How Tiny Houses Could Get Veterans Off The Streets

How Tiny Houses Could Get Veterans Off The Streets
A nonprofit is building tiny houses for veterans in Kansas City, Missouri.

Tiny houses could fix a much larger problem: veteran homelessness. 

Veterans Community Project is a nonprofit in Kansas City, Missouri, that's building a tiny house community just for veterans. 

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The nonprofit was started by two veterans who wanted to make a difference — especially for veterans who aren't eligible for federal programs. 

About 50 homes will sit on just over 4 acres of land once the project is complete. Veterans Community Project will cover living costs. 

"It's going to be a home for them until they get squared away, and then they get their own place. That's dignity in itself. That key is like Superman's cape. It's like Captain America's shield," project co-founder Chris Stout said. 

The number of homeless veterans in the U.S. is improving, but in 2016, nearly 40,000 veterans were homeless.