Swings, D&D And Little People Are Now In The Toy Hall Of Fame

Swings, D&D And Little People Are Now In The Toy Hall Of Fame
The Strong National Museum of Play inducted three new toys into its hall of fame this year.

The Strong National Museum of Play in New York has been doing the important work of deciding which toys are the best toys.

The museum's toy hall of fame just held its latest inauguration ceremony to welcome three new toys to the history books: swings, Fisher-Price Little People and Dungeons & Dragons.

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It's fairly easy to make a case for swings.: The technology's been around for centuries. The simple and accessible device gave families in urban areas a valuable outlet for play during the 1900s. Plus, it actually requires kids to go outside and get some exercise.

Fisher-Price's Little People line of toys caters to very young children, giving them chunky replicas of real-world scenarios to play with. The toys have been helping young kids exercise their imaginations for over 50 years.

In contrast, Dungeons & Dragons often attracts a more grown-up audience. The original game of dice-rolling and storytelling has been crafting fantasies for the young and old since the '70s.

It's also inspired a genre of similar tabletop games and paved the way for several successful video games.

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Left off the list this time: Care Bears, Transformers and Nerf weapons. Better luck next time.