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Kevin Clancy

MMJ / Videographer

Kevin brings an artful eye to original reports all over the globe for Newsy. As a videographer and editor working out of our Washington, D.C. bureau, he's worked long hours covering the campaign trail, political protests and international stories, including his three-part series on the Zika virus in Central America. A true Wisconsin son, Kevin is a hardcore Packers fan and lover of good cheese. When he's not shooting out in the field, he can often be found on his roof, an establishment known to friends far and wide as The Crooked Nail. Follow Kevin at @kclancymedia.

  Recent Work
A needle used to inject heroin sits in a street outside a clinic
WCPO / Emily MaxwellPolitics

Moving The Needle: Saving Lives In The Heroin Crisis

People's Climate March in Washington, D.C.
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Climate March Pushes Back Against Trump Agenda

Susan Feniger, Noor Tagouri and Mary Sue Milliken in the kitchen
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Chefs

Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken prepare a dish
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Debrief: Few Women Make It To The Kitchen's Top Ranks

Blacksmith Lisa Geertsen works in her shop.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Blacksmith

Blacksmith Lisa Geertsen in her shop
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Debrief: In The Blacksmith Class

Erica Douglas, aka Sister Scientist, mixes chemicals in her factory.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

A Woman's Job: The Chemist

Erica Douglas and Noor Tagouri in the lab
Newsy / Zach ToombsPolitics

A Woman's Debrief: 'Sister Scientist' Brings New Perspective

Noor Tagouri milks a goat on Anne Briggs' farm
Newsy / Zach ToombsU.S.

A Woman's Debrief: How Anne Briggs Built Her Farm

Anne Briggs and Noor Tagouri out on the farm
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Woodworker

Noor Tagouri and Patrice Banks stand inside the shop at Girls Auto Clinic
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Debrief: How A Bad Visit To An Auto Shop Led To A Great Idea

Patrice Banks founded Girls Auto Clinic in Philadelphia
Newsy / Zach ToombsU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Mechanic

Jen Welter oversees a football training camp
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Debrief: Why We Spotlighted NFL Coach Jen Welter

Jen Welter coaches at a football camp.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Football Coach

Anne Briggs Bohnett and Noor Tagouri on the farm
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job (Trailer)

Newsy's Noor Tagouri with Dave Cutlip of Southside Tattoos
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

This Artist Covers Up Hateful Tattoos For Free

Conflicted: Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest
Newsy / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Conflicted: A Newsy Special Report

Women fill the streets of Washington, D.C. during the Women's March on Washington.
Getty Images / Mario TamaPolitics

Yes, The Women's March Had Real Goals — A Lot Of Them

About 500,000 protesters packed the National Mall for the Women's March.
Newsy / Grayson KorhonenPolitics

Here Are Those 'Paid Protesters' Donald Trump Always Talks About

Police guard the Inauguration parade route.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Here's What D.C.'s Inauguration Security Looks Like On The Ground

Navy sailor holds Russian flag.
Getty ImagesPolitics

What Will Russia Do With Unreleased Hacked Data?

Donald Trump

Who Can Hold Donald Trump Accountable On Conflicts Of Interest?

Postcard with "What now, America?" on top of American map
Andrew LawlerPolitics

What Now, America?

Activists march against the Dakota Access Pipeline
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Why The Founding Fathers Protected The Right To Protest

Food is prepared at Plymouth, the site of the original Thanksgiving
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Since The First Thanksgiving, American Food Has Been Immigrant Food

Bernie Sanders at a rally against the Dakota Access Pipeline
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Bernie Sanders Asks Obama To Declare Standing Rock A National Monument

People in a tree hold an American flag
Newsy Staff / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Outside The White House, Fear (And Some Hope) After Trump's Win

Newsy's Zach Toombs And Kate Grumke Stand In Front Of The Electoral Map
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

3 Crucial States (And A Lot More) To Watch On Election Night

Bill Clinton giving thumbs up
Getty Images / Alex WongPolitics

First Gentleman? First Dude? What To Call Bill Clinton If Hillary Wins

Models walk down the runway in New York City
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

How Instagram Completely Reshaped The Modeling Industry