Meet the Team

Mark Greenblatt

Senior National Investigative Correspondent

Mark Greenblatt is the senior national investigative correspondent for the Scripps Washington Bureau and Newsy. His video, text and radio reports have earned three Peabody awards, the duPont-Columbia Award, the I.R.E. Medal, the Livingston Award, multiple national Edward R. Murrow Awards, and the national Emmy for investigative reporting, along with multiple regional Emmy awards. His reports have led to changes in laws at all levels of government, along with wholesale reforms of institutions. His investigative pieces for Scripps prompted Congress to close the military sex offender registration loophole and led to the felony indictment of a Veterans Administration hospital chief of staff, among other reforms. For Newsy, his Case Cleared series of reports revealed how dozens of police departments nationally mask the truth about how many rape investigations they really solve, clearing rape cases from their books with a little known tool called “exceptional clearance,” even when police leave the suspect on the streets with no arrest. Greenblatt was a co-lead on the investigation, which chronicled how some of those cleared suspects go on to find new victims. The report led to calls for change from within the Department of Justice. It also prompted the FBI to fast-track a process expected to reform the entire national uniform crime report to require all police agencies report more information about the outcomes of crime investigations. In Austin, the series prompted a state audit, which confirmed Austin police were inappropriately clearing rape cases. The reporting also prompted the Austin city council to unanimously pass a resolution directing a start to finish review of nearly 2,000 rape investigations over seven years. The third party review is slated to become one of the most ambitious reviews of police handling of rape investigations in American history. Mark regularly combines the use of databases and sources to unpack systemic flaws and issues of injustice. He volunteers as the treasurer for the D.C.- based Fund For Investigative Journalism and lives in Alexandria, Va., with his wife and daughter, where he roots for the Red Sox and brews his own beer.