Hillary Clinton, Like GOP Rivals, Blames China For Hacks

Hillary Clinton, Like GOP Rivals, Blames China For Hacks
Hillary Clinton's accusation that China is behind several high-profile U.S. hacks isn't the first, but it is one of the strongest so far.

Hillary Clinton has some pointed words for China's alleged espionage activity in U.S. networks.

At a Fourth of July campaign gathering in New Hampshire, Clinton accused China of "hacking into everything that doesn't move."

Her position echoes the official one of the U.S. government and various security researchers, if a bit more forcefully. (Video via C-SPAN)

They've pinned a number of cyberattacks — including the breaches at the Office of Personnel Management and at health insurer Anthem — on state-sponsored actors in China.

"Just to be clear, are you identifying China as the perpetrator behind the OPM attack?" one attendee at a Washington intelligence conference asked.

"Well, I mean, that's the leading suspect," said National Intelligence Director James Clapper. (Video via NBC)

"We actually have looked at some of the tactics and techniques that were utilized, and we believe that there is a degree of confidence that China is involved," security researcher Shawn Henry told Bloomberg.

A number of other GOP presidential hopefuls share Clinton's view, as well. Mike Huckabee has said in his campaign the U.S shouldn't tolerate Chinese hacks. (Video via the U.S. State Department, CNN)

And last month, Carly Fiorina wrote, "We need a different strategy to confront Chinese behavior." (Video via TechCrunch)

China, for its part, continues to deny any illegal activity. NPR quotes Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi at a recent meeting with the press in Beijing:

"The Chinese government opposes any hacking activities or the theft of commercial secrets. This is the set policy of the Chinese government, and we have very strict regulations."

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