Voters See Very Different Futures When It Comes To Trump And Clinton

Voters See Very Different Futures When It Comes To Trump And Clinton
Donald Trump is gaining on Hillary Clinton in a new poll, and Clinton's lead shrinks even more when the field expands to four candidates.

A new Quinnipiac poll shows Donald Trump is shrinking Hillary Clinton's lead, but voters don't really like their choices. 

In a race between just the Republican and Democratic candidates, Clinton has  48 percent compared to Trump's 43 percent. In Quinnipiac's previous presidential poll about three weeks ago, Clinton led Trump by 10 points.

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Those numbers change when likely voters are given four presidential candidates, adding in Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein. In a four-way race, Clinton gets 41 percent of the vote, Trump is two points behind at 39 percent, Johnson gets 13 percent and Stein has 4 percent. 

But Trump's apparent momentum isn't the only interesting result. More than half of each candidate's voters said they picked him or her just because they didn't like the other choice. 

So 54 percent of the people who said they'd vote for Clinton said they picked her because they don't like Trump. And conversely, 66 percent of hypothetical Trump voters said they picked him because they don't like Clinton. 

Considering both candidates' high unfavorability ratings, those numbers shouldn't be very surprising. 

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But one other number stood out in this poll — the difference for the future of the country. 

Voters were asked if the future of our country would be pretty much the same or different regardless of who wins, and 81 percent said the winner of this presidential election would make a major difference. 

So Republican, Democrat or Independent, man or woman, young or old, a majority of voters see two very different futures with a President Clinton or a President Trump.