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Health Care In America

Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress is unclear.

Senate Republicans Will Tack Individual Mandate Repeal Onto Tax Bill

By Jake Jones | November 14, 2017

Repealing the mandate would free up more than $300 billion of revenue over the next decade to balance out the GOP's plan to cut taxes.

A Brief Explainer On Obamacare Enrollment For 2018

By Katherine Biek | November 1, 2017

Open enrollment for Obamacare 2018 plans began Nov. 1. For most states, the last day to sign up is Dec. 15.

How Lower Immigration Could Impact Baby Boomers

By Eugene Daniels | October 26, 2017

It has to do with the home health industry — the fifth-fastest growing in the country.

Some Americans Are Super Confused About The Status Of Obamacare

By Gabrielle Ware | October 25, 2017

A new poll says 1 in 4 registered voters surveyed thought Obamacare had been partially repealed.

Schumer Says The Bipartisan Health Care Deal Has The Votes To Pass

By Lindsey Pulse | October 22, 2017

Sen. Chuck Schumer told NBC's "Meet the Press" they have more than enough support for the deal.

That Bipartisan Health Care Deal Isn't Getting Much Bipartisan Support

By Katherine Biek | October 18, 2017

Democrats seem to be on board with the Alexander-Murray deal, but many Republicans aren't expressing similar enthusiasm.

Bipartisan Deal: Pay Obamacare Subsidies, Lower State Requirements

By Jake Jones | October 17, 2017

The deal would extend key Obamacare subsidies in exchange for allowing states more flexibility in the market.

Trump's Health Insurance Actions Could End In A 'Death Spiral'

By Matt Picht | October 13, 2017

Trump's actions to modify the Obamacare insurance marketplace could result in higher prices and fewer insurers.

Trump Administration To End Critical Obamacare Subsidies To Insurers

By Briana Koeneman | October 13, 2017

The Trump administration is scrapping a critical set of Obamacare subsidies that help lower-income Americans pay for health care.

Trump's New Executive Order Aims To Expand Health Care Options

By Katherine Biek | October 12, 2017

Trump called the executive order a first step "to providing millions of Americans with Obamacare relief."

CDC: Many New Cancer Cases Related To Obesity

By Cristina Mutchler | October 4, 2017

The CDC says obesity-related cancers accounted for 40 percent of new cancer cases in the U.S. in 2014.

Reports: Senate Will Not Vote On Obamacare Repeal Bill

By Jake Jones | September 26, 2017

The bill's fate was sealed when two more senators joined John McCain and Rand Paul in opposing the latest repeal effort.

Collins Is A 'No' On Graham-Cassidy, Effectively Killing The Bill

By Carter Woodiel | September 25, 2017

Susan Collins is the third Republican senator to oppose the bill, leaving it just shy of the 50 votes it needs.

Revisions Made To GOP Health Care Bill To Target Key Votes

By Katherine Biek | September 25, 2017

A revised version of the Graham-Cassidy plan would give more federal funds to the states of key Senate holdouts, like Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

John McCain Says He Won't Vote For Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

By Ethan Weston | September 22, 2017

The Graham-Cassidy health care bill seems to be in jeopardy as another Republican senator comes out against the legislation.

Here's A Glimpse At The Latest GOP Health Care Bill, Graham-Cassidy

By Jake Jones | September 20, 2017

The bill would end the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion and institute a per-person spending cap for the program.

The GOP Has Another Shot To Repeal Obamacare, And It's Coming Up Soon

By Jake Jones | September 18, 2017

The deadline to pass the bill in the Senate with only GOP support is the end of this month.

'Medicare For All' Has Some Big-Name Backers — And Democratic Skeptics

By Eugene Daniels | September 13, 2017

Bernie Sanders' bill has a long way to go before it becomes law.

Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare For All' Health Care Plan, Explained

By Zach Toombs | September 13, 2017

Also known as single-payer health care, the plan would expand the safety net for people over 65 to all Americans.

Trump Plans New Health Care Push — Because Congress Isn't Busy Enough

By Eugene Daniels | September 6, 2017

And the Senate will have less than a month to get it done.

Democratic 'Rising Star' Harris Will Back Sanders' Health Care Bill

By Gabrielle Ware | September 3, 2017

Sen. Kamala Harris' support could help give the bill some steam.

The Entire US Will Have Obamacare Coverage In 2018 But It May Not Last

By Grant Suneson | August 24, 2017

Every county in the U.S. will likely have a health insurer through the federal marketplace in 2018 after the last county without it got coverage.

Trump Won't Kill The Obamacare Subsidies — For Now

By Matt Picht | August 16, 2017

The White House will keep funding the cost-sharing reduction subsidies that help support the Obamacare insurance markets — at least for another month.

CBO Says Cutting Obamacare Subsidies Could Get Pricey

By Matt Picht | August 15, 2017

Trump's threat to end some insurance subsidies could raise premiums and cost the federal government more money.

Trump Promises State Of Emergency On Opioid Crisis

By Matt Picht | August 10, 2017

President Trump told reporters he's drafting an emergency declaration to deal with the national opioid overdose epidemic.

Uncertainty Pushes Major Insurer To Leave An Entire State's Exchange

By Jake Jones | August 7, 2017

Anthem just announced it will back out of Nevada's Obamacare exchange for 2018.

Trump Can't Repeal Obamacare Alone, But He May Be Able To 'Implode' It

By Gabrielle Ware | August 1, 2017

President Donald Trump is threatening to end what he called "bailouts" for health insurers and Congress.

The White House Wants The Senate To Try Again On Health Care

By Ethan Weston | July 30, 2017

It seems like a lot of people are ready for Congress to move on from health care, but the White House isn't ready to give up yet.

John McCain Gets His Maverick Groove Back

By Eugene Daniels | July 28, 2017

McCain killed the Obamacare repeal vote in dramatic fashion.

Senate Fails To Pass Obamacare Repeal

By Stephanie Liebergen, Matt Picht | July 28, 2017

After a tense debate, the Senate has voted to reject a proposal to repeal Obamacare.

After Rejecting Health Care Plan, Sen. Murkowski Faces Retaliation

By Grant Suneson | July 27, 2017

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan said Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke threatened to hit back at his state over Sen. Lisa Murkowski's health care vote.

With Funding On The Line, Planned Parenthood Backers Rally At Capitol

By Luke Piotrowski | July 27, 2017

Republicans' health care plans would strip federal funding from the organization.

Republican Effort To Repeal Obamacare With No Replacement Falls Flat

By Grant Suneson | July 26, 2017

The Senate bill was voted down 55-45, mostly because many senators refused to take away health care with no replacement.

With The Clock Running, Senate Health Care Bill Has A Long Way To Go

By Stephanie Liebergen | July 26, 2017

When the Senate session started Wednesday morning, lawmakers had 17 hours remaining to debate the health care bill.

America's Mayors Still Aren't On Board With Obamacare Repeal

By Eugene Daniels | July 25, 2017

Mayors have been speaking out about the GOP's plan to repeal Obamacare for months.

The Senate's Debate On Health Care Reform Is Officially Underway

By Stephanie Liebergen | July 25, 2017

Senate took a controversial vote Tuesday on the motion to proceed with the Republicans' health care reform effort.

Sen. John McCain Returns To The Senate To Vote On Health Care

By Lindsey Pulse | July 25, 2017

McCain said he's also looking forward to discussing the National Defense Authorization Act, as well as sanctions on Iran, Russia and North Korea.

Paul Ryan Thinks Tax Reform Will Be A Win Despite Health Care Losses

By Gabrielle Ware | July 21, 2017

Paul Ryan says Republicans are united on tax reform and will rewrite the tax code this year.

How Donated Bikes Are Putting Education And Health Care Within Reach

By Melissa Prax | July 21, 2017

World Bicycle Relief gets bikes to those who need them, which it says can increase access to health care, education and more.

Amid Health Care Fight, Trump Says Insurance Costs '$12 A Year'

By Grant Suneson | July 20, 2017

President Trump told The New York Times that health insurance costs $12 per year, though the actual figure can be hundreds of dollars every month.

CBO Score Of The GOP's Repeal-Only Health Care Bill Is Harshest Yet

By Stephanie Liebergen | July 20, 2017

The Congressional Budget Office estimates a repeal of the Affordable Care Act would increase the number of uninsured people by 32 million.

This 52-Year-Old Amendment Is Controlling The Health Care Debate

By Eugene Daniels | July 19, 2017

Medicaid has been a serious roadblock to the GOP's repeal-and-replace efforts.

Trump To Senate GOP: Don't Leave Town Until Health Care Is Figured Out

By Lauren Stephenson | July 19, 2017

President Donald Trump held a luncheon for Republican senators at the White House on Wednesday. Health care reform was on the menu.

Senate GOP's Latest Health Care Effort Dies In Less Than 15 Hours

By Lauren Stephenson | July 18, 2017

Three Republican senators announced they'll oppose efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement.

Health Care Bill Collapse Caught President Trump Off-Guard

By Eugene Daniels | July 18, 2017

Two more senators joined the "no" team Monday night, effectively killing the repeal and replace bill.

Newest Senate Health Care Bill Stalls

By Lauren Stephenson | July 17, 2017

Two more Republican senators have announced their opposition to the current version of the bill.

Top Hospitals Got Richer Under Obamacare, But Didn't Pass It On

By Eugene Daniels | July 17, 2017

A Politico investigation found the top seven hospitals spent 35 percent less on charity care in 2015 than in 2013.

A Senator's Surgery Has Forced Another Delay To The Health Care Vote

By Jake Jones | July 16, 2017

With two GOP senators opposed to the latest version of the bill, Sen. John McCain's absence means Republicans don't have enough votes to advance it.

9 In 10 Health Care Organizations Might've Faced A Data Breach

By Tyler Adkisson | July 14, 2017

Ransomware, malware or denial of service attacks were linked to most breaches. Researchers say the incidents may cost the industry billions.

Republicans Still Lack Support For The Revised Senate Health Care Bill

By Kaveh Kardan | July 14, 2017

Some moderate Republicans aren't OK with revisions to the Senate's health care bill because of prospective cuts to Medicaid.

The Senate GOP Has Released A Revised Health Care Bill

By Lindsey Pulse | July 13, 2017

The first version of the bill wasn't going to get the votes needed to pass.

More Than 400 Charged In Historic US Health Care Fraud Takedown

By Briana Koeneman | July 13, 2017

The U.S. attorney general told reporters the suspects include 115 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

The Revised Senate Health Care Bill Has A Release Date

By Lauren Stephenson | July 11, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he plans to take action on the bill next week.

Protesters Push Back Against Republican Health Care Bill

By Kyle Pyatt | June 30, 2017

Protesters gathered Wednesday outside the Capitol to voice their opposition to the GOP health care bill.

CBO Says GOP Health Care Bill Cuts Medicaid 35 Percent By 2036

By Matt Picht | June 30, 2017

Democrats requested an additional analysis of the GOP health care bill's long-term effects on Medicaid.

McConnell Delays Vote On Health Care Bill Until After July 4

By Lauren Stephenson | June 27, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell didn't get enough support to have the bill considered on the Senate floor.

Senate GOP Health Care Bill In Jeopardy Of Stalling At Procedural Vote

By Lauren Stephenson | June 26, 2017

Several Republican senators plan to vote no on a motion to proceed to consider the health care bill if it isn't changed.

These 3 Groups All Oppose The Senate Health Care Bill

By Jake Jones | June 26, 2017

A doctors organization, an interest group and key conservative donors came out in opposition to the bill.

Senate GOP Tweak Health Care Bill Ahead Of Potential Vote

By Jake Jones | June 26, 2017

The main change is meant to encourage people not to let their coverage expire.

CBO Predicts GOP Health Care Bill Could Leave 22 Million Uninsured

By Briana Koeneman, James Packard | June 26, 2017

The nonpartisan agency says the Republican plan will leave 22 million people uninsured over the next decade.

Obama: 'Fundamental Meanness At The Core' Of GOP Health Care Bills

By Lauren Stephenson | June 22, 2017

The former president wrote a lengthy post about his concerns with Republican efforts to repeal and replace his signature health care legislation.

What GOP Opposition To Senate Health Care Bill Means For Its Passage

By Lauren Stephenson | June 22, 2017

The Senate Republicans' health care bill unveiled Thursday gained several vocal critics — Republican senators — within hours.

Reaction To Senate GOP's Health Care Bill Was Quick And Critical

By Stephanie Liebergen | June 22, 2017

Senate Republicans released their version of the American Health Care Act on Thursday.

The Senate Health Care Bill Looks A Lot Like The House's

By Stephanie Liebergen | June 22, 2017

After working on the bill in secret, Senate Republicans published a draft version of their health care bill.

Unseen No Longer: Senate Health Care Bill To Be Unveiled Thursday

By Lauren Stephenson | June 20, 2017

Senate Republicans' efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have been criticized for a lack of transparency.

Democrats Hold Senate Floor To Protest GOP Health Care Efforts

By Lauren Stephenson | June 19, 2017

Democrats used procedural means to protest GOP efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Trump Huddles With Senate Republicans To Discuss Health Care Bill

By Jake Jones | June 13, 2017

GOP senators are operating with the understanding they may not get any Democratic support passing their Obamacare replacement.

Senate Republicans Are Using A Special Rule To Vote On Health Care

By Jake Jones | June 11, 2017

But before they can vote on their version of a health care bill, Senate Republicans need to finalize one.

Democratic Senator Calls Out GOP For Fast-Tracking Health Care Bill

By Lauren Stephenson | June 9, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell invoked a rule that will allow the Senate's version of the American Health Care Act to bypass committee.

Anthem To Exit Obamacare In Ohio, Leaving Thousands Without Coverage

By Grant Suneson | June 6, 2017

Anthem, the last company to cover all of Ohio under Obamacare, is pulling out of ACA coverage for the state.

VA Secretary Targets The Veteran Suicide Rate

By Matt Picht | May 31, 2017

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin plans to lower the veteran suicide rate — but the bulk of the problem happens outside of the VA system.

CBO: Republican Health Care Bill Cuts Less Than Previous Versions

By Jake Jones | May 24, 2017

The latest GOP health care bill — which passed the House in early May — would cut less from the federal deficit than its previous two versions.

Obama Defends His Legacy On Health Care During Acceptance Speech

By Ryan Biek | May 8, 2017

Former President Barack Obama accepted the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

Could The Health Care Vote Cost Republicans The House Majority?

By Briana Koeneman | May 5, 2017

Big votes like this can have long-term effects when it comes to elections.

Hours After House Passes AHCA, Trump Praises Universal Health Care

By Lauren Stephenson | May 4, 2017

The unexpected comment came during President Trump's press availability with the Australian prime minister.

Long Road Ahead Even After House Passes American Health Care Act

By Lauren Stephenson | May 4, 2017

And if the stark differences in reactions to Thursday's vote are any indication, it's going to be a contentious process.

After A Scramble For Support, Health Care Bill Will Come To The Floor

By Jake Jones | May 3, 2017

Republican leaders say they have enough votes to pass the amended American Health Care Act.

Trump Pushes For Second Health Care Vote Without The Votes In Congress

By Jake Jones | May 2, 2017

A second showdown on repealing and replacing Obamacare could happen this week. Will the GOP have enough votes?

Get Ready For Round 2 Of The GOP's Health Care Reform

By Jake Jones | April 26, 2017

The GOP's gearing up for another health care fight. This time, it's the hard-line conservatives who are on board and the moderates who are skeptical.

The Country's Next Surgeon General Is A Nurse

By Jake Jones | April 22, 2017

Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams stepped up from her role as deputy surgeon general.

New Deal Aims To Bridge Republican Health Care Divide

By Ethan Weston | April 20, 2017

The new compromise gives more leeway to states, but certain parts of it might not sit well with moderate Republicans.

Here's What Trump Can Do To Obamacare Even Without Congress

By Eugene Daniels | April 13, 2017

The administration has a lot of power to change the Affordable Care Act — for better or worse.

Kansas And Other Red States Push To Expand Medicaid Under ACA

By Jake Jones | March 28, 2017

After Republicans in D.C. failed to replace Obamacare, some red states are expanding Medicaid.

Reeling From Health Care Loss, Trump Administration Turns To Taxes

By Grant Suneson | March 24, 2017

The Trump team will look at overhauling the tax code, but don't expect new legislation soon.

Democrats' Obamacare Celebrations Might Be Short-Lived

By Matt Picht | March 24, 2017

Republicans failed to pass a replacement for Obamacare, but the health care political fight is still far from over.

GOP Pulls Obamacare Replacement Bill After Failing To Muster Votes

By Matt Picht | March 24, 2017

Speaker Paul Ryan suspended the vote on the American Health Care Act after too many Republicans defected.

CBO: New GOP Health Care Bill Is More Expensive, Not More Effective

By Grant Suneson | March 23, 2017

The Congressional Budget Office said the updated American Health Care Act is a step back from the first.

Republicans Make Some Big Changes To Their Health Care Bill

By Katherine Biek | March 21, 2017

Some of those changes include additional tax support for older Americans and further restriction of the federal Medicaid program.

CBO Projects GOP Health Care Plan Will Cut Coverage And Taxpayer Costs

By Jake Jones | March 13, 2017

A new bipartisan report says the American Health Care Act will reduce federal deficits but insure fewer people than Obamacare.

Pence Defends GOP Health Care Plan In Ky., Where Obamacare Had Success

By Jake Jones | March 11, 2017

The vice president defended the GOP health care plan in a state where Obamacare cut the uninsured rate by nearly half.

Speaker Ryan Tells Rebel Republicans Health Care Bill Is Only Step 1

By Matt Picht | March 9, 2017

Paul Ryan says his current plan to repeal and replace Obamacare involves more than the budget reconciliation bill currently up for debate.

Estimate Says GOP's Obamacare Repeal And Replace Plan Could Cost $600B

By Lauren Stephenson | March 7, 2017

The same day the estimate was released, some conservative lawmakers spoke out against the bill — they said it doesn't do enough.

GOP Reveals First Draft Of Obamacare Replacement

By Matt Picht | March 6, 2017

Republicans have unveiled their alternative to President Obama's signature health care law.

Trump Calls Obamacare A 'Disaster,' But It's More Popular Than Ever

By Kate Grumke | February 28, 2017

For the first time, a majority of Americans approve of Barack Obama's signature health care law.

Proposed Republican Health Care Plan Allows States To Keep Obamacare

By Jake Jones | January 23, 2017

Republican's first proposal for replacing Obamacare will give states three options — including keeping Obamacare in place.

More Americans Got Mammograms When Obamacare Footed The Bill

By Briana Koeneman | January 9, 2017

A new study says the mammography rate increased in the two years after Obamacare was put into place.

GOP Starts To Split On Obamacare: Repeal & Delay Vs. Repeal & Replace

By Jake Jones | January 7, 2017

Some GOP lawmakers want to repeal Obamacare now and then craft a replacement. Democrats and other Republicans warn against it.

Paul Ryan Says GOP Will Defund Planned Parenthood Along With Obamacare

By Matt Picht | January 5, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan says the GOP's budget bill defunding Obamacare could include language to block Planned Parenthood's federal funds.

Bernie Sanders Brought A Giant Trump Tweet To Congress To Make A Point

By Grant Suneson | January 4, 2017

Bernie Sanders hopes Trump will temper GOP attempts to alter health care like he promised.

Repealing Obamacare: What It Could Cost And What It Could Save

By Stephanie Liebergen | January 4, 2017

The estimate from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget includes the repeal's effect on the economy.

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