Trump Makes Moves Toward Transparency, But Are They Working?

Trump Makes Moves Toward Transparency, But Are They Working?
Donald Trump spoke to Dr. Mehmet Oz about his health, but many still say his transparency leaves something to be desired.

It seems as though Donald Trump's campaign is making an effort to appear more transparent to the public — but is it working?

Many say, not really. Trump is still facing criticism for a lack of transparency, despite the calculated release of information from his campaign in recent weeks.

The latest disclosure includes Trump's medical records, which have been a topic of interest for both presidential nominees for several months.

"Why not share your medical records?" Dr. Mehmet Oz said

Trump replied, "Well, I have really no problem in doing it. I have it right here. Should I do it?"

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But that paper he pulled out wasn't exactly comprehensive. Trump said it was two pages of tests done recently and a report from Lenox Hill Hospital.

Before now, the only other details released about Trump's health were from his physician Harold Bornstein. In August, Bornstein said in a four-paragraph letter that Trump's health was "astonishingly excellent."

Bornstein later said he only took five minutes to write that clean bill of health, and a Trump car was waiting outside while he penned the note.

Trump's appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show" came shortly after his wife, Melania, released a letter from her immigration attorney denouncing suspicions that she worked in the country illegally in 1995.

Still, neither release appears to have done much to ease concerns about transparency in the Trump campaign. Trump still refuses to release any information on his tax returns, making him the first candidate "in decades" to refuse to release that information.

And NBC deemed the Republican candidate "the least transparent presidential nominee in modern times."