Mosquitoes are tested in a lab.

The First Cases Of Locally Transmitted Zika Are Confirmed In Florida

More than 1,600 cases have been reported in the continental U.S. alone.



An illustration of a workout supplement.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Andrew Lawler

The Strange, Dangerous Truth About Dietary And Workout Supplements

A image taken from a Durham University video of the experiment.WATCHLIST
Durham University

An Orangutan Was Able To Learn, And Mimic, Human Speech

A photo of the Delta Aquarid meteor showerWATCHLIST
Mike Lewinsky / CC BY 2.0

Our Summer Of Meteor Showers Begins Thursday Night

Apollo 12 AstronautsWATCHLIST

Apollo Astronauts' Health Issues Reveal A Hurdle To Deep-Space Travel

A man donates blood.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Tim Boyle

FDA Mulls A Change To Its Policy Against Some Gay Men Donating Blood

A man blows vapor from an e-cigarette.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Just Because E-Cigs Are Better For You Doesn't Mean They're Healthy

A patient gets a nasal swab from a doctor.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Mario Villafuerte

An Antibiotic Found In Our Noses Fights MRSA

Jupiter's Great Red SpotWATCHLIST

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is So Loud It Heats Up The Planet

Singer and actor Johnny Ruffo does the ice bucket challenge during Sydney Racing at Royal Randwick Racecourse.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Anthony Johnson

The Ice Bucket Challenge Funded A Major ALS Gene Breakthrough

Cloned sheep Daisy, Debbie, Denise and Diana stand in a fieldWATCHLIST
University of Nottingham

Why It Matters That Dolly The Sheep's Cloned 'Sisters' Are Healthier

Collage of older peopleWATCHLIST

We Might Stop Growing As We Age, But Our Ears Don't

Aquanauts in white suits with silver air tanks pose outside a brown undersea research lab with two people posing inside.WATCHLIST
NASA / Karl Shreeves

NASA's Training For Deep Space Means Living In The Deep Sea First

Bertrand Piccard, welcoming Solar Impulse 2.WATCHLIST
Christophe Chammartin / SI2 via Getty Images

This Solar-Powered Plane FINALLY Made It Around The World

A rat sits on a barrel.WATCHLIST
Bayer CropScience UK

New Zealand Has 34 Years To Get Rid Of Rats

Fire workers pull people during flooding in July.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / VCG

Death And Destruction: China's Flooding Problem Strikes Again

a Marijuana plantWATCHLIST
Brett Levin / CC BY 2.0

Colorado Town Can Exhale: Water Tested Negative For THC

U.S. Department of Energy

Chinese Scientists Will Be First To Use CRISPR Gene Editing On Humans

A Great White Shark is attracted by a lure on the 'Shark Lady Adventure Tour' in South Africa.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

A Dying Breed: Why South Africa's Great White Sharks Are Disappearing

Cody LaGrow alongside Stephanie Mansour.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Lindsay Gloor

Asking For A Friend: How Do I Fix 'Skinny Fat'?

A volunteer medic patrols the streets in Cleveland.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Melissa Prax

These Volunteer Medics Care About People, Not Party Affiliation

Prince Harry speaks at the 2016 International AIDS Conference in South Africa.WATCHLIST
International AIDS Society / Abhi Indrarajan

Prince Harry Continues Princess Diana's Fight Against HIV And AIDS

A plate of hot dogs sit on a table.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / David Paul Morris

Look Out Before You Cook Out: 372,000 Pounds Of Hot Dogs Recalled

A no smoking sign.WATCHLIST
Ken Hawkins / CC BY 2.0

Should Cigarettes In Movies Spark An R Rating?

A worker cleans at the RNC.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / John Moore

Because Things Weren't Dicey Enough At The RNC, Now There's Norovirus

A full moon.WATCHLIST
Yoshikazu Takada / CC by 2.0

July's Full Moon Has An Interesting Name — And History

A hummingbird sits on a branch.WATCHLIST
University of British Columbia

Why Flying 30 MPH Doesn't Spell Disaster For Hummingbirds

An animated portion of the MeerKAT telescope, a portion of the upcoming Square Kilometre Array.WATCHLIST
Square Kilometre Array

There Are A LOT More Galaxies Than We Previously Thought Existed

A blonde girl wearing a pink and black shirt and jean shorts sits at a black computer in a library.WATCHLIST

Is Social Media Harming Kids' Moral Development? UK Parents Think So

Health officials in England are urging people to wash their salad after a deadly E. coli outbreak.WATCHLIST
Michael Stern / CC BY SA 2.0

Deadly E. Coli Outbreak Is A Reminder To Wash Your Salad Mix

A general view of All Souls College in Oxford city centre as Oxford University commences its academic year in 2009.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Oli Scarff

Brexit May Risk Britain's Health And Science Research