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Tori is a writer and video editor for Newsy. She has a love (obsession) for owls, Thor and naps on naps. When not downing coffee or talking non-stop to anyone and everyone close enough to hear, she binge watches series, not seasons, on Netflix.

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FDR campaigning
FDR Presidential Library & MuseumPolitics

For Presidents, One Brain Region Helps Campaign, One Helps Govern

John Kerry with a beer
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The Awkwardness Of Trying To Be A 'Relatable' Politician

Dating app icons
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Using The Word 'Love' In A Dating Profile Gets You More Matches

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton
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Weed Could Be Legalized In D.C.—But For Real This Time

CBD oil next to a bud of marijuana
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CBD Oil: Do We Really Need Cannabis In Our Coffee?

Crow graphic
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A Bird's Brain Has More Neurons Per Square Inch Than A Human's

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What To Expect In The Democratic Response After Trump's SOTU Address

Still from a Huggies diaper ad

Changing Tables Are Noticeably Absent In Mens' Bathrooms

A penny
Jon SullivanBusiness

Could We Save Money By Abolishing Coins?

Augusto Pinochet and George H.W. Bush
Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de ChileWorld

When The US Decided The Future Of Latin America

Illustration of a human brain and glasses
Newsy / Nathan BrinerSci/Health

REST: The Serious Work Your Brain Does When You're 'Doing Nothing'

Man cleaning up graffiti

Public Service Bonds Us Beyond Identity and Politics

College students march across the iconic Edmund Pettis Bridge in Alabama to encourage people to vote in the 2008 election.
Getty ImagesPolitics

African-American Voters Could Be Key to Success for 2020 Democrats

A U.S. Army soldier salutes during the national anthem
Getty ImagesPolitics

How Much Do Transgender Troops Cost The Military?

The White House
Getty ImagesPolitics

Female Candidates Hoping To Put Gender Issue To Rest In 2020

Hello Kitty merchandise
Getty ImagesU.S.

Human Beings Evolved To Love Cuteness: How 'Kawaii' Conquered The West

Still from "Roma"
Netflix / Alfonso CuaronPolitics

A Look At The Realities Of Domestic Work Behind Netflix's 'Roma'

Football players
Wikimedia CommonsU.S.

Are American Schools Focusing Too Much On Athletics?

Marijuana plants
Getty ImagesPolitics

Marijuana Addiction Is Real Even If It Doesn't Affect Most Users

Hundreds turned out for a rally in Washington to demand an end to the partial government shutdown.

Federal Workers Say They're Hurting As Shutdown Drags On

Woman sits alone
Getty ImagesU.S.

The Great Disengagement: America's "Joiners" Become "Loners"

Senate building in black and white
National ArchivesPolitics

The Power To Pick Senators Once Gave States National Influence

Human body made of microorganisms
Newsy / Nathan BrinerSci/Health

The 75 Trillion Microorganisms That Raised You From Birth

A section of President Trump's proposed border wall.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Here's The Status Of Trump's Border Wall

Christmas living room
Video BlocksU.S.

Why The Myth That Suicides Increase During The Holidays Is Dangerous

A student in a uniform works on schoolwork
Getty ImagesU.S.

School Uniforms Aren't Couture, But They Improve Graduation Rates

Getty ImagesSports

MLB Strikes Deal With Cuba Over Player Movement

hands crossed cigarette
Getty ImagesSci/Health

The Whole-Person Approach To Opioid Recovery

A man in a beanie working on a laptop at a desk in an open office space
Wikimedia Commons/CrewSci/Health

What Myers Briggs Does (and Doesn't) Say About Your Personality

Getty ImagesU.S.

Homesteading: The Complex Human Drive For The Simple Life