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Harassment In Hollywood

Celebrities are speaking up about sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry.

Disney Exec John Lasseter Steps Aside Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims

By Katherine Biek, Matt Picht | November 21, 2017

The Pixar co-founder has apologized for "missteps" after sexual misconduct allegations came to light.

Jeffrey Tambor Leaves 'Transparent' Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims

By Katherine Biek | November 20, 2017

Following allegations of sexual misconduct, Tambor announced he's leaving Amazon's "Transparent" prior to its upcoming fifth season.

Spacey's Former Employer Uncovered 20 Allegations Against Him

By Katherine Biek | November 16, 2017

The Old Vic theater in London launched an investigation in October into their former artistic director's conduct.

How Allegations Against A CW Producer Point To Another Hollywood Issue

By Casey Mendoza | November 11, 2017

Multiple people accused producer Andrew Kreisberg of creating an inappropriate and "toxic" work environment.

Louis C.K. On Sexual Misconduct Claims: 'These Stories Are True'

By Katherine Biek | November 10, 2017

In a surprising statement, comedian Louis C.K. said the allegations in the recent New York Times report are true.

Firing Kevin Spacey Could Cost Millions For Studios, Production Teams

By Casey Mendoza | November 9, 2017

Reworking "House of Cards" and "All the Money in the World" won't necessarily cost all the money in the world, but it could still be very pricey.

Louis C.K. Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By 5 Women

By Matt Picht | November 9, 2017

A New York Times report claims the comedian attempted to masturbate in front of at least five women against their will.

Following Misconduct Allegations, Kevin Spacey Is Seeking Treatment

By Casey Mendoza | November 2, 2017

Some experts are wary of the treatment sought by accused sexual abusers like Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein.

Mark Halperin Is Out Of A Job At NBC News

By Katherine Biek | October 30, 2017

Halperin's termination comes after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment and assault when he worked at ABC News.

Kevin Spacey Accused Of Coming Out To Deflect Sexual Misconduct Claim

By Gabrielle Ware | October 30, 2017

Critics say Spacey is conflating being gay with sexual misconduct with a minor.

Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Mark Halperin Is On Leave From MSNBC

By Casey Mendoza | October 26, 2017

Five women accused the journalist of propositioning employees for sex or of inappropriately touching women without consent.

The Weinstein Co. Has Had A Really Bad Week

By Katherine Biek | October 26, 2017

Colony Capitol is reportedly not going to provide an emergency cash infusion to the ailing company after agreeing to do so earlier in October.

Corey Feldman Launches Campaign To Expose Alleged Hollywood Pedophilia

By Casey Mendoza | October 26, 2017

The former child actor is hoping to raise around $10 million for a film, a legal team and security for his family.

Harvey Weinstein's Fall From Hollywood Grace Is Far From Over

By Katherine Biek | October 20, 2017

Three police departments have opened investigations into accusations against the Hollywood producer.

Clinton Foundation Won't Return Donations From Harvey Weinstein

By Ryan Biek | October 16, 2017

The movie mogul facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment and assault gave the Clinton Foundation as much as $250,000 over the years.

Harvey Weinstein Kicked Out Of The Motion Picture Academy

By Gabrielle Ware | October 15, 2017

More than two-thirds of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors voted to permanently expel him.

Hollywood's Problem Of Sexual Misconduct Goes Beyond Harvey Weinstein

By Casey Mendoza | October 13, 2017

Following the Weinstein allegations, accusations of sexual harassment hit Ben Affleck, Oliver Stone and Amazon exec Roy Price.

More Women Are Accusing Harvey Weinstein Of Sexual Misconduct

By Casey Mendoza | October 10, 2017

These women include Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

The Weinstein Co. Is Trying To Distance Itself From Harvey

By Katherine Biek | October 10, 2017

The production and distribution company is reportedly working to change its name after its board fired co-founder Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Is Out, But Scandal Could Still Affect The Weinstein Co.

By Katherine Biek | October 9, 2017

Harvey Weinstein was terminated after The New York Times reported a string of sexual harassment and assault allegations made against him.

Democrats Are Giving Away Money They Received From Harvey Weinstein

By Casey Mendoza | October 7, 2017

Some of Harvey Weinstein's contributions are now going to women's charities.

Sexual Harassment Claims Against Film Mogul Go Back Decades

By Gabrielle Ware | October 5, 2017

Harvey Weinstein has taken a leave of absence amid sexual harassment allegations.

Judge Declares Mistrial In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case

By Lauren Stephenson | June 17, 2017

Comedian Bill Cosby had been charged with three counts of sexual assault.

Jury Selection In Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Trial Won't Be Easy

By Briana Koeneman | May 22, 2017

Finding jurors who can impartially weigh the comedian's high-profile case could be difficult.

Defamation Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby Thrown Out Of Court

By Grant Suneson | February 16, 2017

A federal court said the comedian was allowed to defend his innocence.

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