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Former astronaut John Glenn

John Glenn, Astronaut And Former US Senator, Dies At Age 95

He was the first American to orbit Earth, and he holds the record for being the oldest person to travel in space.


Hands holding PrEP aka Truvada
Newsy / Ben Schamisso

Meet The People Battling For Better Access To HIV-Fighting PrEP Drugs

The Eiffel Tower
Getty Images

Paris Bans Cars To Fight Pollution — Again

An illustration of a feathery dinosaur
Chung-tat Cheung and Yi Liu

In Case You Forgot, Dinosaurs Were Actually Feathery

Shadow of a cemetery worker cast on gravestones.
Getty Images

Life Expectancy In The US Has Dropped For The First Time In Decades

Two giraffes
Getty Images

Giraffes Are Under Threat Of Extinction

Getty Images

A Hexagonal Storm Really Is Over Saturn's North Pole

Okla. Attorney General Scott Pruitt at Trump Tower.
Getty Images

Trump's Choice To Lead EPA Has A History With The Agency

Polar bears
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Climate Change Is Melting Away Polar Bears' Chance Of Survival

Shoppers at the seafood section of a grocery store.
Getty Images

One Way To Help The World's Overfishing Problem: Buy American

A campsite near the Dakota Access Pipeline route
Getty Images

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Leader Asks Activists To Go Home

Huw Williams

Google Sets Goal To Be 100 Percent Green By 2017

A mother rinses mud off her son
Getty Images

Modern Life Is Too Clean For Fighting Allergies

Man falls asleep behind the wheel.

AAA Wants You To Know Just How Dangerous Drowsy Driving Is

Doctors deliver a baby by C-section.
Getty Images

C-Sections Could Be Changing How Humans Evolve

Former Vice President Al Gore
Getty Images

Al Gore Had An 'Extremely Interesting' Meeting With Donald Trump

Photo of a pair of mummified leg bones found inside Queen Nefertari's royal tomb in Egypt.
Habicht et al / CC BY 4.0

Experts Have Finally Identified These Ancient Mummified Knees

Native American and other Dakota Access Pipeline protesters celebrate
Getty Images

The Battle Over The Dakota Access Pipeline Might Not Be Over Just Yet

Hand pumps diesel fuel into car
Getty images

These Four Major Cities Want To Ban Diesel Vehicles

Camp at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in winter
Getty Images

DAPL Protesters Plan To Stay Despite The Risks Of A Harsh Winter

Mount Tambora in Indonesia.

The Right Volcanic Eruption Can Cancel Summer

Atlas rocket
Getty Images

Want To Design A Rocket? Here's Your Chance

An illustration of two black holes colliding.
LIGO / T. Pyle

We're Trying To Use Gravitational Waves As Cosmic Tape Measures

Reindeer pulling a sled
Twitter / @dominos_JP

Domino's Tries (And Fails) To Deliver Pizza Via Reindeer In Japan

Overweight people walking
Getty Images

7 In 10 Americans Are Overweight, And Many May Not Even Realize It

The Great Barrier Reef
Getty Images

Australia Is Going To Spend A Lot Of Money On The Great Barrier Reef

Pills being counted
Getty Images

House Passes Cures Act And Obama Administration Supports It

Stephen Hawking hosts a press conference.
Getty Images

Stephen Hawking Says Only Cooperation Can Save The Planet

Ivanka Trump speaking
Getty Images

Ivanka Trump, Chief Climate Change Advocate?

A tornado.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Tornado Outbreaks Are More Common — But We Don't Know Why

Martin Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC., listens to questions.
Getty Images

Teenagers Recreated A $750 Drug For Just $2 Per Dose