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Facts in a man's head

How We Can Immunize Ourselves Against Bogus Information

Researchers say attacking misinformation is like vaccinating against a disease.


A person types at a keyboard

'Data Rescuers' Are Stockpiling A Ton Of US Climate Info

Gov. Jerry Brown speaks about climate change.
Getty Images

Trump's Skeptical View Of Climate Change Means Nothing To California

People in a national forest
Getty Images

Federal Lands May Now Be Easier To Give Away. Here's Why That Matters

Cracks in Mars rock slab

NASA May Have Found More Proof That Mars Once Had Water

Getty Images

Skittles-Coated Highway Seems Like A 'Stranger Things' Episode

A squirrel
Newsy Staff

Squirrels Are Bushy-Tailed National Security Threats

The first sighting of new Mountain Gorilla babies in the family of Kabirizi
Getty Images

The Future Looks Very Grim For More Than Half Of Our Fellow Primates

A chart of the globe with temperature data

World Temperature Continues To Be A Hot Topic For Third Year In A Row

Bears at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia
Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group

Indonesia's Zoos That Aren't 'Decent' Still Might Not Close

A flexible, heart-augmenting robot
Ellen Roche

This Robot Beats Just Like The Heart It's Wrapped Around

16 Psyche asteroid

An Asteroid Possibly Worth $10,000 Quadrillion Is NASA's New Mission

President Barack Obama
Getty Images

Obama Gives $500M To Green Climate Fund Before Trump Takes Office

Gene Cernan in the Lunar Module

Gene Cernan Really Wanted Us To Return To The Moon

Photo of Leonie the zebra shark.
Tourism and Events Queensland

This Zebra Shark Shocked Researchers By Giving Birth Without A Male

A red chili pepper.
Getty Images

Are Peppers Really The Secret To Longer Life?

A stray dog sleeps in a main square in the centre of Athens, Greece.
Getty Images

Cheer Up! Experts Say Blue Monday Isn't Really A Thing

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, in a garden
Getty Images

Prince Charles' New Picture Book Isn't Really For Kids

An plane flies in front of the moon
Getty Images

This Company Wants To Mine The Moon. Now It Has The Money To Get There

Bees in a hive
Getty Images

Backing Off These Pesticide Restrictions Could Be Bad For Bees

A Falcon 9 rocket on the launchpad

Why Rocket Explosions Aren't Dampening SpaceX's Ambitious Plans

African elephants
Getty Images

We're Slowly Cornering Earth's Biggest Animals

Heat levels in a short-circuited lithium-ion battery
Finegan, D. P. et al.

What's Happening When A Lithium-Ion Battery Explodes?

A man holds an EpiPen.
Getty Images

These 2 Major Companies Are Taking A Stand Against The $600 EpiPen

A member of the boxing class prepares to punch the bag
Danny Matteson

The People Who Are Punching Away The Symptoms Of Parkinson's

A molecular knot
Robert W. McGregor

Scientists Tie The Tiniest, Tightest Knot Ever

Palawan in the Philippines
Allan Ascano / CC by 2.0

Nickelodeon Wants To Build An Underwater Theme Park In The Philippines

The Very Large Telescope with Venus, the moon and Jupiter
European Southern Observatory / Yuri Beletsky / CC BY 4.0

Scientists Upgrading Very Large Telescope To Search For Exoplanets

Opioid use next to transplant surgery
Getty Images

Organ Transplants Hit All-Time High — Sadly, It's Because Of Opioids

A St. Jude Medical cardiac stimulator
St. Jude Medical

St. Jude Pacemakers Updated After Flaw Made Them Vulnerable To Hackers

Dog in cage in South Korea.
Jean Chung / Humane Society International

200 Dogs And Puppies Rescued From Dog Meat Farm In South Korea