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Border Project Controversy

President Trump wants to move full speed ahead with one of his biggest campaign promises — building a southern border wall. Will it really happen?

Trump Says Governor Is Doing 'A Terrible Job' During California Visit

California Is Suing The Trump Administration To Stop The 'Border Wall'

Mexico Insists Once Again It Won't Pay For Trump's Border 'Wall'

Trump Threatens A Government Shutdown To Build The Border 'Wall'

Obama Takes A Shot At Trump In Berlin: 'We Can't Hide Behind A Wall'

It Seems President Trump Wants To Keep Moving On The Border Wall

Did Congress Start Funding Trump's Wall? Depends Who You Ask

Trump Backs Off Wall Deal, Would Settle For 'Border Security' Money

The Proposed Border Project Could Shut Down The Government

Here's Why US Border Patrol Is Having Trouble Hiring Agents

A Border Wall Would Be Bad News For Wild Cats

The Trump Administration Is Being Sued For The Mexico Border Project

Lawmakers Push For Warrants On Electronics Searches At The Border

Smugglers Are Boosting Prices To Sneak People Across The US Border

The Trump Administration Officially Backs Off A Border Project Promise

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