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Sen. Pat Roberts

One Senator To Another: I've Got A Valium Pill Here You Can Take

During a confirmation hearing Thursday, the bickering among senators started early.


Rep. Steve King
Getty Images

Rep. Steve King: John Lewis Hasn't Contributed Since Civil Rights Work

Rep. Tom Price at Trump Tower
Getty Images

Trump Appointee Denies Writing Laws To Help Companies He Has Stock In

Representative John Lewis
Getty Images

Rep. John Lewis Doesn't Think Trump Is 'A Legitimate President'

Sen. Jeff Sessions
Getty Images

Trump's DOJ Pick Backs Off Muslim Ban And Waterboarding

President-elect Donald Trump and his pick for attorney general, Jeff Sessions.
Getty Images

Trump's Justice Dept. Pick Would Recuse Himself From Any Clinton Probe

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan
Getty Images

Paul Ryan Pitches His Tax Reform Plans To Donald Trump's Team

Florida ACA center
Getty Images

GOP Starts To Split On Obamacare: Repeal & Delay Vs. Repeal & Replace

Sen. Elizabeth Warren acknowledges the crowd
Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Stay In The Senate To Fight Trump

Sen. Joe Manchin
Getty Images

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin Gives Trump's EPA Pick A Thumbs Up

A soldier stands guard
U.S. Marine Corps

GOP Bill To Cut Embassy Security Unless US Embassy Moves To Jerusalem

The 115th Congress is sworn in
Getty Images

GOP Revives Rule That Could Slash Federal Workers' Pay

House Speaker Paul Ryan
Getty Images

Paul Ryan Says GOP Will Defund Planned Parenthood Along With Obamacare

Bernie Sanders in the Senate.

Bernie Sanders Brought A Giant Trump Tweet To Congress To Make A Point

A computer showing the website
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Repealing Obamacare: What It Could Cost And What It Could Save

Members of the 115th Congress take their oath of office
Getty Images

Republicans Propose A Constitutional Amendment For Term Limits

A member of government places his hand on a Bible.
Getty Images

What Congress Might Lack Most Are Those Who Lack Religion

An Obamacare sign is seen on the UniVista Insurance company office
Getty Images

GOP Moves To Defund Obamacare; Democrats Can't Block It

Incoming members of Congress pose on the steps of the Capitol
Getty Images

House GOP Backtracks On Changes To Independent Ethics Review Office

Harry Reid
Getty Images

Sen. Harry Reid Slams DNC As 'Worthless'

Prescription drugs.
Getty Images

The Senate Is Fighting Against 'Monopoly Business' From Drug Companies

Nevada driver's licenses.
Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Is Your Driver's License Real Enough For The TSA?

A sign at a Mobil gas station.
Getty Images

Senate Recess Could Be Good News For Exxon Mobil (And Russia)

Donald Trump
Getty Images

Russian Hacking Is Creating A Fissure Between Trump And Some Lawmakers

Joe Manchin addresses members of the United Miner Workers of America.
Getty Images

The Senate Dodged A Government Shutdown Over Coal Miner Benefits

A oal miner holds a handful of coal.
Getty Images

A Fight Over Coal Miners Could Shut Down The Government

Senator Harry Reid and Senator Mitch McConnell
Getty Images

Retiring Sen. Harry Reid Admits He Doesn't Hate Mitch McConnell

Former astronaut John Glenn

John Glenn, Astronaut And Former US Senator, Dies At Age 95

A line of voters
Getty Images

Why Democrats Are Focused On Louisiana's U.S. Senate Race

Pills being counted
Getty Images

House Passes Cures Act And Obama Administration Supports It

President-elect Donald Trump
Getty Images

Republican-Led Congress And Trump Agree On Their First Steps — Sort Of