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Students protest in Bangladesh

How Women Impacted The Bangladeshi Student Movement For Safe Roads

Women protest in Tunisia
Equality Now / Chedly Ben IbrahimPolitics

Tunisia's Push For Women's Rights Now Focuses On Inheritance Laws

A message that Apple's Siri doesn't understand
Newsy / Sarah GirouxTech

This Project Is Battling Bias In Speech Recognition

students in Bangladesh during a protest

Why Students In Bangladesh Are Enforcing Traffic Safety Rules

Plastic straws
Horia Varlan / CC By 2.0U.S.

Why Plastic Straw Bans Aren't Inclusive

A woman chants during a Hindu celebration
Newsy / Andrew ShaferWorld

Hindu Celebrations Honor Various Deities But Have Commonalities

Garment factory workers in Myanmar
Getty ImagesWorld

A Look At The Persistent Gender Based Violence In Sweatshops

a baby being breastfed
myllissa / CC by-SA 2.0World

One Of The Latest Breastfeeding Controversies Was Fueled By The US

former Sudanese child bride, Noura

How A Jailed Teen Sparked Discussion On Child Marriage And Rape

Founder of Picking Me Foundation
Newsy / Madeline CarlU.S.

Living With And Embracing A Skin-Picking Disorder

A Saudi woman prepares to drive
Getty ImagesWorld

Saudi Women Still Face Barriers To Getting Behind The Wheel

A doctor holds an intrauterine device
Newsy / Andrew ShaferSci/Health

How IUDs Became One Of Doctors' Top Contraceptive Choices

A woman in Saudi Arabia holds up her new driver's license
Saudi Arabia GovernmentWorld

As Some Saudi Women Prepare To Drive, Vocal Activists Are Behind Bars

Men walk by the London Stock Exchange
Getty ImagesWorld

The Excuses UK Companies Gave For Not Including Women On Their Boards

a diversity training
Newsy / Madeline CarlU.S.

What Happens In A Diversity Training And How Success Is Measured

An Amazon sign and an NFL game
Getty ImagesSports

Why This NFL Diversity Rule Is Finding Its Way Into Tech Companies

A wedding dress
Katie Thomas / CC by 2.0U.S.

A Look At How And Why Child Marriage Still Happens In The US

Paulette Jordan
Facebook / Jordan for GovernorPolitics

The US Might Soon Have Its First Native American Governor

Money and a piggy bank
401kcalculator / CC BY-SA 2.0 feels alrightU.S.

Venture Capitalist Funds Often Overlook Certain Groups Of People

U.S. dollar bills
tom_bullock / CC BY 2.0U.S.

The Significance Of A $1 Award In Court

Spanish TV ad with Barack Obama
Obama For AmericaPolitics

Here's The Impact Of American Political Ads In Spanish

U.S. Capitol Building
Dustin Gaffke / CC by 2.0Politics

Women Are Filling More Seats In US Congress Than Ever

Protester in Nicaragua
Jorge Mejía peralta / CC by 2.0World

Protests In Nicaragua Prove Young People There Are Politically Engaged

Sioux Ghost Dance
James P. Boyd / Philadelphia Publishers UnionU.S.

App Connects Users With Local Indigenous History

Painting of Saudi royalty
Getty ImagesWorld

Theaters In Saudi Arabia To Show Movies — But Not Without Censorship

Screenshot of Studio Ghibli film
Studio Ghibli / "Grave of the Fireflies"Entertainment

American Bombings In Japan Spurred This Influential Studio Ghibli Film

Two college students in cap and gowns
Aaron Hawkins / CC BY-ND 2.0U.S.

Food And Housing Isn't A Given For All US College Students

Epsy Campbell
Facebook / Epsy CampbellWorld

In A Historic Vote, Costa Rica Chooses A Black Woman Vice President

Malala Yousafzai on stage
Getty ImagesWorld

Malala Yousafzai Has Done A Lot In The Years Since She Was In Pakistan

Kim Denmark walks
Facebook / Kim Denmark's Walk Across AmericaU.S.

This Woman Is Walking Across The US To Help Homeless Veterans