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Donald Trump and Swedish flag

Trump Clarifies 'What's Happening' In Sweden

After mentioning Sweden during a campaign-style rally, Trump later said he referenced the country after seeing a segment on Fox News.


Angela Merkel
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Germany Says It Wants To Bump Up Its Defense Spending — Eventually

England's new polymer £5 note.
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The Bank Of England Won't Change Its New Currency To Be Vegan-Friendly

Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy"
Saliko / CC by 3.0

Tome Raider: Thieves Steal Millions Of Dollars' Worth Of Antique Books

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
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Russia Tests Trump With Treaty-Violating Missile Deployment

Jan Böehmermann attends the German Television Award.
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A German Comedian Can't Read His Dirty Poem Thanks To An 1800s Law

Hands type on a computer keyboard.

France Struck Down A Ban On Consulting 'Terrorist Websites'

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
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GOP Rep. Says Macedonia 'Is Not A Country.' Macedonia Isn't Thrilled.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Russia Lightens Punishments For Some Domestic Violence Offenses

Queen Elizabeth II
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Here's Some Perspective On Just How Long Elizabeth II Has Been Queen

French presidential candidate François Fillon
François Fillon

French Presidential Hopeful Admits He Shouldn't Have Hired His Wife

Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu
Government of Romania

Romanians Continue To Protest, Seek Government Resignations Next

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons
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The UK Commons Speaker Doesn't Want Trump Addressing Parliament

Queen Elizabeth
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Queen Elizabeth: The Woman Who Was Never Supposed To Be Queen

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.
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France's Rising Political Star Wants America's Best Minds

Alexandra Kutas at a runway show in Ukraine
Ulyana Pashkova

Ukraine's First Model In A Wheelchair Finally Gets A Runway Debut

President Trump and a European Union flag
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America First, Europe Second: TV Comics Pitch Trump Their Countries

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik
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Former Norwegian Prime Minister Detained Due To Trump's Travel Ban

Police outside Louvre after machete-wielding attacker shot
Twitter / @Place_Beauvau

French Soldier Shoots Machete-Wielding Attacker Near The Louvre

Ukrainian National Guard members
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The Ukrainian Conflict Is Still Ongoing, And Getting Worse

The Paris skyline
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France Is Saying Bye-Bye To Free Soda Refills

Protesters hold signs.
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Outrage Over Immigration Ban Makes Its Way To UK Parliament

Refugee children play in front of a camp shelter
Better Shelter

This Shelter Has Brought Safe Living To Thousands

President Donald Trump displays an executive order he signed.
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Berlin's Mayor Urges Trump To Rethink The US Southern Border Wall

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and President Donald Trump
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Trump Teases Theresa May After Getting A Tough Question

Donald Trump addresses a campaign rally.
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Germany Legalizes Insulting Foreign Leaders As Trump Takes Office

NS CEO strapped to a moving windmill
Youtube / NS

Dutch CEO Strapped Himself To A Windmill To Make This Announcement

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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The UK Parliament Will Get A Chance To Weigh In On Brexit

An Eritrean woman stands in a refugee camp
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UK Downplayed The Severity Of This Conflict To Avoid Taking People In

The submarine HMS Vengence
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UK Government Covered Up Failed Nuclear Missile Test

A robot face
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Robots Could Soon Be Considered People ... Kind Of