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Luke Piotrowski


Luke is a staff videographer for Newsy’s DC bureau, working on short-form stories covering politics, culture, and breaking news. He hails from northern Michigan, and received his bachelor of arts in international relations.

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Journalist Laura Parker holds up an issue of National Geographic
Newsy / Luke PiotrowskiSci/Health

National Geographic Wants You To Cut Back On Single-Use Plastics

Journalist Laura Parker looks at an image of a sea horse holding a q-tip.
Newsy / Luke PiotrowskiSci/Health

The World's Plastic Addiction Is Killing Animals

Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Newsy / Luke PiotrowskiU.S.

This Treaty Sparked The Trail Of Tears And Divided The Cherokee People

Young voters at an Andrew Yang rally in D.C.
Luke Piotrowski/Newsy StaffPolitics

Andrew Yang Draws Young Voters To DC Rally

Three students sit and talk on the campus of George Mason University in Virginia.
Willie James InmanPolitics

Here’s Why Young Voter Participation Is On The Rise

Graphic from BBC's investigation of a killing in Cameroon

Open-Source Techniques Have Created A Whole New Kind Of Reporter

A video that went viral on Twitter showed the murder of women and children in northern Cameroon.

How Journalists Solved Murders From Thousands Of Miles Away

Vase in the interior decorator's show house
Newsy/Luke PiotrowskiU.S.

Dream Jobs: Interior Decorator

Getty ImagesPolitics

States Move To Require Presidential Candidate Tax Returns

Homeless line up outside the Northern Kentucky Emergency Shelter in Covington, KY.
Luke Piotrowski/NewsyU.S.

GOP Tax Reform Poses New Threat For Nonprofits

Getty ImagesPolitics

Democrats Suffer Liberal Growing Pains in New Congress

Getty ImagesPolitics

US Auto Industry Still Struggling To Adapt To Changing Demands

Getty ImagesPolitics

Party Leaders Urge Social Media Ceasefire for 2020 Dems

Getty ImagesPolitics

What's Next For US-North Korea Relations After Failed Summit?

Getty ImagesPolitics

Chris Christie: 'Toxic Forces' Surround Trump Presidency

newsy reporter alex miller in atlanta airport

Despite Shutdown Compromise, Concerns Linger For Air Travel

Federal air marshal training
U.S. Transportation Security AdministrationU.S.

Exclusive: Air Marshals Fear Shutdown Jeopardizing National Security

Furloughed federal workers hold a silent protest of the government shutdown.
Luke Piotrowski/Newsy staffPolitics

Workers Say They're Going Without Food, Medicine 33 Days Into Shutdown

Game design teacher
Newsy/ Mai Nolasco Carranza/Luke PiotrowskiTech

Dream Jobs: Game Designer

Looking through a sample of a hospital chargemaster
Luke Piotrowski/Newsy staffPolitics

Hospital Prices Are Now Online, But Patients Can't Understand Them

Brexit protesters in front of the U.K. parliament
Getty ImagesWorld

No-Deal Brexit Threat Hangs Over EU Citizens In The U.K.


Small Businesses Hit Hard By Partial Government Shutdown

Millennial protesters at March for Life in Washington, DC
Luke Piotrowski/Newsy StaffPolitics

Pro-Life Millennials Are Optimistic About Winning Over Their Peers

Gymnast in the air
Newsy / Mai Nolasco Carranza / Luke PiotrowskiU.S.

Dream Jobs: Cirque Du Soleil

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with House members
Getty ImagesPolitics

Democrats Take Control Of House Without Committee Assignments

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean President Kim Jong-un
Getty ImagesWorld

US Sanctions Could Make Or Break Diplomacy With North Korea In 2019

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
Getty ImagesPolitics

North Korea And The US Still Can't Agree On Denuclearization

A roadsign on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland
Getty ImagesWorld

The Irish Border Is The UK's Last, Biggest Obstacle To A Smooth Brexit

Getty ImagesPolitics

Congress Has Legalized Hemp. What Does That Mean For CBD?

U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G-20 summit.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump Touts Fentanyl Deal With China. Experts Say Hold Your Applause.