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From indigenous land rights to third party politics, Kate tells stories you don't often see on the nightly news. She hails from St. Louis and converted to Newsy from the public radio world. When she's not obsessively scrolling through news, you can find Kate catching a movie, playing the ukelele or joining yet another book club. She works out of Newsy's Washington, D.C. bureau, and you can follow her on Twitter at @KGrumke.

  Recent Work
YECA member Shannon Farmer joins the Climate March in Washington, D.C.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Young Evangelicals Are Pushing For Climate Action

A worshipper raises his hand during a Sunday morning service at Expectation Church in Virginia.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Debriefing 'Revolt': Media Shouldn't Ignore Religion

The Young Evangelicals for Climate Action march on Washington, D.C.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Revolt: The Kingdom And The Power

A solar farm in San Antonio, Texas
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Debriefing 'Revolt': Will Utility Companies Join Clean Energy Push?

A wind farm in west Texas
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Texas Leads The Country In Wind Energy

A worker installs solar panels on a rooftop in San Antonio, Texas
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Revolt: Bigger In Texas

Henry Red Cloud is the founder of the Red Cloud Renewable Center.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Henry Red Cloud Brings Solar Energy To Tribal Lands

Jennifer Irving shows off Thunder Valley's regenerative community
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Debriefing 'Revolt': Why Native American Tribes Need Capital

Ted Eagle Jr. dances at a July 4 powwow on the Cheyenne River Reservation
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Revolt: A Tale Of Two Tribes

Coalfield Development is training coal miners to install solar panels.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

This West Virginia Company Trains Coal Miners To Install Solar Panels

Retired miner Chuck Nelson, reporter Zach Toombs and mountaintop removal opponent Junior Walk overlook a coal waste site.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Debriefing 'Revolt': How We Filmed Mountaintop Removal

Reporter Zach Toombs and retired coal miner Chuck Nelson overlook a mountaintop removal site.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Revolt: Coal River Mountain

Reporter Zach Toombs climbs onto the head of a wind turbine over rural Iowa
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Wind Turbine Technician Is The Fastest-Growing Job In America

Reporter Zach Toombs talks to Iowa corn farmer Denny Friest
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Debriefing 'Revolt': Why Iowa Loves Wind Energy

Wind turbines turn above cornfields in rural Iowa
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Revolt: Blue-Collar Wind

Volunteer rescue worker Mike Level and reporter Zach Toombs search for residents trapped by floodwaters.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Revolt: When It Rains

A coal-fired power plant in West Virginia
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Most Of The World's Carbon Emissions Come From Just 100 Companies

Ranchers Joe and Brian Gader look over their drought-stricken sorghum field in North Dakota.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

Debriefing 'Revolt: When It Rains'

Wind turbines in Iowa
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Revolt: Energy Revolution In The Heartland (Trailer)

Noor Tagouri sits with Taylor Smith, who is a former heroin user, and Smith's daughter
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

What Heroin Addiction Is Really Like, As Told By A Former User

People's Climate March in Washington, D.C.
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Climate March Pushes Back Against Trump Agenda

Susan Feniger, Noor Tagouri and Mary Sue Milliken in the kitchen
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Chefs

Anti-pipeline activist holds up a sign reading "honor our treaties"
Newsy / Jake GodinPolitics

#NoDAPL Activists Put Up A Tipi At Trump D.C. Hotel

A protester holds a "deport Trump" sign.
Getty Images / Joe RaedlePolitics

How Trump Wants To Make It Easier To Deport People Quickly

President Obama and President Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump Calls Obamacare A 'Disaster,' But It's More Popular Than Ever

U.S. Border Patrol agents detain undocumented immigrants
Getty Images / John MoorePolitics

The US Deports People In 2 Main Ways. The Difference Is Crucial.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Donald Trump
The Prime Minister of JapanPolitics

For $200,000 You Can Witness History At President Trump's Club

Donald Trump at his inauguration
Getty Images / Jim BourgPolitics

Trump's First Weeks Prioritize Energy Over Environment

Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump at the inauguration.
Getty Images / Chris KleponisPolitics

Kellyanne Conway Uses White House Role To Tout Ivanka Trump Products

President Trump signs executive actions on pipelines
Getty Images / Shawn ThewU.S.

Trump Says He Hasn't Gotten Any Calls On DAPL And Keystone XL