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Tori is a writer and video editor for Newsy. She has a love (obsession) for owls, Thor and naps on naps. When not downing coffee or talking non-stop to anyone and everyone close enough to hear, she binge watches series, not seasons, on Netflix.

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A welder
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A Future Where Anyone Can Be The Right Person For The Job

Wisconsin Republicans work through a lame-duck session of the state legislature.
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Not Every State Has Time For Lame-Duck Legislative Sessions

Doctors look at an x-ray.

Why It's Hard For Doctors To Diagnose Polio-Like AFM

Border Patrol agents
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Immigration Is A Lightning Rod, But The Numbers Tell A Nuanced Story

Baby at mother's arm
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The 'Missing Fourth Trimester Theory' Is Popular, But Is It True?

Girl reads a book
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Brain Food: Young Book Lovers Grow Brain Tissue As They Read

George H. W. Bush
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Former President George H.W. Bush Has Died

A man wears a MAGA hat
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The More Personal Politics Get, The More Divided The Country Seems

President Donald Trump
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The Russia-Ukraine Clash Is A Reminder Of NATO's Vital Purpose

Hikers walk a mountain trail
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Going Outside Boosts Your Immune System And Your Happiness

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
Getty ImagesWorld

Is Iran's Nuclear Program Beyond American Oversight?

Tipping at coffee shop
Newsy / Nathan BrinerBusiness

Companies Know Hitting 'No Tip' Is Painfully Awkward. That's The Point

Pro-Brexit buttons
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The UK Is Closer To Making Its Brexit. Here's How It Got There.

Kacey Musgraves sings
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There's A Gender Gap In Country Music Radio — But Not In Its Fans

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
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Democrats Poised To Take House. Now What Are They Going To Do With It?

Voting booths
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Bills, Investigations, Judges: What The Midterms Mean To Both Parties

Political cartoon
Pulitzer Hearst Yellow KidsU.S.

Media 'Bubbles' Aren't New To The Internet Age

Farmer fills containers
Steve PartridgeTech

Robot Farms Are Here. What Can Farmers Expect?

Man yells into megaphone
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Nobody Is Just One Thing. That's Why Intersectionality Is So Important

Protesting teachers
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The U.S. Is Diverse. Our Teachers — Not So Much.

Toy house on some coins
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These People Might Have Cracked The Code For Retiring Young

Ticks on a sheet of paper
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Chronic Lyme Disease Is Common, But It Doesn't Officially Exist

Brain scans
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Can Pedophilia Be Treated Like Any Other Mental Illness?

E-Verify presentation
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It's Hard To Incentivize Companies To Stop Hiring Undocumented Workers

Ray Kurzweil gives a talk
Getty imagesPolitics

Silicon Valley's Newest Venture Is The Search For Immortality

Dave Matthews with Spotify logo in back
Getty ImagesEntertainment

When You Buy A Song, How Much Of That Money Goes To The Artist?

Person holding smartphone
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Young Users Run Social Media, And That May Be Bad News For Facebook

Bob Corker with reporters
Getty ImagesPolitics

Could Our Government Get More Done If It Were Less Transparent?

Dinosaur skeleton
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Think An Asteroid Killed The Dinosaurs? Some Scientists Aren't So Sure

Brett Kavanaugh
Getty ImagesPolitics

Senate Committee Advances Kavanaugh, But Flake Wants FBI Investigation