Cardiac surgeons perform open-heart surgery on nearly-four-year-old Rostislav Sokolov on March 31, 2016 in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Medical Error Kills Almost As Many People As Heart Disease

Two doctors believe changing how we report cause of death could help reduce fatalities from medical errors.



This robotic surgeon did a better job performing surgery on pigs than human experts did.WATCHLIST
Axel Krieger

This Robotic Surgeon Is Better At Surgery Than Its Human Counterparts

Frozen fruits and vegetables were recalled over listeria concerns.WATCHLIST
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Hundreds Of Fruit And Vegetable Products Recalled Over Listeria Fears

Glowing jellyfish captured by NOAA researchers in the Marianas Trench.WATCHLIST
NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

Look At This Glowing Jellyfish Caught On Camera In The Marianas Trench

A second lawsuit implicates Johnson & Johnson.WATCHLIST
Austin Kirk / CC BY 2.0

Johnson & Johnson Loses More Ground In Talc-Powder Cancer Case

Ion thrusters could help humans get to Mars.WATCHLIST

The Deep-Space Engines That Could One Day Take Us Past Mars

An image of a breast cancer cell.WATCHLIST
National Cancer Institute

Researchers Have Identified The Genes That Lead To Breast Cancer

A new campaign from the FDA urges LGBT young adults to quit smoking.WATCHLIST
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Here's Why The FDA's New $35.7M Ad Campaign Targets LGBT Members

A contestant exercises on NBC's 'The Biggest Loser'WATCHLIST
NBC / Tyler Golden

Study Finds Out Why Some 'Biggest Loser' Contestants Can't Stay Fit

An artist's rendering of the ultracool dwarf star, as seen from one of the newly discovered planets.WATCHLIST
ESO / M. Kornmesser

We Just Got (A Lot) Closer To Finding Life On Other Planets

Jennifer McClain's daughter died from a rare brain-eating amoeba.WATCHLIST

A Grieving Mother Wants To Warn You About This Rare But Deadly Amoeba

An image of one the lions rescued and moved to South Africa.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

Over 30 Rescued Circus Lions Are Moving Into A 12,000-Acre Sanctuary

Kenya's ivory burn.WATCHLIST
Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya Sends Ivory Poachers A 105-Ton, Burning Message

A performer rides an elephant during a live perfomance of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Scott Wintrow

Ringling Bros. Elephants Quit Showbiz, Join The Fight Against Cancer

SpaceX wants to reach Mars with its Dragon capsules by 2018.WATCHLIST

Just How Ambitious Are SpaceX's Mars Plans?

A brilliant green aurora borealis is caught in the reflection of a lake.WATCHLIST
Flickr / Roderick Eime / CC BY 2.0

The Northern US Might See A Rare Aurora Borealis

A weasel that was not involved in the incident.WATCHLIST
Peter Trimming / CC BY 2.0

Tiny Weasel Accused Of Shutting Down Big, Expensive Science Machine

Screenshot of the eagles eating a cat in their nest.WATCHLIST
Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania

A Family Of Bald Eagles Ate A Cat For Dinner On A Live Webcam

An image of a baby's feet.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Christopher Furlong

Teen Birth Rates In The US Hit All-Time Low

SpaceX says it hopes to send a probe to Mars as soon as 2018.WATCHLIST
Twitter / @SpaceX

SpaceX Is Getting Serious About Going To Mars

A woman runs along the foreshore at Sydney Harbour in Australia.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Mark Kolbe

Got A Minute? Your Workout Might Not Need To Be Much Longer

Humane Society International rescued dogs from a South Korean meat farm.WATCHLIST
Humane Society International

Dogs Rescued From Meat Farm Coming To US In Search Of Forever Homes

A mother talks to a childWATCHLIST
Lubomir Simek / CC BY 2.0

Yet Another Study Confirms That Spanking Is Bad For Your Kids

A girl hugs her dog on the first day of a dog show at the National Exhibition Centre.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Carl Court

Sorry, Your Dog Doesn't Want To Be Hugged

Peacocks shake their feathers during courtship displays to catch the eye of potential mates.WATCHLIST
Roslyn Dankin / PLOS One

High-Speed Cameras Capture Exactly How Peacocks Strut Their Stuff

Pedestrians cross the street at a busy intersection on the West Side of Manhattan on September 29, 2014 in New York City.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

City Streets Can Do More To Fight Climate Change

This artist's concept shows the distant dwarf planet Makemake and its newly discovered moon.WATCHLIST

Scientists Discover Pluto's 'Little Sister' Makemake Has Its Own Moon

EEG headsets like this one can interpret mental commands to control drones.WATCHLIST
Coöperatie SURF / CC BY 3.0

Think Mind Control Is Science Fiction? Think Again

Pharmacist Howard Brooker fills a prescription at Adams Discount Pharmacy in Glenside, Pennsylvania.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / William Thomas Cain

This Commonly Prescribed Drug Could Help Treat Autism

An image of a child playing piano keys.WATCHLIST
pedrobonatto / CC BY 2.0

Babies Who've Got Rhythm Might Have An Easier Time Learning Languages

A man smokes an e-cigarette.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

The CDC Says Ads Are Encouraging Teens To Smoke E-Cigarettes