These Volunteer Medics Care About People, Not Party Affiliation

These Volunteer Medics Care About People, Not Party Affiliation
After the Republican National Convention ends, these volunteers will still be treating those in need.

Political divides aren't stopping these volunteer medics from helping those in need.

"We all need to treat each other with respect and dignity and kindness, and help each other out, regardless of what our belief systems are," said RNC street medic trainer Delyla Wilson. 

People like street medic trainer Delyla Wilson are at the conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia training local volunteers to provide basic care.

"Our goal as medics is to humanize a situation that can be very dehumanizing," Wilson said.

Volunteer medics wander the protests, handing out fluids or providing minor care.

But it's also an effort to leave a lasting impression on the communities — like opening a weeklong wellness center for the Republican National Convention. The center helps those who can't afford medical treatment or can't see a doctor.

"If they get sick or injured, we want to be there to help them in places where our current health care system does not provide," Wilson said.

And after everyone leaves the conventions, the volunteer medics will still be helping others.

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