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Tori Partridge

Video Producer / Editor

Tori is a writer and video editor for Newsy. She has a love (obsession) for owls, Thor and naps on naps. When not downing coffee or talking non-stop to anyone and everyone close enough to hear, she binge watches series, not seasons, on Netflix.

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A person practicing performing CPR
U.S. NavySci/Health

Singing 'Macarena' Could Help You Perform CPR

Artificial intelligence exhibit
Getty ImagesTech

AI 'Thinks' Using Deep Neural Networks, But They're Still A Mystery

A close up Photo illustration showing a dictionary definition of the word 'plebeian.'
Getty ImagesU.S.

Even Harmless Words Matter, Especially For Kids And Stereotypes

Florida college students protest
Getty ImagesU.S.

Despite A Vocal Student History, Is Free Speech Being Muted On Campus?

Swallowable sensor
Lillie Paquette / MIT School of EngineeringSci/Health

Swallowable Sensor Could Test Your Gut And Send Results To Your Phone

Genetics research
Getty ImagesTech

Is The Machine That Can Snip And Swap Our DNA Awesome Or Ominous?

Girl from Honduras
Getty ImagesPolitics

Thousands Of Kids A Year Migrate To The US Alone. What Happens Next?

Mom and baby
Getty ImagesPolitics

Today's Moms Are Older, More Educated And Bucking Years Of Trends

Man at museum
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Young Americans Are Always Connected — And Desperately Lonely

Men's clothing
Getty ImagesU.S.

As Women's Plus-Size Expands, Men's Fashion Is Still Focused On Skinny

Refugees apply for jobs in Germany
Getty ImagesWorld

Refugee Or Not? Countries Are Going High-tech To Figure It Out

Students in Chicago
Getty ImagesU.S.

Want To Empower Girls? Consider The 'Zarpies'

A crowd with smartphones
Getty ImagesTech

Want Better Sleep, Clearer Thoughts, Less Stress? Try A Digital Detox

Viktor Orban
Getty ImagesWorld

Authoritarianism Is Making A Comeback, And Hungary Sets The Standard

A pill
Getty ImagesSci/Health

More Than 3 Million Kids Take Meds For ADHD. Here's How They Work

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool celebrates scoring during the Premier League match.
Getty ImagesSports

Can Soccer Star Mo Salah Kick Anti-Muslim Sentiment?

Trump attends church service
Getty ImagesU.S.

Evangelicals Are Trump's Rock-Solid Base. So Who Are They?

New York man
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Someone Dies By Suicide Every 12 Minutes, And US Rates Are Rising

AARP job fair
Getty ImagesU.S.

American Workers Are Older Than Ever, And They're Sticking Around

Wall dividing Belfast
Getty ImagesWorld

Northern Ireland Is Unified, But Its People Are Still Deeply Divided

Dakota Access Pipeline protest in D.C.
Getty ImagesU.S.

Native American History Is A Dark Precursor To Their Inequality Today

Final print of the Oakland Tribune
Getty ImagesU.S.

Local News Is Shrinking — What Happens When The Watchdogs Disappear?

Aging prisoner
Getty ImagesU.S.

Federal Prison Populations Are Booming — A Look At Who's Behind Bars

Military firing range
Department of DefenseU.S.

AUMF: The Sometimes Blurry Permission Slip For US Military Action

Fire after Waco standoff

25 Years After Waco Siege, A Look At Branch Davidians' Rise And Fall

Getty ImagesSci/Health

'Miracle' Drug Reverses Overdoses, But Does It Fuel Addiction Cycle?

Job fair
Getty ImagesU.S.

Diversity Quotas In The Office: Well-Intended But Legally Tricky

James Comey's "A Higher Loyalty"
Getty ImagesPolitics

Political Tell-Alls Are Really Popular Now, But Are They Impactful?

President Donald Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump Butts Heads With White House On Russia Strategy

A magnified dollar bill
Getty ImagesPolitics

Campaign Contributions Aren't Always Obvious — They Might Be 'In-Kind'