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Anti-violence against women display
Getty ImagesPolitics

What A Trump Appointment Could Mean For This Anti-Violence Office

A woman protesting with menstrual pad
Twitter / @C_Dub_LoveU.S.

A Male Representative In Arizona Is Getting Tampons In His Mailbox

Artist Kehinde Wiley and Barack Obama
Getty ImagesU.S.

The Artist Behind Obama's Plant-Filled Portrait

Lab grown diamond
Voice of AmericaU.S.

Think Diamonds Only Come From Nature? Now They Can Come From A Lab

Gerber "spokesbaby" Lucas

This Gerber Baby Might Lessen The Stigma Surrounding Down Syndrome

A baby's feet
Getty ImagesU.S.

Rapists Can Still Seek Parental Rights In These States

A person picks up a bud of cannabis
Getty ImagesWorld

What Weed Could Do For Tax Revenues

Girl in India
Getty ImagesWorld

Indian Govt. Report Suggests Sons There Often Preferred To Daughters

Artist Beyonce
Getty ImagesEntertainment

Very Few Women Were Part Of Creating US Chart-Topping Songs

Art exhibit about American history
Paul RuckerU.S.

This Art Exhibit Explores Power And Features Colorful KKK Robes

Protesters in Chicago
Newsy / Ben SchamissoBusiness

This Movement Wants Amazon To Know Its Headquarters Isn't Welcome

People at the Women's March Chicago
Newsy / Andrew ShaferU.S.

Women With Disabilities Are More Than Ready To Be Heard

Women's March 2017 in Spain
Getty ImagesWorld

The Women's March Isn't Just For People In The US

Recreated Google spreadsheet
Google SpreadsheetsU.S.

Journalist Comes Forward About A 'Shitty Media Men' List She Started

Fashion blogger Hoda Katebi
Newsy / Ben SchamissoU.S.

This Fashion Blogger Is Muslim, Minimalist And 'Unapologetic'

Shira Josephson reads a book
Shira's Story CornerU.S.

This Little Girl Makes YouTube Videos Of Her Reading For A Good Cause

Speedskater Maame Biney
Getty ImagesSports

The US Olympic Speedskating Team Already Made History This Year

Girl raises fist in Iceland
Helgi Halld├│rsson / CC BY-SA 2.0World

Iceland Is Taking On The Gender Pay Gap Like No Other Country

Women in entertainment against harassment
Getty ImagesU.S.

Women Are Joining Together To Defeat Workplace Harassment

Birth control pills
Sarah C / CC BY-ND 2.0U.S.

Getting Birth Control Over The Counter Has A Sticking Point

Jerusalem's Old City
Getty ImagesWorld

Why Jerusalem's Future Is So Hard To Predict

Woman working at laptop

The Toll Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Takes On Survivors

A black girl playing
eflon / CC BY 2.0U.S.

Researchers: 'Adultifying' Black Girls May Impact Their Entire Lives

child hugging adult

Teaching Kids Consent Could Start By Stopping Forced Hugs

An engineering student
Newsy / Ben SchamissoU.S.

What Low-Income Students Pursuing STEM Fields Are Up Against

Sketch of the Apu character
Getty ImagesEntertainment

Apu From 'The Simpsons' May Be Funny, But He's Also A Stereotype

A handgun
Getty ImagesU.S.

Making Gun Customers Wait To Get A Firearm Might Prevent Deaths

A Shell drilling engineer

For The Few Women In Oil, This Site Creates Community

Anita Hill
Getty ImagesU.S.

This Woman Got People Talking About Sexual Harassment Decades Ago

People dancing in New York City
Getty ImagesU.S.

You Can't Dance In All New York City Venues; But That Could Change