Building A Federal Budget
Featured Series: Building A Federal Budget
Congress is working to approve a federal budget before the next fiscal year starts on Oct. 1.
Electron Rocket takes off

This Small, 3-D Printed Rocket Could Make It Easier To Get To Space

Rocket Lab, a Silicon Valley company, launched the Electron rocket into space for the first time.


Waves caused by Hurricane Matthew
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Forecasters Predict An Especially Dangerous Hurricane Season

Marijuana plant

Cannabis Chemical Could Help Children With Severe Epilepsy Disorder

An adult flamingo standing amongst chicks
Getty Images / Blazquez Dominguez

Scientists Tackle The Big Question: How Flamingos Sleep On One Leg

Girls looking at a magazine about menstrual health

Talking About Periods Is Tough In Kenya. But That Might Be Changing.

Juno spacecraft flying by Jupiter

Juno's First Results Show Us Jupiter Is One Seriously Angry Giant

House Speaker Paul Ryan
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CBO: Republican Health Care Bill Cuts Less Than Previous Versions

A tray of fish on display
Getty Images / Ahmad Khateib

A Company's Plan To Fix Fisheries Has Scientists Feeling Skeptical

Jeep Grand Cherokees on display
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Government Accuses Fiat Chrysler Of Using Emissions-Cheating Software

A woman picks up a can at a food pantry
Feeding America

Why What's In Food Pantries Matters

Blue Whale in the water
Silverback Films / BBC

Blue Whales Weren't Always The Giants They Are Today

Eastern black rhinoceros grazing in field
Michelle Gadd, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / CC BY 2.0

The Eastern Black Rhinoceros Has Officially Returned To Rwanda

Person stands in front of Instagram sign
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Instagram Might Not Be Great For Young People's Mental Health

Collapsed permafrost
U.S. Geological Survey

Climate Change Is Melting The Arctic Ice Out From Under Our Buildings

President Donald Trump, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt
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Trump's Budget Would Make It Harder To Clean Up Highly Polluted Sites

Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano captured from the International Space Station
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

How And Why Do We Study The Deadly Phenomenon Of Volcanic Lightning?

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America's Trees Are Trying To Outrun Threats By Heading North And West

A woman smoking in London
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All Cigarette Packs In The UK Now Come In The Same Graphic Packaging

Big cats and their handler perform during a Ringling Bros. show.
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The 'Greatest' (Or 'Cruelest') Show On Earth Is About To End

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle
Noway's Ministry of Agriculture and Food / CC BY ND 2.0

Melting Arctic Ice Jeopardizes Humanity's Plant Backup Plan

Bags of donated blood
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A Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Solve The Blood Donor Problem

An employee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / James Gathany

Trump's Federal Hiring Freeze Might Still Affect Hundreds Of CDC Jobs

Inside the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
NASA / Kennedy Space Center

What's Better Than Going To Space? Being In The Astronaut Hall Of Fame

A virtual reality therapy game
Newsy Staff

How Virtual Therapy Can Lead To Real-World Healing

Headstones at Presidio National Cemetery
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About Half Of All Deaths Don't Have A Recorded Cause

Operation Crossroads
United States Department of Defense

We Aren't Just Changing Earth's Weather, We're Changing Space's, Too

Moss-covered region in Antarctica
Matt Amesbury

A Greener Antarctica Isn't Always A Good Thing

Fake caterpillar on a leaf
Chung Yu Tak

Worried About Predator Attacks? Stay Away From The Equator

Fidget Spinner in motion
Robert Couse-Baker / CC BY 2.0

Fidget Spinners' Stress Relief Claims Are Under The Microscope

A parrotlet hops to a new perch
Diana Chin, Lentink Lab

Before Birds Could Fly, Dinosaurs Had To Learn To Hop

Close-up of a bumblebee covered in pollen
Kalle Gustafsson / CC BY 2.0

When Choosing Flowers, Bees Go For Their Nicotine Fix