A boy who lost his leg during the war in Syria.

6 Years Into The War, Syrian Children Faced Their Worst Year Yet

Last year saw 20 percent more child deaths than 2015.

  Middle East

Protestors demonstrate against President Trump's travel ban
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Judge Who Blocked The First Travel Ban Won't Block The Second ... Yet

General Joseph Votel
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General Claims Responsibility For Raid That Killed Navy SEAL

Palestinian protesters hold placards during a demonstration at the Israeli separation barrier
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Israel Has A Travel Ban, Too

A map shows various zones of control in Syria's northern region.
Newsy / Danny Matteson

The Map That Shows How Complicated Syria's Front Lines Are

Practice raid
U.S. Navy

US Officials Disagree On Whether Yemen Raid Yielded Intel Or Not

An Israeli soldier with a flag
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Human Rights Watch Researcher Denied Entry Into Israel — Again

Russian President Vladimir Putin
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US Says Russia Bombed Syrian Fighters. Russia Says That Never Happened

A child in Gaza with Cancer
Palestine Children's Relief Fund

Gaza's Residents Struggle To Get Out — Even For Cancer Treatment

Iraqi army soldiers hold flags.
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The Iraqi Air Force Is Taking The Fight To ISIS In Syria

Palestinian woman walking past a barricade at Israeli settlement and Palestinian neighborhood
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Israel And Palestine's 2-State Solution Explained

Soldiers at the scene of Abdel Fattah al-Sharif's death.

Israeli Soldier Gets 18 Months In Extrajudicial Killing Of Palestinian

US Defense Secretary James Mattis
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Defense Sec. Mattis Visits Baghdad, Says US Won't Take Iraqi Oil

Civilians hold a white flag as they pass an Iraqi Army Armoured Ninth Division tank
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Update In Iraq: Armed Forces Move To Take Rest Of Mosul, Evict ISIS

A soldier on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border
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Pakistan Targets Militants, Closes Afghan Border After Terror Attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump
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Trump Refuses To Openly Support Or Oppose A Two-State Solution

U.S. President Donald Trump
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Trump Promised The Most Pro-Israel Presidency Ever. Can He Deliver?

A drone that can carry a person
Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai

People In This City Could Be Flying In Autonomous Aerial Vehicles Soon

Before and after photos of Palmyra ruins destroyed by ISIS
Russian Defense Ministry

ISIS Destroys More Ancient Ruins After Retaking Syrian City

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Kremlin.ru CC By 4.0

Syrian President Says Some Refugees Are Terrorists But Offers No Proof

Navy Seals conduct a training exercise
U.S. Navy

Yemen Wants The US To 'Reassess' Deadly Raid

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on the second day of the Democratic National Convention.
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Tulsi Gabbard Still Hasn't Been Fully Transparent About Syria Visit

Donald Trump
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The US Has Issued New Sanctions On Iran After A Ballistic Missile Test

President Donald Trump
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Trump Changes Tone, Tells Israel To Stop With The Settlements

General Michael Flynn
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Trump Administration Puts Iran 'On Notice'

Israeli police force a man to move from a settlement
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Israel Forcibly Removes Settlers Days After Planning More Construction

Refugee children play in front of a camp shelter
Better Shelter

This Shelter Has Brought Safe Living To Thousands

The Pentagon
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US Service Member Dies In Raid Against Al-Qaeda In Yemen

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
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Iran Responds To Trump's Ban With A Ban Of Its Own

A U.S. fighter jet
U.S. Department of Defense

US Says It's Not Working With Russia In Syria — Yet

Flowers and candles are placed outside the Reina nightclub in Istanbul.
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Suspect In The Istanbul New Year's Eve Nightclub Attack Confesses