Turkey's 30-Day Detention Period Raises More Eyebrows After Coup

Turkey's 30-Day Detention Period Raises More Eyebrows After Coup
Suspects can now be held without charges for 30 days. Some have questioned how the government is so prepared for the aftermath of the coup attempt.

Turkey's president has extended the period in which suspects can be detained without charges to 30 days.

That's further raised questions over whether Turkey was waiting for the attempt to overthrow the government — or at least, very well prepared for it.

The move comes in response to the attempted coup earlier this month. A group of militants and other officials tried to reclaim Istanbul and Ankara by force but failed.

Shortly after the attempt, Turkish officials dismissed more than 15,000 education workers and banned travel for academics.

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Some are asking how potential traitors were identified so quickly. The New York Times reports Turkish officials have been preparing these moves for years fearing a rebellion from factions inside the government.

The European Union's Johannes Hahn told The Atlantic he suspects a list was prepared before the uprising.

More than 1,000 private schools have also been shut down in an attempt to purge suspected traitors of Turkey's government. Those schools are linked to the cleric whom President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused of planning the coup.

This video includes clips from CNN, the European Commission and HABERTURK and images from Friends of Europe.