A coal- and garbage-burning power plant

The United Kingdom Proves It Doesn't Need To Rely On Coal Power

The United Kingdom went a full day without using coal power, a big step in its attempt to phase it out entirely.

  Climate Change

Dried-up river bed
University of Washington

A Shrinking Glacier In Canada Made A River Disappear

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt
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Trump Administration Could Reverse America's Course On Climate Change

Activists painted the message "Reef in danger" on the side of coal ship in Australia.
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A Suffering Great Barrier Reef Could Hurt Australia's Economy

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Climate Change Could Make Transatlantic Flights Really, Really Bumpy

Bleached Coral
Oregon State University / CC BY SA 2.0

To Save The Great Barrier Reef, Australia Might Try Cooling It Off

Coal plant
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CO2 Levels Could Hit A 50-Million-Year High Within Decades

A coal power plant in the United Kingdom.
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EU Energy Companies Make A Major Promise To Curb Coal Use

Energy Secretary Rick Perry
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Department Of Energy Might Stop Talking About Climate Change

A municipal power plant in California.
U.S. Department of Energy

The US Will Battle Climate Change Without Washington's Help

President Donald Trump
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Trump Will Sign Executive Order To Undo Obama Power Plant Regulations

Earth as seen from space

There's Little Room In Trump's Budget For Climate Science

An iceberg
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Natural Causes Could Be Partly Responsible For Record Low Sea Ice

Part of glacier breaking off and falling into the ocean
Schmid-Reportagen / CC BY 3.0

What You May Not Know About The Climate Change Basics

Great Barrier Reef
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2016 Was A Bad Year For The Great Barrier Reef. 2017 Could Be Worse


Can Potatoes Really Grow On Mars?

Scott Pruitt
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EPA Chief Says Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Climate Change

Coal plant
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Cuts In Coal Helped Lower UK Emissions To 1890s Levels

A boat frozen in ice

NASA Is Studying Greenland To Put A Timeline On Sea Level Rise

A city covered in smog
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Asian Pollution Contributes To US Smog Increase Despite Emission Cuts

The Sand Fire in California
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Lightning Isn't The Big Cause Of Wildfires - Humans Are

snow on ski slopes
Archiv SLF

The Northern Hemisphere Is Getting Less Snow, And That's A Big Problem

Earth as seen from orbit
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

A Warming Climate Will Make It Harder To Stay Healthy

Oil drill
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Sure, Nature Changes The Climate, But Not Nearly As Much As Humans Do

Antarctic ice and glaciers viewed from space
NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/C. Starr

What Melting Arctic Ice Sheets Could Do To The World's Ocean Currents

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.
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France's Rising Political Star Wants America's Best Minds

Podium with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, logo
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Al Gore Is Making Sure The CDC's Climate Change Conference Happens

Wind turbines at an offshore wind farm
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New York Just Approved The Nation's Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Donald Trump
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Clean Energy Or Fossil Fuels? The President And The Country Disagree

A person types at a keyboard

'Data Rescuers' Are Stockpiling A Ton Of US Climate Info

Gov. Jerry Brown speaks about climate change.
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Trump's Skeptical View Of Climate Change Means Nothing To California