'Fuller House' Gets Second Season And May Make Room For Olsen Twins

'Fuller House' Gets Second Season And May Make Room For Olsen Twins
Netflix greenlighted more Tanner family fun with a second season for the reboot of the classic family sitcom.

The cast of "Fuller House" is looking so good, the show was just picked up for a second season on Netflix.

The show tweeted out this morning that our list will get even fuller and a follow-up season is coming soon.

It's good news for the show that was hit with some not-so-good reviews. While super-fans love the reprisal of signature catchphrases and family-focused comedy, others said it was like a porn parody without the porn. 

And hopefully getting in on the action for the second season will be the Olsen twins. Show creator Jeff Franklin told Variety in January, "We're hopeful at some point in the future, they may change their minds and reprise Michelle. We only need one of them!"

"Fuller House" loves to cheekily bring up the Olsen twins' character in the series, which hopefully encourages a cameo from Michelle Tanner in season two.

Per usual, Netflix has not released any viewership numbers since the show's premiere Feb. 26. But fans seem to appreciate it enough for Netflix to greenlight more from the spinoff.

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