Paris Nurse: On Night Of Attacks, 'People Were Very Strong'

Paris Nurse: On Night Of Attacks, 'People Were Very Strong'
One Parisian nurse talked about her experience during the Paris attacks.

Newsy talked to a nurse who took care of the wounded the night of the Paris attacks.

She said, "I took care of those wounded by bullets, in general. There were many patients but now the situation is back to being stable. Many people from the hospital chose to come to work in a group, a team and it was really strong, really touching. There was an enormous passion."

"People were really calm. People were really strong and there was not a movement of panic, even though, obviously, our working conditions were unusual. Despite all the work that we had at the hospital, people stayed really calm and professional."

Seventy seven people are still recovering in Paris hospitals. Twenty nine remain in intensive care.

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