Two teenagers in a convertible car

AAA Warns Parents About The '100 Deadliest Days' For Teen Drivers

AAA wants parents to talk to their kids about distracted driving. In the summer, teen accident rates go up during the so-called "100 deadliest days."



Harambe the gorillaWATCHLIST
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Why Is The Boy's Father's Criminal Past Relevant In Gorilla's Death?

An alligator not identified in the incident.WATCHLIST

Alligators Found Eating Human Corpse In Florida

An astronaut floats in space, and text reads, "Realism."WATCHLIST
Warner Bros. Pictures / 'Gravity'

Physics Nitpicks: What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Space

Hillary Clinton, in a red blazer, addresses the crowd at a 2016 rally.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / John Sommers II

Clinton Wins Environmental Group's First-Ever Presidential Endorsement

An image of a man pouring pills into his hand.WATCHLIST

Prescription Painkillers Might Actually Cause Chronic Pain

Monks walk a tiger at "Tiger Temple" in 2001.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Paula Bronstein

Thailand's 'Tiger Temple' Could Soon Be Tigerless

Dead and dying staghorn coral, central Great Barrier Reef in May 2016WATCHLIST
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies / Johanna Leonhardt

Global Warming Is Killing Corals In The Great Barrier Reef

Harambe the gorilla.WATCHLIST
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

After Gorilla's Death, Petitioners Seek 'Justice For Harambe'

An image of the largest-known sponge.WATCHLIST
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This Sponge Near The Hawaiian Islands Might Be Bigger Than Your Car

NASA's Bigelow Expandable Activity ModuleWATCHLIST

NASA Expands Inflatable Habitat In Space For First Time

Blood on a beach in the aftermath of a shark attackWATCHLIST
Facebook / Lou DeMark

13-Year-Old Boy Suffers Shark Bite In Florida

Nepalese school girlsWATCHLIST
WaterAid / Sushma Diyali

Nepali Women Spotlight How The Mundane Becomes Taboo On Their Periods

A grey-headed flying fox, a member of the species that is taking over Batemans Bay, Australia.WATCHLIST
Jade Craven / CC BY 2.0

An Australian Town Is Being Overrun By Giant Bats

A photo of 400-pound Harambe, a 17-year-old lowland gorilla killed on Saturday.WATCHLIST
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Cincinnati Zoo Kills Gorilla To Save Boy Who Fell Into Its Enclosure

Toyota's Mirai is one of only three hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in production.WATCHLIST

Why Hydrogen Cars Won't Be Blowing Up Anytime Soon

Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Fresno, California.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Donald Trump Doesn't Think There's A Natural Drought in California

A Falcon 9 rocket sitting atop SpaceX's floating barge.WATCHLIST

SpaceX's Water Landings Are Becoming Routine

Dr. Henry Heimlich.WATCHLIST PR

At 96, Henry Heimlich Got The Chance To Use His Own Maneuver

An image of a man using his cellphone.WATCHLIST
Tony Alter / CC BY 2.0

Your Cellphone Is Maybe, Probably, Possibly Giving You Cancer

XStat, a device designed to stop a gunshot victim's bleeding in just seconds.WATCHLIST

This Gunshot Wound Device Just Saved Its First Life On The Battlefield

Bees tend to eggs on a honeycomb.WATCHLIST
Jordan Schwartz / CC BY 2.0

A Swarm Of Bees Kills A Hiker In Arizona

Probuphine is displayedWATCHLIST
Braeburn Pharmaceuticals

Implantable Medicine Could Be The Future Of Fighting Opioid Addiction

A pharmacist separates antibiotics.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Joe Raedle

The 'Superbug' Doctors Are Freaking Out About Is Now In The US

Europa's liquid oceans have better odds of harboring life than most other places in the Solar System.WATCHLIST

How To Look For Life On Europa — Jupiter's Watery Moon

A thermometer shows hot temperatures.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Chris Hondros

The Heartland Is The Place To Beat The Heat This Summer

NASA's plan to retrieve a small asteroid might get its budget cut out from under it.WATCHLIST

NASA's Asteroid-Capture Mission Might Never Get Off The Ground


Researchers Found A Really, Really Old Beer Recipe In China

Rickie Fowler, Dave Mirra and Bucky Lasek attend Subaru PUMA Global Rallycross Team Testing DayWATCHLIST
Getty Images / Maury Phillips

Doctors Say Dave Mirra Is The First Extreme Athlete Diagnosed With CTE

An octopus.WATCHLIST
Snailgenie / CC BY 2.0

Climate Change Might Be Helping Octopuses

All the big cat populations — from lions to snow leopards — are declining thanks to human activity.WATCHLIST
Getty Images

Humanity's Worst Trick: Making Big Cats Disappear