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Skittles-Coated Highway Seems Like A 'Stranger Things' Episode

Thousands of red Skittles fell off a pickup truck and covered a Wisconsin highway in candy-coated confections.


A squirrel
Newsy Staff

Squirrels Are Bushy-Tailed National Security Threats

The first sighting of new Mountain Gorilla babies in the family of Kabirizi
Getty Images

The Future Looks Very Grim For More Than Half Of Our Fellow Primates

Bears at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia
Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group

Indonesia's Zoos That Aren't 'Decent' Still Might Not Close

Photo of Leonie the zebra shark.
Tourism and Events Queensland

This Zebra Shark Shocked Researchers By Giving Birth Without A Male

African elephants
Getty Images

We're Slowly Cornering Earth's Biggest Animals

Dog in cage in South Korea.
Jean Chung / Humane Society International

200 Dogs And Puppies Rescued From Dog Meat Farm In South Korea

Bleached coral
Oregon State University / CC BY SA 2.0

The Paris Climate Agreement Probably Isn't Enough To Save Coral Reefs

SeaWorld orcas
Getty Images

SeaWorld San Diego's Orca Show Isn't Ending — It's Being Replaced

Killer whale 'Tilikum' performing at SeaWorld
Getty Images

The Famous SeaWorld Killer Whale Tilikum Has Died

US Sailors and a Navy dolphin
U.S. Navy

US Navy Dolphins Have A New Mission: To Help An Endangered Species

Illegal ivory seized in Hong Kong
Getty Images

China Is Getting Rid Of Its Ivory Trade

Pangolin curled up
Wildlife Alliance / CC BY SA 2.0

China Announces Largest-Ever Pangolin Smuggling Bust

A cheetah sits under a tree.
Getty Images

Cheetahs Are Dangerously Close To Becoming Extinct

Ivory tusks
Getty Images

Hong Kong Really Wants To Get Rid Of Its Ivory Trade

An image of a "Ziggy Stardust" snake.
Alexander Teynié

The 'Ziggy Stardust' Snake Is One Of Many Newly Discovered Species

A Colorado mule deer
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado's $4.5M Plan To Save Mule Deer Involves Killing Predators

Two pandas play together.
Getty Images

The US And World Took Key Steps For Animal Conservation In 2016

Macaque monkeys
Getty Images

Monkeys Could Talk If They Had The Brains — But It Would Sound Creepy

An illustration of a feathery dinosaur
Chung-tat Cheung and Yi Liu

In Case You Forgot, Dinosaurs Were Actually Feathery

Two giraffes
Getty Images

Giraffes Are Under Threat Of Extinction

Polar bears
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Climate Change Is Melting Away Polar Bears' Chance Of Survival

Reindeer pulling a sled
Twitter / @dominos_JP

Domino's Tries (And Fails) To Deliver Pizza Via Reindeer In Japan

Bei Bei the panda.
Smithsonian National Zoo

The National Zoo's Baby Panda Is Recovering From Lifesaving Surgery

Bo and Sunny, the Obama family dogs
The White House

Should President-Elect Trump Get A Pet?

Daschund cross puppy sad eyes
Getty Images

Your Dog Might Remember A Whole Lot More Than You Think

Birds on ice
Getty Images

Seabird Poop Could Help Save Arctic Sea Ice

Harambe the gorilla
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Zoo's Gorilla Barrier Didn't Meet Standards When Harambe Died

An origami elephant
Wildlife Conservation Society

Origami Might Actually Help Save Elephants

Workers cleaning a fish die-off in California.
Getty Images

When Animals Die In Masses, It's Freaky — But Not Unnatural

Pizza, a polar bear living in a Chinese mall.
The Humane Society of the United States

'World's Saddest Polar Bear' Gets A Break From Chinese Mall