Snapchat Aims For Growth With Silly Filters And Paid Replays

Snapchat Aims For Growth With Silly Filters And Paid Replays
If paid replays, silly filters and a trophy case get people to stay on Snapchat longer, the app's latest update could help it bring in more revenue.

Snapchat is bringing paid features to its previously all-free app, and while that's bound to get pushback from some users, it's also adding free stuff to sweeten the deal. 

The company announced U.S. snappers will be able to buy extra replays at 99 cents per 3 additional views. But you can only replay any single snap one additional time. (Video via Snapchat)

The change is pretty clearly aimed at increasing revenue for the company. (Video via Snapchat)

Obviously, if people decide paying for more replays is worth it, that's an entirely new stream of income. And a new trophy case could help drive more traffic to the app. (Video via Snapchat)

The trophy case gives you markers for different things you do in the app. The Next Web points out the trophy case mysteriously appeared and then disappeared in some August app updates.

And that traffic could lead to even more income through ad dollars. A writer for the Los Angeles Times suggested the trophies feature could be making way for sponsored app-incentives.

And judging by the new Target inspired nerd filter, we wouldn't be surprised.

Part of the new stuff for Snapchat users is an interactive filters feature called Lenses that gives more options for personalizing snaps. 

We don't just have Snapchat to thank for the technology. 

TechCrunch confirmed Snapchat acquired the video chat app Looksery after that app disappeared from the App Store the same day Snapchat rolled out its updates.

Looksery let people add advanced filters to video chats in real time and got some of it's original funding from a Kickstarter campaign in 2014. 

If it helps keep people on the app for longer, the acquisition could be a smart move for Snapchat.

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