Meet the Team

Kevin Clancy

Lead Videographer, Documentaries

Kevin Clancy is the lead videographer for Newsy's documentaries team working out of the Washington, D.C., bureau. He's worked long hours covering everything from Oklahoma teacher walkouts to gang violence in El Salvador. When he's not shooting out in the field, he can often be found organizing a fiercely independent pub trivia at a local bar in D.C.

  Recent Work
The Work From Home Wave Could Reshape Airline Travel
Newsy / Dave GlanzSci/Health

The Work From Home Wave Could Reshape Airline Travel

How 'Social Distancing' Can Slow Coronavirus
Newsy / Jennifer SmartSci/Health

How 'Social Distancing' Can Slow Coronavirus

More Americans are working from home as cases of coronavirus increase
AP ImagesBusiness

A Surge In Telecommuting Could Jeopardize Economic Growth

"In Dry Water" shows the human face of the global overfishing crisis.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

In Dry Water

An image of the Al Khamis market in Yemen before it was bombed by the Saudi-led coalition.
Google EarthWorld

Saudi Arabia's Air Strikes Are Killing Civilians With U.S. Weapons

Getty ImagesPolitics

DEA Says It Will Expand Access To Marijuana for Research

Newsy / Kyle PyattSci/Health

1.4 Million Live In High-Risk Zones Near Oil And Gas Production

A new report from Newsy's partner Bellingcat reveals the identities of Russian-backed separatists linked to MH17's downing.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyWorld

Who Shot Down MH17? These Are The Rebels Linked To The Massacre

Gig worker Ryan Ha makes a delivery for DoorDash.
Newsy / Matt AnzurPolitics

The Gig Worker Dilemma: Flexibility, But Few Protections

Sen. Elizabeth Warren talks about her plan for student debt at a campaign event in Columbia, SC.
Newsy / Kyle PyattPolitics

Student Debt Is Reshaping Lives — And The Campaign Trail

Kevin Clancy, NEWSY staffPolitics

Why Tax Day Is So Much Harder For Marijuana Businesses

Looking through a sample of a hospital chargemaster
Luke Piotrowski/Newsy staffPolitics

Hospital Prices Are Now Online, But Patients Can't Understand Them

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) speaks to a crowd in Iowa shortly after announcing her presidential exploratory committee.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Why Do Presidential Contenders Launch Exploratory Committees?

Protesters march in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol.
Newsy / Kyle PyattPolitics

Will The Teacher Walkouts See Results In The Midterms?

U.S. production of oil and gas has skyrocketed in the last few years, but most of the increase is going abroad.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyWorld

America's Oil And Gas Boom Is Creating A New Global Fossil Fuel Era

Andrea Cruz, a Puerto Rican singer/songwriter, works at a farm.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Resilience: Puerto Rico In Recovery

One year after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is rebuilding and recovering.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Resilience: Puerto Rico In Recovery (Trailer)

Rosa Irene Gomez Diaz and her daughter wait to request asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyWorld


A police officer in San Salvador, El Salvador on patrol in gang-controlled territory
Newsy / Kevin Clancy 

Asylum: Beyond The Border Crisis (Trailer)

Tulsa, Oklahoma teacher Emily Durbin speaks with students in her classroom
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Walkout: The School Funding Rebellion

This Newsy special report follows Oklahoma teachers joining a national movement for education funding
Newsy / Jennifer Smart 

Walkout: The School Funding Rebellion (Trailer)

An illustration of a girl behind bars.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartU.S.

For Some Girls, Sexual Abuse Can Lead To Prison

Newsy's Noor Tagouri interviews Dennis Hof.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Sold In America: A 'Legal Pimp' Argues For Legal Prostitution

Ashley Cacho talks to Newsy at her home.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Sold In America: A Sex Trafficking Survivor Shares Her Story

Volunteer rescue worker Mike Level and reporter Zach Toombs search for residents trapped by floodwaters.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Revolt: When It Rains

An officer looks at a car.

Sold In America: The Buyers

A woman comforts another woman.

Sold In America: The Trafficking

Two women walk in a brothel.

Sold In America: The Workers

Sold In America

Sold In America (Trailer)

YECA member Shannon Farmer joins the Climate March in Washington, D.C.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Young Evangelicals Are Pushing For Climate Action