Kelly Clarkson Is Totally Real And 'Totally Pregnant' Again

Kelly Clarkson Is Totally Real And 'Totally Pregnant' Again
Kelly Clarkson announced her second pregnancy in the middle of a concert. And that's exactly why we love her.

Kelly Clarkson announced her second pregnancy in an unexpected way at a LA concert.

While singing the song "Piece by Piece," which has some lyrics on parenting, Clarkson started tearing up.

Concertgoers plastered social media with the moment of Clarkson telling her thousands of fans, "I'm totally pregnant."

She hadn't planned to announce her pregnancy yet, even apologizing to her husband and saying some of her family members didn't know yet. But she told the audience she didn't want them to think she was crazy.

She joked after the fact, "I'm honestly so hormonal today."

"Nothing's wrong; everything's great," Clarkson said. "It's just, woo, hormones. I haven't vomited yet!"

One of the things Clarkson does so well is show her realness to her fans. At concerts, she frequently jokes about tripping on stage or an outfit choice she regrets wearing, so revealing her second pregnancy on stage is actually pretty fitting for the former "American Idol" winner. (Video via RCA Records)

This will be Clarkson's second child with her husband Brandon Blackstock. She had their first, daughter River Rose, in 2014.

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