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Catalonia's Fight For Independence

In a referendum, residents of Spain's northwest region voted to become an independent nation. But making that happen is complicated.

Catalans Head To The Polls To Decide The Fate Of The Region

By Katherine Biek | December 21, 2017

Catalonia's snap election is Thursday, but it's unclear if the result will help fix Spain's constitutional crisis.

Catalonia's Separatist Parties Are Divided Ahead Of Special Election

By Jake Jones | December 19, 2017

The special election is scheduled for Thursday.

Spain Voids Catalonia's Independence Declaration Amid Protests

By Jake Jones | November 8, 2017

A total of 20 former Catalan leaders face charges relating to the independence referendum Madrid deemed illegal.

Catalonia Leader Carles Puigdemont Turned Himself In

By Jake Jones | November 5, 2017

The five former officials had fled to Belgium and face rebellion charges in Spain.

What Happens Now That Catalonia Declared Independence?

By Lindsey Pulse | October 27, 2017

Spain's government has approval to impose direct rule under Article 155, but it's not immediately clear how that will be implemented.

Spain Dissolves Catalonia's Parliament After It Declares Independence

By Briana Koeneman | October 27, 2017

The region's parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution to make Catalonia "an independent, sovereign, democratic, social State."

Catalonia's President Punts Independence Decision To Parliament

By Ethan Weston | October 26, 2017

Catalonia's president put off declaring independence a second time.

Spain Outlines Its Plan For Catalonia: New Leader, New Parliament

By Jake Jones | October 23, 2017

Spain's prime minister has asked for Senate approval to remove Catalan officials from office.

Spain Set To Remove Catalan Officials From Power, Call New Elections

By Jake Jones | October 21, 2017

Spain plans to invoke Article 155, which allows the central government to institute direct rule over the country's semi-autonomous regions.

Spain Wants To Take Away Catalonia's Ability To Run Its Own Government

By Katherine Biek | October 19, 2017

The Spanish government announced Thursday it's going to start the process of invoking Article 155 of its constitution.

Catalan Leader Says Region Won The Right To Be Independent From Spain

By Katherine Biek, Stephanie Liebergen | October 10, 2017

In a speech to the Catalan Parliament, Carles Puigdemont said he will follow the will of those who voted in the Oct. 1 referendum.

France Pressures Catalonia To Stay Part Of Spain

By Ryan Biek | October 9, 2017

France's minister of European affairs said Monday if Catalonia declares independence, France won't recognize it as a state.

Catalonia Wants To Open A Dialogue With Spain, But That Seems Unlikely

By Ryan Biek | October 8, 2017

Some speculate Catalonia may declare independence Tuesday, and thousands are rallying for officials to open talks.

In A Rare Address, Spain's King Felipe Condemns Catalan Officials

By Katherine Biek | October 4, 2017

King Felipe's message falls in line with the Spanish government, which declared Catalonia's referendum unconstitutional prior to Sunday's vote.

Catalonia Overwhelmingly Votes To Separate From Spain

By Katherine Biek, Gabrielle Ware | October 1, 2017

The Catalan government says 90 percent of voters supported independence from Spain in Sunday's referendum.

Spain Is Going To Great Lengths To Block Catalonia's Independence Vote

By Lindsey Pulse | September 30, 2017

Thousands of police have been sent to the region to shut down voting.

A Region In Spain Took A Step Toward Secession

By Grant Suneson | September 7, 2017

Catalonia's Parliament passed a measure to let its citizens vote on whether to seek independence.

Catalonia Pushes Forward On Its Last-Ditch Effort For Independence

By Lindsey Pulse | June 9, 2017

The leader of Catalonia said the referendum vote is Oct. 1. It's the country's latest push to separate from Spain.

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