Tech Today: Instagram Views, Valentine's Day On Skype, Bricked Phones

Tech Today: Instagram Views, Valentine's Day On Skype, Bricked Phones
Instagram will start keeping track of video views, Skype offers up Valentine's Day greetings and we warn you against bricking your iOS device.

Hello, all. Mikah Sargent here for Newsy, and we've got a few tech headlines for you today. You might not like this first one.

Instagram is replacing likes with view counts on videos you share on the social network. If you want to keep track of your likes, you'll have to tap on the view count area. The company says it made the change because views are the expected form of feedback for videos.

If you're connecting with loved ones over Skype this Valentine's Day, you're in luck: The service has worked up a way to send out "love-themed" messages.

Videos with floating hearts, animated emoticons and musical compositions by Paul McCartney are a few of the options Skype offers.

Our advice: A handwritten card will always beat a digital one.

Our other advice: Maybe don't try anything that others warn could result in a bricked phone.

There's a post going around that warns setting back the date on your iOS device to January 1, 1970 will make it impossible to reboot your phone. There's clearly some sort of glitch in the system that has not-so-fond memories of 1970.

So do the right thing: Don't make your phone relive 1970 and don't try to brick your device. For Newsy, I'm Mikah Sargent.