Female Senators Show Up For Work Despite DC Snow

Female Senators Show Up For Work Despite DC Snow
A few people (men) were missing from the U.S. Senate Tuesday.

On any given day in the U.S. Senate, the upper chamber is full of elected representatives milling around and making decisions.

Well, except for when a massive winter storm rolls through. Then the upper chamber is a little more bare, and apparently, exclusively female. 

According to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, only women showed up for work Tuesday. Everyone from the presiding officer to the pages — all female.

"Now this was not orchestrated in any way, shape or form. We came in this morning, looked around and thought, 'Something is different this morning,' different in a good way I might add, but something is genuinely different, and I think it’s genuinely in a good way," Murkowski said. (Video via Roll Call)

So the "ladies who govern" closed shop early and delayed Senate business until tomorrow. The entire Senate is expected to convene at 11 a.m. Wednesday. Let's hope the gents make it back into the mix this time. (Video via C-SPAN)

Correction: A previous version of this video called the U.S. Senate the lower chamber. It's the upper chamber.