Lots of mosquitoes

Zika Is Making Major Inroads Into Asia Via Singapore

So far, authorities have identified 41 locally transmitted cases.



Jupiter, the big planet, is covered in a dark shadow on its left side, and has streaks of orange and white.WATCHLIST

NASA's Juno Just Got Its Closest Look Yet At Jupiter

The molecular structures of fentanyl and morphineWATCHLIST
Newsy / Evan Thomas

What Makes Fentanyl So Dangerous?

A hippo in waterWATCHLIST
Noel Reynolds / CC BY 2.0

A Note To Exotic-Pet Owners: Don't Let Your Pets Loose In The Wild

A human touching a robot.WATCHLIST
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Soft Robots Could Make Human Interactions With Robots Safer

A gray wolf walks on a path in Washington state.WATCHLIST
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Culling Wild Animals Is Still A Controversial Subject

A bag of blood at a blood donation centerWATCHLIST
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The FDA Is Now Recommending Zika Screening For All US Blood Donations

A stream flows in MarylandWATCHLIST
Dan Gray / CC by SA 2.0

Baltimore Has An Illicit-Drug Problem ... In Its Streams

A school of fish in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National MonumentWATCHLIST
Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

President Obama Announces Creation Of Largest Marine Conservation Area


A Lot Of Our Space Knowledge Comes From A Bunch Of Antiques

In this photo illustration, EpiPen is seen.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Mylan's EpiPen Discount Won't Help Everyone

A researcher draws blood from a Tuskegee Syphilis Study subject.WATCHLIST
U.S. National Archives

What We'll Never Know About The Study In Which Black Deaths Mattered

Man eating biodegradable, edible food packaging.WATCHLIST
American Chemical Society

The Latest Attempt To Save The World? Edible Food Packaging

Native American activists protesting the Dakota Access pipeline project in Washington D.C.WATCHLIST
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Anti-Pipeline Activists Take Their Fight To Washington, DC

Alpha Centauri, one of our closest stellar neighbors.WATCHLIST
ESO / Digitized Sky Survey 2 / Davide De Martin

The First Star-Visiting Probe Will Need Some Ambitious Engineering

A mother and her child in Kenya.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Chris Jackson

This Program May Reduce Childbirth Deaths In Areas That Need It Most

Earth-like planet Proxima b orbiting its starWATCHLIST
Y. Beletsky (LCO)/ESO/ESA/NASA/M. Zamani

What We Know So Far About Earth's New Twin

A dolphin surfaces along the south shore of Kauai.WATCHLIST
Rob Shenk / CC by SA 2.0

Swimming With Dolphins In The Wild Could Soon Be Banned In Hawaii

An image of microplastics.WATCHLIST
Oregon State University / CC BY SA 2.0

British Officials Want A Worldwide Ban On Microbeads In Cosmetics

Photo of Sebastian DeLeon, who survived a brain-eating amoeba infection.WATCHLIST

How A Florida Teen Survived A Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba Infection

Man were rescued from the rubble after an earthquake hit central Italy.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Giuseppe Bellini

An Earthquake Has Rocked Central Italy; Dozens Dead, Many Missing

Someone gets a manicure in a nail salon.WATCHLIST
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Common Houseplants Could Make Nail Salons Safer

There are a lot of misconceptions around halal meat.WATCHLIST
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Debunking 'Halal Hysteria' Meat Myths

An EpiPen, as shown by KMGH.WATCHLIST

Congress Is Asking Why The Price Of A Life-Saving Drug Is Skyrocketing

A rendering of one of the STEREO spacecraft from NASA.WATCHLIST

NASA Finally Found A Spacecraft It Lost Almost 2 Years Ago

A woman holds her HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) patches.WATCHLIST
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Hormone Replacement Therapy Might Nearly Triple Risk Of Breast Cancer

A heroin user prepares an injection.WATCHLIST
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A Mother Wrote An Emotional Note To Her Daughter's Drug Dealer

A group of American Indians walk to a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site to protest.WATCHLIST
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American Indians Stand Together To Shut Down Pipeline Project

A gator swims away with a PythonWATCHLIST
South Florida Water Management

This Gator Swam Around With A Python In Its Mouth, Because Florida

A newborn baby lies in the maternity ward of a hospital.WATCHLIST
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Rates Of Pregnancy-Related Deaths Have Doubled In Texas

A graphic of an airplane and a mosquito.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Evan Thomas

A Travel Advisory Won't Stop Zika From Spreading