Bottles of MMS products are shown for sale online.

So-Called 'Miracle' Cure For Autism Is Actually Industrial Bleach

The treatment, commonly known as Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution or MMS, can cause serious health problems if ingested.



An astronaut on a space treadmill.WATCHLIST

Looks Like Our Backs Really Aren't Made For Space Travel

A doctor in his officeWATCHLIST
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Higher Costs And Fewer Choices For Obamacare Customers In 2017

A woman puts a baby in a cribWATCHLIST
American Academy of Pediatrics

Room Sharing Could Cut Infants' Risk Of SIDS In Half

A football player holds up his helmet on the opening kickoff during the game.WATCHLIST
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Just One Season Of Playing Football Changes A Child's Brain

Hexagonal clouds in the Atlantic Ocean.WATCHLIST

These Clouds Might Shed A Ray Of Light On The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

People shovel snow.WATCHLIST
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Looks Like This Winter Will Have Some Weird Weather

Large Hadron ColliderWATCHLIST
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Paper Fully Written By iOS Autocomplete Accepted By Physics Conference

Eurasian wolfWATCHLIST
Mas3cf / CC BY SA 4.0

Norway Plans To Kill Almost 70 Percent Of Its Wolf Population

A snow leopardWATCHLIST
Eric Kilby / CC BY SA 2.0

Snow Leopards Have Farmers On The Hunt For Revenge

In this photo illustration, two young child watch television at home.WATCHLIST
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Step Away From The Screen: Doctors Release New Media Rules For Kids

A oil drilling siteWATCHLIST
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Here's Where Clinton And Trump Fall On Climate Change

The giant panda, Bao Bao, at the Smithsonian's National Zoo.WATCHLIST
Smithsonian's National Zoo

Bao Bao The Giant Panda Is Moving To China This Winter

Side-by-side mages of a big cat, rhinoceros, bat and armadillo, some of the animals threatened by hunting and poaching.WATCHLIST
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Humans Could Hunt 301 Species Of Mammals Into Extinction

A bat hangs upside down near a net of foodWATCHLIST
Tambako The Jaguar / CC BY ND 2.0

A Florida Official Wants To Deploy Bats To Fight Zika

An image of the orbits for known planets in our solar systemWATCHLIST

A Ninth Planet Could Be Tilting Our Solar System

This photomicrograph reveals McCoy cell monolayers with Chlamydia trachomatis inclusion bodies.WATCHLIST
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

STD Rates In The US Are The Highest They've Ever Been

Indian White-backed Vultures (Gyps Bengalensis.) A critically endangered speciesWATCHLIST
Bernard Dupont / CC BY SA 2.0

The Birds That Prey On Dead Animals Are Dying Out Themselves

An artist rendition of the Schiaparelli lander.WATCHLIST
ESA / ATG Media Lab

Turns Out Landing On Mars Is Still Pretty Tricky

Paul Caulford examines Anushka. Anushka, 2, and her mother just arrived to Canada from India.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Ben Schamisso

This Canadian Clinic Treats Uninsured Refugees And Immigrants For Free

A capuchin monkey using a rock hammer.WATCHLIST
Nature / M.Haslam

Capuchins Put A Monkey Wrench In Our Knowledge Of Early Human Tool Use

Newsy's Zach Toombs and Kate Grumke at the Grand CanyonWATCHLIST
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Obama Is Adding National Monuments Like None Before Him

Fall leaves, which have lowered chlorophyll contentWATCHLIST
Newsy / Evan Thomas

What Makes Leaves Change Color Every Fall?

Photo of tomatoes on a vine.WATCHLIST

Here's Why You Shouldn't Store Your Tomatoes In The Fridge

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Bull's-Eye: The Moon Will Cross Taurus Constellation Tuesday Night

Bottles of Pepsi are displayed on a store shelf.WATCHLIST
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PepsiCo Drinks Are About To Get A Lot Less Sugary

Giant panda Jia Jia at the Ocean Park zoo in Hong Kong.WATCHLIST
Nigel Swales / CC BY SA 2.0

The World's Oldest Panda In Captivity Has Died

Mayor Bob Dixson helped rebuild Greensburg, Kansas, on a 100-percent clean energy plan.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Kevin Clancy

Meet The Small Town Destroyed By A Tornado And Rebuilt On Green Energy

Oranges hang on a tree.WATCHLIST
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Right Before Cold And Flu Season, And Florida's Oranges Are Dying

Launch of Shenzhou Rocket XWATCHLIST
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China Has Big Plans For Space Exploration, And The US Is Nervous

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton make aggressive facial expressions at events.WATCHLIST
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Is The Election Stressing You Out? Here's How To Survive Until Nov. 8