Passenger Live Tweets Couple's Awkward Breakup On Airplane

Passenger Live Tweets Couple's Awkward Breakup On Airplane
A breakup on a delayed flight out of Raleigh, NC, made for some interesting entertainment for passengers — and Twitter.

There's a lot of awful ways to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. There's the text message breakup, the Twitter breakup ... the Facebook relationship status change breakup?!

But an airplane has got to be one of the worst possible places to break up. That was the case, though, on a delayed flight in Raleigh, North Carolina. Luckily, another passenger live tweeted the entirety of the awkwardness

The breakup went about as horribly as you'd expect. First it was the sobbing. Then some awkward conversation. Oh, then a third player enters the game. More loud, awkward conversation. Then the traditional post-breakup makeout session. 

All of this on what was supposed to be a simple 50-minute flight. We're guessing alcohol may have played a part. 

And they said this flight wasn't going to have an in-flight movie ...

Kelly Keegs, the woman who captured it all, got quite the kick out of the whole thing, calling it the greatest flight delay ever. The story even fueled the hashtag #PlaneBreakup to start trending

So here's some advice to make sure your breakup story doesn't end up on your Twitter timeline. 

One therapist tells WebMD that you should allow the person you're breaking up with to ask questions and also give them the facts as to why you're breaking up with them. 

And a relationship therapist tells Women's Health to break up in person. "Make plans with your partner to talk in a private area, like his place, where you're both able to express your emotions freely. In other words, don't go out to dinner." Or probably on a plane for that matter. 

We don't know the identity of the anonymous plane breakup exes and that's probably for the best. We at least hope things worked out — one way or the other. 

This video includes images from Getty Images and Satish Krishnamurthy / CC BY 2.0