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Paris Climate Agreement

195 countries signed on to a landmark agreement in Paris, pledging to work together to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Now, the U.S. has withdrawn its support for the agreement.

US States, Cities And Businesses Pledge To Honor Paris Climate Accord

By Gabrielle Ware | November 12, 2017

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the America's Pledge effort on Saturday.

Could China Be The New Global Leader On Climate Change Reform?

By James Packard | November 7, 2017

China's air pollution is really bad, but there might be more solutions in rural areas than in the big cities.

The US Is Now The Only Country Not On Board With The Paris Accord

By Lindsey Pulse | November 7, 2017

Syria announced at United Nations climate talks that it plans to join the agreement.

A Holdout Just Joined The Paris Climate Agreement

By Lindsey Pulse | October 24, 2017

Local media report Nicaragua gave documents to the United Nations that finalize its place in the climate pact.

Federal Watchdog Thinks Climate Change's Economic Costs Will Skyrocket

By Ryan Biek | October 24, 2017

The Government Accountability Office argues climate change is a key issue and asked the Trump administration to take action.

How To Keep Countries Honest About Their Carbon Emissions

By Evan Thomas | September 22, 2017

The Paris climate accord is built on trust — but countries can't or don't always properly report their greenhouse gas emissions.

One Of The Last Paris Climate Accord Holdouts Just Agreed To Sign

By Lindsey Pulse | September 21, 2017

Local media reports Nicaragua initially refused to join because it thought enforcement wasn't strong enough and that it "was not realistic."

Federal Draft Report On Climate Change Pins A Lot Of Blame On Humans

By Lindsey Pulse | August 8, 2017

The report says it's "extremely likely" that more than half of mean global temperature rise since 1951 was caused by human activity.

US Tells UN It's Leaving Paris Agreement But Will Go To Meetings

By Jake Jones | August 5, 2017

According to the agreement, no country can officially withdraw until 2020.

Study: Climate Change Could Kill 150,000 Europeans A Year By 2100

By Grant Suneson | August 5, 2017

A study published in The Lancet projects 150,000 Europeans could die every year from heat waves brought on by climate change.

A Warming Planet Is Inevitable, New Research Finds

By Evan Thomas | July 31, 2017

The planet will heat up, according to new analyses. The question is by how much?

Al Gore Has A Message For The Next Generation's Climate Action

By Zach Toombs | July 25, 2017

The former vice president wants millennials to organize around climate action.

California Climate Proposal Passes In A Rare Bipartisan Effort

By Gabrielle Ware | July 18, 2017

The agreement extends a proposal to lower carbon emissions by 2030.

Macron Is Hopeful He'll Convince Trump To Rejoin Paris Accord

By Gabrielle Ware | July 16, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron said the two discussed the climate accord while President Trump was in Paris.

Babies Are Cute — But They Might Not Be Environmentally Friendly

By Gabrielle Ware | July 12, 2017

A study found having one less child is the best thing an individual can do to fight global warming. But the option is rarely discussed.

When It Comes To Climate Change, It's Just The G-19

By Jake Jones | July 8, 2017

The U.S. was the only outlier as world leaders stood by the Paris climate agreement at the G-20 summit Saturday.

France Has Set A Date To Ban Gas And Diesel Vehicle Sales

By Briana Koeneman | July 6, 2017

On Thursday, the country's new ecology minister announced a ban on gas- and diesel-powered vehicle sales by 2040.

India Might Set Another Record For Most Trees Planted In 24 Hours

By Melissa Prax | July 3, 2017

The country might've broken a record it set in 2016.

Trump Is Trying To Shore Up A Shaky Relationship With France's Macron

By Grant Suneson | June 28, 2017

President Trump will visit France to reaffirm "America’s strong ties" with the country after a rocky start.

Over 7,400 Cities Worldwide Are Sticking With The Paris Agreement

By Lindsey Pulse | June 28, 2017

More than 130 U.S. cities are part of the group.

These Oil Companies Want To Put A Tax On CO2 Emissions

By Lindsey Pulse | June 21, 2017

Exxon, BP and Shell announced support for rolling back Obama-era regulations in favor of a new tax.

France's President Launches Website To 'Make Our Planet Great Again'

By James Packard | June 9, 2017

France's president is using his trolling skills to call for more action on climate change, and he wants American scientists to join him.

Hawaii Made Its Paris Commitment Official — By Signing It Into Law

By Lindsey Pulse | June 7, 2017

One law aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions; the other creates a task force that will work to trap and store carbon dioxide.

The Trump Administration's Numbers About The Coal Industry Are Way Off

By Grant Suneson | June 6, 2017

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said the coal industry added 50,000 jobs recently, but the real figure was only about 1,000.

They'll Always Have Paris: California, China Sign Climate Deals

By Lindsey Pulse | June 6, 2017

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed agreements with officials in China to broaden collaboration on environmental protection.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Just Nailed Down Trump's Climate Views

By Jake Jones | June 4, 2017

Haley told CNN's Jake Tapper the president believes climate change is real and pollution is part of the problem.

Does Trump Believe In Climate Change? White House Won't Say

By Lauren Stephenson | June 2, 2017

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the White House press secretary didn't give the press a definitive answer.

Here's The Bold Way France Responded To Trump's Climate Deal Exit

By James Packard | June 2, 2017

The French government isn't wasting any time firing back at President Trump for announcing he'll withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate deal.

Michael Bloomberg Is Coming To The United Nations' Rescue

By Katherine Biek | June 2, 2017

Bloomberg wants to help the United Nations make up some of the funds it will lose now that the U.S. has pulled out of the Paris climate agreement.

Some US Cities And States Aren't Giving Up On The Paris Agreement

By Lindsey Pulse | June 2, 2017

Government officials in 10 states are reportedly negotiating to be part of the deal after President Donald Trump said the U.S. will leave the accord.

World Reacts To Trump's Decision To Withdraw From Climate Agreement

By Lauren Stephenson | June 1, 2017

Reactions to President Trump's announcement that the U.S. will withdraw from the climate accord poured in quickly.

The US Could Prevent A Lot Of Deaths By Switching From Coal To Solar

By Ethan Weston | June 1, 2017

If the U.S. switched from coal to solar energy production, it could prevent almost all of the premature deaths related to energy production.

The US Is Officially Leaving The Paris Climate Agreement

By Lindsey Pulse | June 1, 2017

The U.S. is the world's second-largest contributor to global emissions.

China Is Championing Itself As A Leader In Climate Change

By Ryan Biek | June 1, 2017

China's premier said he hoped other countries would follow his country's example in sticking with the Paris Agreement on climate change.

President Donald Trump Still Won't Commit To The Paris Agreement

By Lindsey Pulse | May 27, 2017

He says he'll make a decision next week.

Trump Might Soon Clear Up Confusion Over His Climate Agreement Stance

By Eugene Daniels | May 9, 2017

It hasn't been clear where the administration stands on the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Trump Administration Could Reverse America's Course On Climate Change

By Grant Suneson | April 14, 2017

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said the 2015 Paris climate agreement was a "bad deal" for the U.S.

CO2 Levels Could Hit A 50-Million-Year High Within Decades

By Lindsey Pulse | April 6, 2017

A new study says if humans don't curb emissions, Earth could see CO2 levels that haven't been reached in 50 million years.

EU Energy Companies Make A Major Promise To Curb Coal Use

By Ryan Biek | April 5, 2017

Energy companies representing almost the entire European Union have promised not to build new coal power plants after 2020.

Department Of Energy Might Stop Talking About Climate Change

By Matt Picht | March 29, 2017

A Politico report says one Energy Department official asked his staff not to use phrases related to climate change.

There's Little Room In Trump's Budget For Climate Science

By Sarah Schlieder | March 16, 2017

President Donald Trump's proposed 2018 budget includes large cuts in funding for climate research and programs.

2016 Was A Bad Year For The Great Barrier Reef. 2017 Could Be Worse

By Lindsey Pulse | March 10, 2017

Last year, a bleaching event killed 22 percent of the reef's corals.

These Skeptics Are Asking Trump To Pull Out Of A UN Climate Agreement

By Lindsey Pulse | February 24, 2017

The group behind the letter claims carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant.

Obama Gives $500M To Green Climate Fund Before Trump Takes Office

By Ryan Biek | January 18, 2017

The international organization helps developing countries implement clean energy technologies.

Paris' Solution To Air Pollution? Free Parking

By Lindsey Pulse | December 29, 2016

The city has seen alarming spikes in smog levels this year, so it's offering some drivers free parking for a day.

These Four Major Cities Want To Ban Diesel Vehicles

By Lindsey Pulse | December 4, 2016

Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens all plan to do away with diesel cars by 2025.

Ivanka Trump, Chief Climate Change Advocate?

By Lindsey Pulse | December 1, 2016

A source told Politico that she wants to make climate change one of her "signature issues."

Did The Paris Climate Agreement Forget About Something?

By Lindsay Gloor | November 29, 2016

New research suggests small farms can play a big part in the battle against climate change.

The White House's New Carbon Reduction Plan Is Already In Trouble

By Grant Suneson | November 17, 2016

The White House announced a carbon reduction program, but it could already be in jeopardy due to Trump's election win.

Trump Might Want To Rethink Pulling Out Of The Paris Agreement

By Lindsay Gloor | November 15, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump promised to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement throughout his campaign. But he could face consequences if he does.

Looks Like 2016 Will Be The Hottest Year On Record

By Lindsey Pulse | November 14, 2016

This is the third year in a row we've had record-breaking temperatures.

These Kids In Oregon Just Won A Big Climate Change Victory

By Lindsey Pulse | November 12, 2016

The youths accuse the feds of a lack of action on climate change and say it threatens "fundamental constitutional rights to life and liberty."

Al Gore Says He'll Work With Donald Trump On Climate Change

By Lindsey Pulse | November 11, 2016

Gore has long been an advocate for fighting rising temperatures.

Kerry Becomes First Secretary Of State To Visit All 7 Continents

By Lindsay Gloor | November 10, 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Antarctica this week before heading to the climate conference in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Arctic Sea Ice Is Melting, And It's Partly Your Fault

By Lindsey Pulse | November 4, 2016

The average Westerner can melt around 30 square meters of Arctic sea ice per year, if not more, according to a new study.

The Paris Agreement May Not Do What It's Supposed To

By Lindsey Pulse | November 4, 2016

A U.N. report shows even if the agreement is followed perfectly, temperatures will still rise higher than 2 degrees Celsius.

This Climate Amendment May Have Helped Out Earth In A Big Way

By Ethan Weston | October 15, 2016

The world has agreed to another climate pact to significantly reduce one of the biggest threats to the atmosphere.

Germany — Yes, Germany — Wants To Ban Production Of Gas-Powered Cars

By Lindsey Pulse | October 9, 2016

The German government voted to ban gas-guzzling engines, but the resolution doesn't have much clout.

The Paris Climate Agreement Is Good To Go

By Lindsay Gloor | October 6, 2016

The agreement will go into effect Nov. 4 — just in time for the next climate conference.

Southwestern US Is Headed For A Megadrought. Yeah, That's A Thing

By Lindsey Pulse | October 6, 2016

Southwestern states would likely see conditions similar to the Dust Bowl, but over a longer period of time.

India's In — Now, The Paris Climate Agreement Is Almost A Done Deal

By Lindsay Gloor | September 25, 2016

India is the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter globally. Its promise pushes the Paris Agreement on climate change closer to going into effect.

It's Not Just You — August Really Was Hotter Than Ever

By Lauren Stephenson | September 13, 2016

The past 11 consecutive months have set record temperatures.

There's A Lot Of Work Left To Ratify The Paris Climate Agreement

By Ethan Weston | September 3, 2016

The world has a long way to go before the Paris global climate agreement can take effect — even after the U.S. and China recently ratified it.

India Joining Paris Climate Agreement Could Stop It From Falling Apart

By Grant Suneson | June 7, 2016

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi says his nation will attempt to join the Paris climate agreement by the end of the year.

United Nations Sets Record As 175 Countries Sign Paris Agreement

By Eugene Daniels | April 22, 2016

It's the largest number of countries to ever sign an agreement on one day.

The Really (Really) Long-Term Climate Implications Of 2016's Elections

By Evan Thomas | February 17, 2016

Whoever wins the White House in November wins clout in U.S. environmental policy and could also help shape climate-change policy.

'Father Of Climate Change Awareness' Doubts COP 21 Will Curb Emissions

By Grant Suneson | December 13, 2015

Dr. James Hansen, who first testified about climate change in 1988, doubts the COP 21 agreement will amount to real change, saying it's too vague.

The Promising Language Of The Paris Climate Agreement

By Evan Thomas | December 12, 2015

Negotiators have approved an ambitious plan to reduce the effects of anthropogenic climate change.

What Happens If Paris Climate Talks Fail?

By Sebastian Martinez | December 10, 2015

As climate change talks in Paris draw to a close, the question arises: What happens if they fail to reach a deal? The answer probably isn't promising.

Global CO2 Emissions Dropped In 2015, Report Says

By Grant Suneson | December 8, 2015

A new study published in Nature says global emissions growth rates slowed down considerably in 2014, and rates may have even declined this year.

In The Face Of Climate Talks, India Looks To Burn More Fossil Fuels

By Sebastian Martinez | December 2, 2015

Despite being one of the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gasses, India's per-capita emissions are tiny. Here's why that doesn't bode well.

Why President Obama Made This Obvious Admission About Climate Change

By Sebastian Martinez | November 30, 2015

President Obama says the U.S. is taking responsibility for the large role it has played in fueling climate change, but why is that important?

Smog In China Reaches Off-The-Charts Levels

By Carter Woodiel | November 30, 2015

The Chinese government is urging people to stay indoors due to severe smog, just as the country's president arrived in Paris to attend climate talks.

Attacks Overshadow Crucial Paris Climate Conference

By Sebastian Martinez | November 29, 2015

The attacks in Paris shifted the global focus from climate change to security less than a month before important climate talks in the city.

Parisians Fill Square With Shoes To Urge Climate Change Reform

By Samantha Crook | November 29, 2015

Parisians filled a public square with shoes and urged world leaders to take action on climate change at the U.N.'s environmental conference in Paris.

Climate Protection Will Need More Money Than It Gets From Paris Talks

By Evan Thomas | November 28, 2015

Private and public funding projects will contribute billions of dollars to combating climate change, but national efforts will need even more money.

Will The Next Big Climate Deal Be Legally Binding?

By Sebastian Martinez | November 12, 2015

Comments from Secretary of State John Kerry have people asking this: How important is it that Paris climate talks result in a legally binding treaty?

Millions Of Us Could Be Underwater If Sea Levels Keep Rising

By Katie Link | November 9, 2015

A new report by Climate Central shares images edited to show what the world might look like if sea levels continue to rise.

President Obama Pushes Climate Message On New Facebook Page

By Sebastian Martinez | November 9, 2015

President Obama has joined Facebook. Yes, he already had a campaign profile and an official White House profile, but still. It's about time.

China's Emissions Bombshell Could Strain Climate Talks

By Sebastian Martinez | November 4, 2015

China has released revised data showing it has consumed a lot more coal than previously reported, but its CO2 emissions data isn't lining up.

Paris Climate Pledges Will Fall Short, UN Report Says

By Evan Thomas | October 31, 2015

A United Nations report says the emissions that countries pledged to cut won't be enough to hit the global target expected at the Paris climate talks.

Airlines Want To Cut CO2, But Only If They All Do It At Once

By Sebastian Martinez | October 15, 2015

The aviation industry has laid out goals to cut emissions, but they depend on global cooperation to keep the playing field level.

The Paris Climate Talks Depend On These 10 Emitters

By Sebastian Martinez | October 12, 2015

The top 10 greenhouse-gas emitters have submitted their goals for the U.N.'s climate conference in Paris. So what do those objectives look like?

Paris Streets Go Car-Free For The Day

By Ryan Biek | September 27, 2015

Partly rooted in symbolism, partly in necessity, Paris' mayor banned most cars from driving in parts of the city Sunday.

Australia Has A New PM, So Will It Get A New Climate Policy?

By Steven Sparkman | September 14, 2015

Tony Abbott was vilified for a lax climate change policy while Malcolm Turnbull called it "the ultimate long-term problem." Should we expect change?

NASA's Sea Level Find Is The Latest 'Too Late' Climate News

By Steven Sparkman | August 27, 2015

NASA predicts sea levels will rise by 3 feet this century, minimum. It's the latest news that we may be too late to stop certain climate changes.

Oil Not Among Companies Giving $140B To Fight Global Warming

By Jamal Andress | July 27, 2015

Some huge companies are part of the White House's new initiative to combat global warming ... except oil companies, perhaps the biggest offenders.

Global Warming Has Likely Caused Permanent Damage To Oceans

By Evan Thomas | July 3, 2015

A new research paper says immediate cuts to carbon emissions could help slow down damage to the world’s oceans.

Is Suing Governments The Future Of Climate Change Action?

By Sebastian Martinez | July 1, 2015

In Europe, if you want to see climate change action, it could be as easy as suing your government. Oh, and winning.

Australia On Course For Climate Change Showdown In Paris

By Sebastian Martinez | June 11, 2015

Australia faces a big test ahead of the winter climate-summit in Paris. Will the country commit to cutting emissions under international pressure?

Global CO2 Levels Tick Past 400 Parts Per Million

By Evan Thomas | May 7, 2015

Reversing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would take an unprecedented worldwide effort, say NOAA researchers.

Pope In Philippines: Pontiff Talks Charlie Hebdo, Climate

By Cliff Judy | January 15, 2015

Pope Francis spoke to reporters before landing in the Philippines. Many in the country are eager to hear his message on the exploited and poor.

What's The Point Of Climate Conferences?

By Sebastian Martinez | November 20, 2014

There's optimism about the U.N.'s climate conference in Paris next year, and if climate conferences past are anything to go off, that's notable.

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