President Donald Trump speaks to reporters.

Obamacare Covers More People Than President Trump Says It Does

President Trump's comments at CPAC misrepresent the impact Obamacare has had on Americans.



NASA Needs Your Help Naming Geography On Pluto And Its Moons

Cave drawing of a bull
Claude Valette

This Modern Art Technique Is Actually 38,000 Years Old

Donald Trump
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These Skeptics Are Asking Trump To Pull Out Of A UN Climate Agreement

Lake Oroville in 2014 (left) and 2011 (right)
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California Is Nearly Drought-Free — A Huge Change From A Year Ago

A school bus
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Children Breathe Dangerous Pollution At Almost 8,000 Public Schools

Spiral galaxy

How You — Yes, You — Can Help Find New Planets And More

Hunter reloading gun
PJ Nelson / CC BY SA 3.0

There's A Battle Brewing Over Bullets

Feral pig
Richard Bartz / CC by 2.5

Texas Is Apparently Dealing With An Out-Of-Control Hog Problem

A bumblebee
Skitterphoto / CC0

Bumblebees Are Better Problem Solvers Than We Thought

An artist's conception of the planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1.

In A Way, NASA's Latest Discovery Is Special Because It's Not

Fruit and vegetables
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You Should Be Eating Way More Fruits And Veggies Than You Think

A fire at a Standing Rock protest camp
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North Dakota Evacuates Standing Rock Protest Camp

Nikola Motor Company has been working on the Nikola One, a zero-emission 18-wheeler that gets a range of up to 1,200 miles.
Nikola Motor Company

Electric Is The Future For Semis, Garbage Trucks And Buses

SpaceX Dragon ship

SpaceX Tried (And Failed) To Dock Its Cargo Pod On The ISS

A member of the Irish Army and a rhododendron
Defence Forces Ireland, Ronnie / CC BY 2.0

Ireland's Flowers Are So Bad 1 Politician Wants The Army To Help

Planet facing star

NASA Announces 7 New Planets

Dolly the sheep
Geni / CC BY 2.0

Since Dolly The Sheep, We're More OK With Cloning — Just Not Humans

An Asian Tiger mosquito feeds from the blood from a person.
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A Mosquito-Spit Vaccine Could Protect You From Multiple Diseases

Baby in a bed
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Good News: Life Expectancy Could Increase In 35 Countries

Pump jacks and wells where gas and oil are extracted using fracking
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Fracking Study: Scientists Say More Uniform Spill Reporting Needed

Scott Pruitt speaks to the EPA
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New EPA Head Tells Employees To 'Avoid Abuses' In Regulating Process

Model wearing leggings made from water bottles
Girlfriend Collective

A New Way To Save The Planet? Leggings Made From Water Bottles

Forest elephants in Africa
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Richard Ruggiero

Protected Land Isn't Keeping African Forest Elephants Safe

High definition of Pluto's surface

NASA Scientists Want To Make Pluto Great — Er, A Planet Again

A view of Pampeian olive oil on display
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Drought, Floods And Bacteria Are Leading To An Olive Oil Shortage

Bao Bao the giant panda
Smithsonian National Zoo

Are Conservation Efforts Really Saving Pandas?

A panda cub
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Where To Go To See A Giant Panda In The US

A woman holds her grandson in South Sudan.
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UN Declares 'Man-Made' Famine In South Sudan Amid Conflict, Inflation

Flint, Michigan
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Flint Water Might've Made People Sick Again, But Not From Lead

Scott Pruitt, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency
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Trump's New EPA Head Is In The Middle Of An Email Controversy