A Verizon advertisement is viewed outside of a store.
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Here's Why Verizon Is Bringing Back The Unlimited Plan

LeBron James
Getty Images, 2K Sports / NBA 2K17

If You're Good At NBA Video Games, You Could Sign With The NBA

Hands covered in ink made from smog
Graviky Labs

This Company Turns Air Pollution Into Ink

Tiny drone pollinating flower
Dr. Eijiro Miyako

Accidentally Discovered Gel Might Help Bees Pollinate Plants

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in the Oval Office with President Trump
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Intel Will Invest $7B To Complete Arizona Plant

Twitter video on how to use the block feature

Twitter Takes Steps To Subdue Online Trolls


Vizio Had Smart TVs Spy On Their Owners To Sell The Data

Donald Trump
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Dozens Of Tech Companies Are Fighting Trump's Travel Ban

Autonomous car's bumper
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Driverless Cars Stay In Their Lane — Even If It Means Hitting Potholes

Influenza virus
National Institutes of Health

This Breath Monitor Tells You If You're Sick

An ACLU promotion with the words "Join us. Fight back."

ACLU Enlists Y Combinator's Help To Spend Donation Windfall

Phone running the Uber app
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Why Do People Want To #DeleteUber All Of A Sudden?

Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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Mark Zuckerberg Has Decided Not To Sue Hundreds Of Hawaiians

President Donald Trump speaks during a luncheon.
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Twitter Users Notice Trump Took Days To Secure @POTUS Twitter Account

A man puts on glasses

These Glasses Are A Game Changer For Those With Color Blindness