Scientists Trapped In Russian Weather Station By Polar Bears

Scientists Trapped In Russian Weather Station By Polar Bears
Three researchers are stuck inside a weather station in northern Russia because of ... polar bears?

Imagine not being able to leave work because of polar bears.

That's what happened to a group of researchers in northern Russia.

Two meteorologists and an engineer were leaving a remote weather station on the island of Vaygach in the Arctic Sea to do field work when they spotted five polar bears that settled close to the building earlier in the week. 

One meteorologist told the World Wide Fund for Nature in Russia, the bears have been aggressive with each other and "recently grappled, fighting near the house."

They tried to spook the bears away with flares, but that didn't work. So, with no other options, the researchers say they are trapped and need help. (Video via BBC)

It's rare for polar bears to attack humans because they live in very remote areas. But according to the conservation organization Polar Bears International, attacks on humans are increasing because of dwindling sea ice. (Video via National Geographic and Polar Bears International

 "Many sea ice dependent animals such as polar bears and walrus are losing habitat."

Scientists say two-thirds of the polar bear population could disappear due to the Arctic's temperature changes. (Video via Polar Bears International)

The WWF reports the Russian government is sending help and equipment for the researchers. 

This video includes images from Getty Images.